Stylish Patio Room Design Ideas to Create Modern Outdoor Getaway

Cozy Patio with a Hammock

You all want a special place outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and relax.

Whether you have a narrow balcony or spacious backyard, the following patio room design ideas will help you create such a luxurious outside area to benefit warm weather to its fullest.

To inspire you, I’ve put together some ideas to create your own dream patio. With the right ideas, it’s no doubt you can turn a simple patio into a chic and modern outdoor getaway.

So, read on for seven chic patio ideas to try in your own spaces. From colorful design tips to minimalist dining hooks, fresh style and fresh air are waiting for you!

1. Private New York Terrace

Private New York Outdoor Terrace

Owning a small patio is not a big problem if you have the right patio room design ideas in hand. For a comfortable outdoor area in a small patio, you can take this example into account.

This terrace at the West House Hotel in New York looks lovely despite the narrow space. With some seating area and sun umbrellas, the space will be a perfect outdoor getaway for urban dwellers.


  • The glass candle box lanterns make the space looks even more inviting especially in the evening.
  • The sun umbrella doubles as shade and style.


  • The outdoor curtains may need more attention since they aren’t covered by the roof.


2. Tropical Patio Outdoor Living Room

Tropical Patio Outdoor Living Room

If you’re dreaming of an extra living room to accommodate larger gatherings, this is one of the best patio room design ideas to look to.

Designing the patio area with a roof, this outdoor area provides a versatile room for both living room and entertaining area. Imagine how relaxing it is to spend your time in this outdoor living room which overlooks a beautiful garden.


  • The outdoor curtains provide a perfect shade and add privacy to this space.


  • The design works best with a wide patio area only.


3. Colorful Outdoor Room with Pergola

Colorful Outdoor Room with Pergolas

Bringing some furniture to patio has always been the easiest way to upgrade your outdoor area’s style and functionality.

A round table is selected to provide more intimate gathering space outside the house. With a barbeque machine, this outdoor room can be your favorite place in the warm weather.


  • The pergola doubles as functional shade and decorative style.
  • The colorful furniture makes a beautiful splash of color to the natural exterior.


  • The greenery centerpiece is taking up most of the tablespace.


4. Cozy Patio with a Chic Hammock

Cozy Patio with a Hammock

Channel holiday vibes by hanging a hammock in your patio. Then, you’ll feel like you’re in Hawaii, enjoying the beautiful scenery and ocean breeze.

If you cannot find a hammock like the one shown in this patio room design ideas, you can simply hang a typical slim hammock around your patio area.


  • The hammock offers a cozy place to enjoy the warm weather.
  • The patterned rug beneath the hammock makes additional style on the patio.


  • The decorative patterned pillows aren’t really necessary.


5. Exceptional Bohemian Patio Area

Exceptional Bohemian Patio Area

Do you want to include a bohemian style to your interior but find it hard to fit in? Well, you can now bring the bohemian style into your patio room design ideas.

This patio area looks amazingly unique with colorful items in the unconventional bohemian style. With some baskets of hanging vines, the area seems more welcoming than ever.


  • The idea can show up your personal style.
  • It works in a narrow patio area.


  • It can be hard to find matching bohemian décor for a balancing look.


6. Stylish Outdoor Bamboo Bar

Stylish Outdoor Bamboo Bar

It must be amazing to have a cozy space for enjoying your favorite drinks! This stylish outdoor bamboo bar can make a perfect example for your patio room design ideas.

Furnished with a few bar stools and a barbeque machine against the wall, the outdoor bar is ready to hold any special event for your family.


  • With adequate supplies and a little creativity, you can create the bamboo bar yourself.
  • The roof doubles as a decorative style and functional shade.


  • It might be hard to find good-quality bamboos to create the bar.
  • The hanging flower planter isn’t really required.


7. Rustic yet Elegant Patio Fire Pit

Classic yet Elegant Patio Fire Pit

A fire pit and a few armchairs come together to provide such an inviting outdoor area around your house.

The brick and concrete fire pit comes as the focal point of the patio area while the matching furniture adds style and functionality to the space.


  • The floral patterned pillows make a lovely complement to the whole space.
  • Not only ensures safety on your outdoor patio, but the landscape lighting also provides a beautiful accent to the space.


  • You need to prepare additional space inside your home to store the outdoor furniture when the season changes, so you can bring them out again for completing your patio room design ideas it the warmer season.


The list of patio room design ideas above is written to give you some sort of inspiration. All the while, do not design your patio without professional guidance and advice.

You wouldn’t want to face any possible problem because of it, would you?

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