30 Cheap and Inspirative Fire Pit Ideas

Fire Pit with Decorative Pebble

Covid 19 pandemic has been in this world for more than a year. Due to this pandemic, people are forced to stay at home.

This obligation to stay at home sometimes makes people feel bored and think some other activities to enjoy their daily life at home.

One option that people can do is spending night outside their house, like spending night at their backyard.

However, this activity might not be a good option for some people who cannot stand strong wind and cold weather.

The solution for this situation is by creating fire pit outside the house, at the backyard, for example.

The Use of Fire Pit

The basic idea of fire pit is keeping fire inside a hole. At the archaic era, human used to dig a hole, put some woods on it, and finally lit the fire.

They made it to keep them warm during freezing winter night or cold summer night. Nowadays, people still have fire pit for some purposes like:

  • Heat provider. It is the most common reason why people build a fire pit outside their house. They simply want to enjoy the time outside their house without worrying about the chilly weather.
  • Barbecue. There is certain type of fire pit which has special metal fireplace suitable to grill sausage or meat. This type of fire pit is useful for people who like to spend quality time together with friends or family near the warm fire while enjoy some meat and have some chit chat.
  • Ash producer. It is suitable for people who have a garden because the ash from fire pit can be useful to give nutrient for plants at the garden.
  • Source of light. Besides being used to keep people warm, a fire pit can be a light source at night. This not too bright and not too dark light source can bring quiet atmosphere to relax and stay away from hectic daily routine for a while.

The Benefit of Fire Pit

  • Enjoyable year. Fire pit brings warm at the freezing and chilly winter. It also makes summer and spring cozier.
  • Comfortable feature. A house with a fire pit as an extra feature will bring comfort and relax ambience.
  • Social place. The sound of the burnt twig and the movement of the flames will invite people to come closer and open up for some small talks.
  • Multipurpose. A fire pit is absolutely a heat provider. Moreover, people can roast some marshmallows on it. Meanwhile, certain type of fire pit can be used for barbecue.
  • Light source. Since it produces flames, a fire pit is an outdoor light source in the dark night. It will be useful to enjoy the night outside the house especially when there is no star on the sky.
  • Romantic atmosphere. Since the combination of the burnt twig and the flames’ movement will open people up for some small talks, they will do the same for couples.
  • Alternative kitchen. Traditionally, a fire pit can be used to roast marshmallow or hot dog. However, with some extra utensils, it can be used as an alternative kitchen to prepare sandwich, bacon, or pancake.
  • Carefully used. As other equipment does, a fire pit must be used carefully to avoid any accident like house fire.
  • Extra value for the house. Research shows that people will give more value on a house with a fire pit because they do not need to install it themselves.
  • Affordable. Modern fire pit has various shape, size, and materials and it cost less than $100.

Types of Fire Pit

1. Wood Burning

Wood Burning Fire Pit

It is the most traditional one. Wood burning fire pit can be made in an open yard by just collecting some woods and lit the fire.

One thing to remember is the safe distance from the house.

2. Propane

Propane Fire Pit

It is probably the most convenient and be the number one choice fire pit because it does not need raw materials like woods. It uses propane as the fuel.

Besides, it comes in many sizes. Some propane fire pits are portable so it can be moved easily.

3. Gel

Ledgestone Fire Pit

This type of fire pit uses gel as its fuel. Gel has two advantages. It has no smell and it does not produce smoke.

Building a Fire Pit

1. Material. Use non-flammable materials like bricks, stones, concrete, and masonry blocks.

2. Fuel Source. The fuel source will determine the fire pit construction.

For example, gel fuel can be used indoor under permanent roof and wood burning fire pit needs to be placed outdoor with something to prevent the fire spark.

3. Permanent vs Portable. A portable fire pit will need a stand to hold the bowl, meanwhile a permanent fire pit will not.

4. Permit. Make sure that the local authority gives permission to build a private fire pit at citizen’s house.

5. Yard Preparation. Consider to cut overhanging branches which possibly catch fire, clean dry brush, leaves, and twigs, and give extra attention on the yard’s drainage.

DIY Fire Pit Ideas

1. Fire Pit using Concrete Tree Rings

Concrete based fire pit is the most common made by people. It is cheap and easy to made.

Materials :

  1. charcoal grill or 14” diameter grill
  2. 4 sections of 14” diameter concrete tree rings
  3. 6 sections of 24” diameter concrete tree rings
  4. 2 cubic feet of small stones/ pebbles/ road gravel/ decorative rocks

Cost : $50-$80 depends on the stones
Step :

1. Arrange the inner ring

Constructing the Inner Ring

2. Put an outer ring

Adding an Outer Ring

3. Fill in the gap between the inner ring and outer ring

Filling the Void

4. Install the grill

Installing the Weber

5. Fire it

Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings
Check out on https://www.instructables.com

2. In the Ground Fire Pit

Fire Pit in the Ground

It is a pro fire pit for a house with large backyard. Just dig a hole and build the fire pit’s wall. Easy and free.

Materials :

  1. Shovel
  2. Stones/ gravel/ lava rocks
  3. Bricks
  4. Concrete sand

Cost : –

Step :

1. Make a hole with 4 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

2. Fill the bottom hole with stones.

3. Put the bricks slightly on sides of the hole.

4. Clean the grass around the hole.

5. Put flat rocks on the top of the bricks.

6. Fill in the gap between rocks with sand or dirt.

DIY Project Details: goodshomedesign.com

3. Fire Pit Ring

How to Build a Fire Pit Ring in 9 Steps

Ring is the most important part of a fire pit. It is used to block the fire in certain location.

Materials :

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Marking paint/ chalk
  3. Level
  4. Shovel
  5. Paver base
  6. Garden rake
  7. Garden hose
  8. Lava rock
  9. Tamper
  10. Concrete

Cost : –

Step :

1. Make 49” diameter circle on the ground and remove all grass inside the circle until 2” deep.

2. Check the soil level inside the circle and remove some soil from the high level so that there will be the even soil level.

3. Put 1.5”-2” paver base into the circle.

4. Put homestead stones on the top of paver base in a circular form and make sure that all stones stick well.

5. Continue to put the second layer of homestead stones. Attach them with concrete adhesive.

6. Continue with the third layer of the homestead stones.

7. Put the fire rings.

8. Pour the lava rocks into the fire pit until they reach the bottom of the fire ring.

4. Fire Pit with Decorative Pebble

Fire Pit with Decorative Pebble

It is a pro for artistic people who like to decorate its fire pit to make it more beautiful.

Materials :

  1. sponge
  2. gravel
  3. fire pit metal bowl
  4. flagstone
  5. pebbles
  6. stakes
  7. type 2 cement
  8. type “S” mortar
  9. rebar
  10. 2×12 boards
  11. forming nails
  12. steel wire
  13. wire mesh

Cost : –

Step :

1. Choose a solid foundation and put base rock or sand to make area level

2. Make concrete exterior form.

3. Make concrete interior form.

4. Put reinforcement

5. Put wire mesh or matting.

6. Put concrete

7. Strip forms when the concrete dries

8. Give finishing touch to the concrete frame

9. Fill with gravel

10. Put the bowl in the place

11. Add decorative rock.

DIY Project Details: https://www.diynetwork.com/

5. Square Metal Fire Pit

Square Metal Fire Pit

It is a good idea for fire pit variation. Instead of using bricks and concrete and making round fire pit, this square metal bowl is a great choice.

DIY Project Details: the-brick-house.com

6. Truck Wheel Fire Pit

Truck Wheel Fire Pit

It is another idea of a fire pit using recycled material. It uses an old truck wheel now.

Material :

  1. Old truck or tractor wheel
  2. Gravel or sand

Cost : –

Step :

1. Cut the center of the wheel out.

2. Cut sod and dirt area for a new pit.

3. Put rim and level it.

4. Install retaining wall blocks 4 high around it and leave a gap between the rim and the blocks.

5. Fill the gap with gravel or sand to absorb the heat and keep it off the blocks.

6. Put more gravel and sand around the top row of the blocks and more gravel around the pit until it is settled and packed down.

DIY Project Details: tractorbynet.com

7. Tabletop Mini Fire Pit

Tabletop Mini Fire Pit

It is a good option for people who like to stay near fire and get warm, but do not like to do it outdoor. Then, since it is small, it is a pro for people who live alone.

Material :

  1. Marine silicone
  2. Cheap glass frames (4)
  3. Small rocks
  4. Metal mesh
  5. Gel fuel
  6. Metal planter with a lip on it

Cost : $25

Step :

1. Make the glass box by gluing the glass frames using the marine silicone.

2. Glue the bottom of the glass box to the top of the metal planter.

3. Cut the mesh and placing it inside the glass box, on the lip of the planter.

4. Place an opened tin of gel fuel in the center of the planter.

5. Cover the entire surface of the planter using mesh.

6. Place some rocks to cover the mesh.

7. Light the fire.

DIY Project Details: theartofdoingstuff.com

8. Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Shopping Cart Fire Pit

It is a great choice because it has two advantages. First, it uses reused shopping cart so it will save the planet.

Second, it is a portable fire pit since it is made with a shopping cart.

Material :

  1. Chrome shopping cart
  2. 27”x8’ steel lath
  3. galvanized steel drip edge flashing
  4. galvanized steel corner bead
  5. 3 cookie sheets
  6. hinges
  7. handle
  8. 1 pr galvanized steel hurricane ties
  9. nuts and bolts

Cost : $15

Step :

1. Remove all plastic and rubber from the old shopping cart except on the handle.

2. Make a bottom frame on the bottom part of the basket with galvanized steel drip edge flashing.

3. Make the pan on the bottom of the basket with the cookie sheets. Measure and cut the cookie sheets so they will fit the frame.

4. Line 4 sides of cart with steel lath.

5. Cut the remaining steel lath to cover the opening part of the cart and use galvanized corner bead to frame 4 sides of it. Use nuts and bolts to make it stick properly.

6. Put some wood in the pan and lit the fire.

DIY Project Details: instructables.com

9. Flameless Fire Pit

Flameless Fire Pit

It is suitable for people who live in a small place so it is impossible to build the real fire pit without the risk of burning the house yet really want to enjoy the sensation of having a private fire pit.

Material :

  1. Lace strips (ribbon/clothing/ tablecloths/ curtain)
  2. Tree branches (3/4inch diameter)
  3. Aluminum foil
  4. Fabric stiffener or washable school glue
  5. Paintbrush
  6. String lights
  7. Rocks

Cost : –

Step :

1. Wrap each branch with aluminum foil and make sure that all parts of the wood are wrapped.

2. Apply fabric stiffener or glue to the lace strip and make sure it is saturated.

3. Wrap the lace around each branch and make sure there is no hole. Repeat this step if necessary, to make sure that all parts of the branch are wrapped.

4. Wait and make sure that the lace is completely dry. This process can take a night.

5. After the lace is completely dry, take a knife and cut one line into the lace from one end to the other.

6. Remove the branch from the cast and peel the aluminum foil from the lace then wrap again the branch with the lace.

7. Arrange the rocks into circular or square or any shape and put the string lights in the middle of the rocks. Make sure the plug is outside the shape and it is close from the outlet.

8. Arrange lace branches like a cone shape and make sure all branches balance each other or the branches can be put between rocks.

9. Add some more rocks to make sure that the branches stand firmly and plug in the lights.

DIY Project Details: blog.freepeople.com

10. A Patio with a Fire Pit

A Patio with a Fire Pit

It is a complete package for people who have wide yard without any patio and fire pit.

Patio and fire pit are a good combination for relaxation and they will add the sale value of the house.

Material :

  1. Crushed stone
  2. Coarse sand
  3. Pavers
  4. Cement
  5. Measurement tools

Cost : –

Step :

1. Measure the amount of soil to be removed and dig them out. It usually needs 10 to 12 inches of soil to be removed. Also, peg a wooden stake to the ground with some string and take the string in a circle form.

2. Put about 5 inches of crushed stone into the hole after removing the soil out and spread the crushed stone evenly in the whole hole.

3. Level the base and check the level with a spirit level. Add 1-2 inches of coarse sand.

4. Divide the whole area into two and level them separately. Make sure that the sand is levelled correctly.

5. After the level checking finishes, lay the pavers. The tips here is choosing pavers with the same colors and styles with the house so the patio and fire pit will look like the original part of the house, not two things have been added lately.

6. Lay large pavers as the outline of the fire pit. The outline for an outdoor fire pit is usually 36-44 inches in diameter.

7. Add smaller pavers around the large ones to make the patio area. Make sure to level all circles with rubber hammer and a piece of wood.

8. After laying all pavers and checking that all pavers positioned evenly, brush some sand into the cracks to help maintaining the pavers’ position. Add cement to the sand and spray some water on it to set the pavers in place.

9. Level the fire pit and place the blocks. Glue them with cement. Add a steel fire ring to the inside part of the fire pit to protect the pavers from breaking down due to the heat.

DIY Project Details: countryfarm-lifestyles.com

11. Fireplace Glass Fire Pit

Fireplace Glass Fire Pit

It is one of the unique fire pits because it uses glass instead of stone as the medium to lit the fire.

DIY Project Details: diynetwork.com

12. Fire Pit from Old Washing Machine Drum

Fire Pit from Old Washing Machine Drum

This type of fire pit is the eco-friendly one because it uses old washing machine drum.

DIY Project Details: houseandfig.com

13. Round Stone Fire Pit

Round Stone Fire Pit

It is another variation of fire pit for wide yard. Just outline the circular fire pit area and build round fire pit with stone brick and cement.

DIY Project Details: theharpsterhome.wordpress.com

14. Square Fire Pit with Concrete Blocks

Square Fire Pit and Bench with Concrete Blocks

It is another idea on the shape of concrete fire pit. Square concrete fire pit is as good as the round one. $75 DIY fire pit and bench.

DIY Project Details: attachmentprone.blogspot.com

15. Fire Pit with Wall

DIY Fire Pit with Wall

It is also one of the most unique design of fire pit because it has a wall or a back behind.

DIY Project Details: gardenthymewiththecreativegardener.blogspot.com

16. Mosaic Fire Pit


DIY Mosaic Fire Pit

It is a pro for people who prefer colorful design than the real color of fire pit material.

DIY Project Details: 3peppers-recipes.com

17. Modern Concrete Bowl from Scratch

Modern Concrete Bowl from Scratch

This beautiful modern fire pit’s bowl is made from scratch. Again, it is another idea to save the planet.

DIY Project Details: manmadediy.com

18. Fire Pit on the Corner

Fire Pit on the Corner

It is a fresh idea to decorate the corner part of the yard.

DIY Project Details: homeroad.net

19. Square Stone Fire Pit

how to build a square fire pit

The square shape is always a good variation from the common round shape.

DIY Project Details: caroleknits.net

20. Fire Pit with Wheel

DIY Fire Pit with Wheel

It is another creativity at changing trash into something useful. This type of fire pit is pro for people who like to move their fire pit. The wheel on it will move it easily.

DIY Project Details: misseffiesdiary.blogspot.com

21. Welded Fire Pit

Welded Fire Pit

It is a variation to create a fire pit without stones, bricks, or concrete.

DIY Project Details: wcwelding.com

22. Fire Pit with a “Door”

Fire Pit with a “Door”

It is the most unique design because it looks like that the fire pit has a door which can be open and close.

DIY Project Details: reddoorhome.blogspot.com

23. Combination Fire Pit

Combination Fire Pit

It is called a combination fire pit because its bowl is made from concrete, its stand is made from steel, and its ring is made from metal.

DIY Project Details: inkrustandsawdust.blogspot.com

24. Simple Brick Fire Pit

Simple Brick Fire Pit

It is called simple fire brick because its design is very simple yet very functional.

DIY Project Details: tuffguardhose.com

25. Fire Pit Near Bench and Pillow

DIY Fire Pit Near Bench and Pillow

It is a good idea to place the fire pit near a bench with pillows. It combines outdoor-indoor sensation.

DIY Project Details: abeautifulmess.com

26. Fieldstone and Sand Fire Pit

Fieldstone and Sand Fire Pit

This fire pit design is easy to build and also looks elegant.

DIY Project Details: diynetwork.com

27. Custom Cap Stone Fire Pit

Custom Cap Stone Fire Pit

Its design is exquisite and it is the best option for creative people who like to draw and design.

DIY Project Details: diyproject.com

28. Quick Fire Pit

Quick Fire Pit

It is called quick fire pit because it takes less than 30 minutes to build.

DIY Project Details: kleinworthco.com

29. Whisky Fire Pit

Whisky Fire Pit

This idea might be weird but yes, it is possible. This fire pit is made with reused whisky barrel.

DIY Project Details: https://taunieverett.com/

30. Cover and Game Table Fire Pit

Cover and Game Table Fire Pit

This fire pit has triple functions. First, it is used as the regular fire pit. Second, it is used as a table since it has a cover.

Third, it is used as a board game, like chess or monopoly, depends on the drawing that is made.

DIY Project Details: allthingsheartandhome.com

They are all unique, cheap, and easy to build fire pit ideas. By creating one of those easy fire pits, one can add the house’s value. It is so interesting, right?

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