7 Outstanding Patio Deck Designs to Bring a Relaxing Space to Your Home

Modern Deck Design for Urban Dwellers

Summer is just around the corner! What I look forward to the most is simply sitting around my decks, enjoying the surrounding landscape, and throwing a BBQ party in the evening, of course. To get the most of all them, how about updating the patio deck designs into something new?

It’s no secret that decks are an ideal solution to a relatively low-maintenance area to enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature outside the home.

Without further ado, if you don’t own a deck yet or have been searching for some fresh ideas to update your current deck, the following provides you with the best collection of deck design ideas in various sizes and shapes. So, let’s find one that suits your needs!


1. Elegant Clean Lines Deck Design

Elegant Clean Lines Deck Design

When it comes to patio deck designs, you shouldn’t forget that decks are truly an extension of your home’s architecture which doubles as the ideal outdoor living spaces, particularly for socialization.

This simple yet elegant design the lines of the home to present an extension of the building and a personal place to mingle.


  • The outdoor dining table adds functionality to the deck.
  • The flower planters presented around the deck make a beautiful complement to the whole space.


  • The barbeque machine is placed outside the deck, so you need to go out of the deck to throw a BBQ party.


2. Impressive Deck Design with Natural Retreat

Impressive Deck Design with Natural Retreat

Wide open natural spaces are just amazing to be enjoyed. If you’re lucky enough to have wide yards around your home, this patio deck designs idea can be perfect for you.

The nature world outside this home is perfectly emphasized the natural woods used in the deck design. Balance out your tree line with a splash of color from some pot of flowers just as shown in the picture.


  • It makes a perfect space to get relaxed from your busy life.
  • The outdoor furniture provides more pleasure for any family member.


  • The idea works best if you have wide open yards around your home.


3. Luxury Enclosed Deck Spaces

Luxury Enclosed Deck Spaces

All too often your ideas of patio deck designs are about an outdoor space with no roof and rails. Instead of following the mainstream, how about creating one which is enclosed and full-furnished?

This deck makes a lovely example for you who want to make a covered deck design at home. Complete with barbeque machine, fireplace, and dining table, there is no reason to have a party in another place but your own home.


  • The neutral-colored furniture makes a nice complement to the space.


  • It takes more time and money to make the most of this luxury enclosed deck.


4. Classic Mortar and Brick Deck

Classic Mortar and Brick Deck

Old fashioned red brick is probably such a classic material to make your home’s walls. Adjoined with concrete patio deck designs, this home’s outdoor space seems so inviting for any visitor.

With enough tables and benches all around the deck, you are ready to throw a party this summer!


  • The string lights provide a beautiful addition to the décor especially at night.


  • The furniture may become unnecessary if you only enjoy the deck for your small family.
  • The deck offers a sense of public outdoor café instead of private space to gather with family.


5. Perfect Private Deck with Wooden Roof

Perfect Private Deck with Wooden Roof

Small spaces can always be fun to landscape, but sometimes hard to move around. Utilizing your narrow areas with a deck that provides a private space for your family like this one must be perfect.

The patio deck designs include a bar-like table that can be used to serve foods and beverages along with the round table and a few chairs to enjoy the meals and drinks.


  • The design is simple and able to be applied in narrow space.


  • You need to have particular space to store the furniture in case it rains since the roof doesn’t cover the deck completely.


6. Contemporary Deck Design with DIY Bench

Contemporary Deck Design with DIY Bench

Just because your neighbors’ home are right beside your home, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on the surrounding views.

Take your patio deck designs into another level by utilizing bamboos to block up the view of your neighbors’ home.


  • The DIY concrete wooden bench doubles as functional seating area and unique decoration.


  • The one small planter on the deck seems unnecessary.


7. Modern Deck Design for Urban Dwellers

Modern Deck Design for Urban Dwellers

City yards don’t have to limit your landscaping design idea. This small wooden deck makes a perfect example for any urban dweller.

With a long wooden table and some unique wooden chairs, your deck area will look adorable despite the small spaces.


  • The natural color scheme offers a sense of elegance in outdoor space.


  • The table centerpiece included to the decoration of this patio deck designs is better to be replaced with something else.


They’re the seven patio deck designs this article has to offer you. The things you should consider are your house layout, personal preference, and of course budget!





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