7 Smoking Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Landscaping

Fire Trough For Your Backyard Landscaping

Need some fire pit ideas backyard landscaping for your outdoor area? Well, you are in for a treat. We’ll provide you with 7 simple ideas add some excitement to your backyard.

Be ready to enjoy your summer perfectly with these fire pit ideas for your backyard landscaping. You can spend the time of your life there with friends and family. Use it as your outdoor living room.

1. Fancy Brick Fire Pit with Brick Benches

Fancy Brick Fire Pit with Brick Benches

Well, we started the list with an outstanding rustic option of fire pit ideas backyard landscaping. As you can see, this appealing and sharp concept of the fire pit is so detailed. The brick theme looks comforting for your outdoor area.

You can enjoy a warm atmosphere in a cool outdoor condition. You just need a few concrete blocks and some creativity. It’s an outstanding DIY project to try.


– If you are a fan of the traditional and rustic style, it’s a perfect recommendation

– The exotic look around the pit would be so enjoyable at night

– The innovative and creative design of the fire pit is very impressive


– There’s no modern taste in this scene

2. A Small Rustic Fire Pit beside the Lake

A Small Rustic Fire Pit Beside the Lake

A stone patio is an elegant choice you can have for an outdoor area. Embedding a small fire pit as the center of the wooden chairs would let you share the warm atmosphere by the lake. Then you can enjoy a beautiful landscape around you.


– The stone patio concept itself brings its own charm.

– Without the lake, this scene would still be good looking


– To balance the design, the chair should just be in modern or other styles.

– The rustic feel from the chair is not needed in this scene.

3. A Cozy Circle in the Backyard

A Cozy Circle in the Backyard

With this setting, you can have a cozy fire pit idea backyard landscaping. A warm focal point in the middle of the modern benches arranged in a circle would be comfortable.

It feels like you are in a living room but outdoor. But, instead of a coffee table, you have a fire pit in the middle. The color of the gardens around is enough to fulfill the whole sight. The colorful pillows make a nice splash of color.


– It’s an easy way to decorate your backyard

– A circle concept of bench looks so special


– The benches design doesn’t match with the situation of the surroundings

4. Ideas of Fire Pit with Cowboy Cauldron Concept

Ideas of Fire Pit with Cowboy Cauldron concept

One of the biggest and coolest fire pit ideas and cast iron works would be ready to let you enjoy your backyard landscaping.

The ground or flooring would always be clean. You don’t need to make your flooring dirty because the fire pit compartment is floating using a cowboy cauldron concept. If the main attraction is the backyard landscaping, this simple concept is enough.


– The unique but simple fire pit idea is the focal point.

– You won’t have your flooring dirty


– If the main attraction is the view, this concept is just useless.

5. Hudson Square Design of Fire Pit

Hudson Square Design Of Fire Pit

A detailed look of the structure brings such outstanding backyard landscaping to be relevant. The sleek and simple design of this fire pit would let you blend in any style.

Again, the fire pit is placed above the ground. So, you won’t bother your healthy grass. I guess it can’t be called as a fire pit, but it’s a fire table.


– The design is simple and sleek

– It’s got a metal material that could handle a certain level of heat without changing its looks


– Because of its metal, the price could be very expensive.

6. Fire Pit and Jacuzzi Combination

Fire Pit and Jacuzzi Combination

This is an interesting design you can have in your backyard. It’s designed by Paragon Pools which combines a simple fire pit and a Jacuzzi. You can enjoy a relaxing time with a cool Jacuzzi and warm air from the fire.


– Jacuzzi and Fire Pit is a unique combination

– The fire pit keeps you warm when you are out of the Jacuzzi


– The fire pit is only used as decoration, not a focal point.

7. Fire Trough for Your Backyard Landscaping

Fire Trough For Your Backyard Landscaping

This setting would let you enjoy the stunning views from your patio. With a 6-foot long fire through, you can keep your guests and yourself cozy in this space.


– The view looks exhilarating and the modern fire pit has completed it

– You don’t need a regular fire pit to make an amazing patio


– The fire pit impression is taken over by the stunning view



You can decide to have a fire pit design based on your personal taste or something that fits your outdoor area.

Whether it’s round or square, stone or concrete, modern or traditional, no matter what, those smoking fire pit ideas backyard landscaping are for you.






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