Best Outdoor Design Ideas for Small Outdoor Space You’ll Want to Try

Modern Outdoor Furniture for Summer Retreat

With the best outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space, you’ll be able to make the most of your boring outside area into paradise. It’s somehow difficult to decorate a narrow space. But, who knows that your tiny outdoor space can make you think big?

No matter how small your outdoor space is, it’ll be awful to leave it unattended. Stealing a few of these striking outdoor design ideas will transform your tiny outdoor space into an inviting retreat. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

1. DIY Floating Wooden Deck

DIY Floating Wooden Deck

This custom wood deck can be one of the best outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space out there. With a little carpentry skill and a few supplies and tools, you can build this DIY floating wooden deck in your garden.

Furnished with two wooden couches and a pair of matching coffee tables, the deck can become your favorite place throughout summer.


  • The stripped screens match the overall design while enhancing privacy in this floating wooden deck.
  • The flower vases set on the side table offer matching color with the garden walls.


  • The evergreen planter on the deck isn’t necessary.
  • The color scheme seems worn out in some points.

2. Lovely Vertical Garden Wall

Lovely Vertical Garden Wall

Outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space do not need to be limited. If you want to have a garden and functional patio area at the same time, look to this vertical garden wall!

Instead of leaving the wall plain, this covered patio area is coming with a vertical garden wall that presents a variety of greeneries in a different shade of colors.


  • The pair of box-like tables and L-shaped bench makes an ideal seating area to chit-chat with your visitors.
  • The design is perfect for any small patio area.


  • The white square table and white metal chairs aren’t really necessary since they may make the tiny patio seems cramped.

3. Cozy Glamping Tent

Cozy Glamping Tent

Glamping tent can take your outdoor living to a cozy new level even in a tiny backyard. But, if you love to do it in comfort and style, opt for a cotton canvas tent like this example.

Decorate your tent with comfortable elements like a floor bed, a soft rug, and throw pillows to make your backyard glamping experience to feel deluxe.


  • The cotton canvas tent looks better than a nylon selection, plus cotton is a way more breathable to ensure the cooler atmosphere inside the tent.


  • It takes time and effort to build the tent yourself.

4. Charming Patio with Pergola and String Lights

Charming Patio with Pergola and String Lights

Including outdoor string lights into your outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space has always been a great choice. Look to this pitch-dark patio which looks charming with string lights at night.

With the fireplace and a few chairs set around, this patio design will make the most of your summer night. You can invite your guests to this outdoor area and wait for them to get amazed by your work.


  • The flower planters set around the deck post lights add a pop of color to the outdoor space even in the dark night.
  • Not only becomes the house of the string lights, but the pergola also makes a good shade for your patio area.


  • The hanging flower planters aren’t essential enough for the design.

5. Blue-Painted Metal Patio Furniture

Blue-Painted Metal Patio Furniture

Nothing perks up weary old patio furniture like a coat of bright, fresh color. But, who will like to inhale that bad smell of paint fumes?

If you don’t want to get a headache or dizzy because of the paint fumes, opt for eco-friendly chalk to paint wrought iron dining set into something new and brighter like this one.


  • You can save the cost to decorate the patio by utilizing your old iron dining set.


  • If you don’t own an old iron dining set, you need to get the new one.

6. Modern Outdoor Furniture for Summer Retreat

Modern Outdoor Furniture for Summer Retreat

When the sun is beating down your backyard, modern furniture which comes with an umbrella like this one will keep you protected from dangerous daylight. Set into a small patio surrounded by greenery, the furniture makes a great summer retreat.


  • The seating area can accommodate more people to gather.


  • The monochrome color scheme applied in this one of outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space cannot suit everyone’s taste.

7. Beautiful Flower Box for Modern Patio

Beautiful Flower Box for Modern Patio

Just because your backyard is nothing but a stone floor connected to your home, doesn’t mean you cannot have a garden around.

A flower box and some flower planters like these will make it possible for you to grow a garden in your outdoor space.


  • The variety of flowers planted on this flower box offers a lovely splash of color in a modern house style.


  • You need to have a good wastewater system to make the most of these outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space.

Now, after all seven outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space has been shown above, the only question left is which one falls to your heart at first glance?

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