5 Cool Ideas for Above Ground Pool Decks (with DIY Tips)

Higher Deck with a Sunken Pool
source: https://www.thespruce.com

Description: Above ground pool deck ideas use lumbers, fences, and other features to spice up a regular swimming pool at home.

Installing a pool deck high above the ground sounds like a hassle, but who doesn’t want the result? Above ground pool deck ideas flaunt your pool and give it a resort-like touch.

The deck provides extra space for sunbathing or BBQ party. An above ground pool deck also reduces the risk of small animals or children plunging into the water.

You can build a high deck regardless of the pool size. Here are five great design ideas you can try for an above ground pool.

1. Pool Deck with Full Fences

Pool deck with full fences offer extra safety. You can build grill fences that surround the deck completely.

For an extra safety measure, install the same fences around the stairs. Make a “gate” at the bottom of the stair, to be locked when the pool is unused.

It prevents children from sneaking into the pool unsupervised. Afraid that the pool with a look “scary” and uninviting? Add flower beds around the deck.

Attach a cute sign on the stair gate, which softens the appearance. Place several terrace chairs near the pool, with a table and lounge seat.

2. Pool Deck with Segmented Patio Areas

Create a nice entertainment area by connecting your pool deck with a patio. Create area segments to place a table and armchairs, benches, and BBQ grill.

If you have an extra budget, install a small Jacuzzi tub near the pool. The wooden deck makes this area look like a private villa.

The pool deck can be lower than the pool, to prevent anyone from falling into the pool accidentally. Connect the patio to the ground with wide steps instead of stairs.

3. Above Ground Pool with Spacious Sunbathing Area

If you have a large space in the backyard, create a sunbathing area near the pool. Make one side of the deck larger than the other and place several sunbathing seats in a neat row.

Add a parasol that you can close and store away when unused. You can also add a small table to place drinks, snacks, and books.

Above Ground Pool with Spacious Sunbathing Area
source: https://www.poolandspadepot.com

4. Higher Deck with a Sunken Pool

Build a higher above ground deck with table and chairs on the higher spot. This seating area gives you a view of the sunken pool below.

You can use rustic wood for the planks and fences. Add several planters, sunbathing chairs, and parasol to create a perfect resort-like retreat at home.

Higher Deck with a Sunken Pool
source: https://www.thespruce.com

5. Decorative Above Ground Pool Deck

Few people think of decorating the side panels of an above ground pool. You can build a deck with exterior panels and personalize the look by ordering decorative decals or engravings.

Surround the panels with gravel or flower beds (with low plants) to make the deck more appealing.

Tips to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck

The typical cost of building an above ground deck at home is around US$2,700. The numbers cover basic materials, such as pier blocks, lumbers, and screws.

This cost usually doesn’t cover optional features, such as segmented patio areas, fences, and decorative elements.

If you have a large swimming pool instead of a small dipping pool, the material costs improve significantly.

There are three main steps in building an above ground deck for a swimming pool, which are:

1. Constructing the floor framing

This step creates a symmetrical frame by arranging exterior panels. They are attached with strong metal brackets on the corners.

You can start by installing four main perimeter boards for an easier job.

2. Attaching piers and posts

You need to start by attaching the main piers, which form the base for the posts. The piers and posts should match the swimming pool frames.

You may need to adjust the final piers and posts to fit with the remaining space.

3. Laying the deck lumbers

When inserting the deck lumbers, you need to adjust the sizes and measurements constantly. Make sure the lumbers are slipped fittingly between the joist frames.

Use wood deck screws to secure the lumbers and the joists.

When choosing lumbers for the deck, make sure they get special treatments to face natural elements. Rain, dust, and heat can damage lumbers that are not treated properly.

The lumbers must also have a waterproof quality, which reduces the risk of mold and water damages.

These above ground pool deck ideas turn a regular dipping pool into a resort-worthy house feature. Spend nice summer days relaxing on your secure private spot.

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