Backyard Patio Designs To Get You Ready for Summer

Contemporary Backyard Patio Designs

Summer season is approaching it’s time to remodel your outdoor space with these backyard patio designs.

One of the most essential elements of the backyard patio is the entertainment. So, you have to choose the perfect entertainment that you need.

By reading this whole page, there will be no more boring exterior space you have in your house.

You can achieve an interesting and comfortable backyard space with a little bit of effort. So, you may need some inspiration to start designing.

Here are 7 backyard patio designs to get your ready for summer.

1. Backyard Patio with Complete Dining Space

Backyard Patio with Complete Dining Space

Anyone can create their own beautiful patio by themselves. It’s not just about setting out a few chairs and tables in your outdoor area. It’s actually more than that. You should form an artistic vision and turn it into reality.

As you can see, this patio has a complete set of family space with a dining table set and its cooking tools. The plant fence ornamented with string lights makes an outstanding landscape in the backyard patio.


– This patio is simple and gorgeous

– It’s got nice pea gravel flooring.


– When it is rain, the sofa needs to be relocated

2. Backyard Patio with Pops of Color All Over

Backyard Patio with Pops of Color All Over

It’s a colorful outdoor coffee bar you could have in your backyard. This concept will attract many people. It’s designed to be a space for light, color, relaxation, and family. Dining space and outdoor living rooms are combined in this space.

Take a look at that a vintage and elegant swing. That kind of furniture is quite popular to be used in the patio. It becomes the focal point of this backyard patio.


– The pops of color look fun in this family space

– The concept will be enjoyed by everyone at any age


– Too much furniture in such a limited space

– The dining table is so crowded

3. Contemporary Backyard Patio Designs

Contemporary Backyard Patio Designs

This open and clean stunning patio is filled with a modern style furniture. It has oversized concrete pavers as the flooring and a black horizontal slat as the fence. They both created a cool atmosphere of modernity.

You can add an outdoor sectional sofa and a lounge chair to maximize the living space of your backyard. This space is so relaxing and inspiring which makes you comfortable spending time in this patio.


– This modern backyard patio is so relaxing and comforting

– It has the warmth of a living room and the coolness of the outdoor


– It’s got no roof to cover the furniture from the rain.

– The rug is not needed in the outdoor.

4. Patio Decorated with DIY Wood Planter

Patio Decorated with DIY Wood Planter

This outdoor entertaining should be applied in your backyard patio if you want things to be simple and natural. The main attraction of this patio is the DIY wood planter at the background. As you can see, the rustic texture and pattern of the planter create a natural ambiance for space.

The pavers and bricked walls also offer nice landscaping in this backyard space. The elegant sofa set in the middle makes everything seem right. The glowing string lights above add a crisp look to the design.


– The brick background creates a contrasting look to the wood planter

– The glowing string lights are a nice addition


– The sofa design seems unmatched with the theme.

5. Backyard Patio by the Pool

Backyard Patio by the Pool

As you can see, this backyard patio has a pergola to give some shade to space. This space is designed by Reynolds Sebastiani crew. It’s got plenty of space to enjoy relaxation. There’s also a separate area of the dining set.


– The pergola is a smart solution to cover the sofa set from the rain

– The poolside patio is always loved by everyone


– A sofa by the swimming pool could be an issue

6. Asian Style Backyard Patio

Asian Style Backyard Patio

Check out this traditional backyard patio which is inspired by Asian image. This patio features a relaxing setting area with a unique piece of furniture. The Asian-inspired decoration is dominating the landscape.


– The furniture is so unique and matched with the rug

– The traditional umbrella and sculpture add Zen to space


– That shade tree makes a messy background

7. Backyard Patio in the Garden

Backyard Patio in the Garden

The color of orange is cleverly chosen for this patio. As you can see, it’s placed in the middle of a garden. The patio space is surrounded by well-tended plants. The orange color suddenly turns the patio as the focal point of the backyard.


– The orange cushion with a bamboo structure surely becomes the source of attention

– The hanging ornaments match with the cushion color.


– The other cushion should be in the same color.



After reading the whole ideas, you might realize that your dingy, dark backyard can be turned into something special with those backyard patio designs.

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