Worth Reviewing Tile Shower Ideas You Need to See Before Renovating the Bathroom

Lovely Green Colour Scheme

Tiles shower ideas are keys to making a great look in the bathroom. Tiles design will influence the whole look either good or bad in terms of beauty, efficiency, and pleasure. This requires good judgment about what kind of tiles you should use.

You can also discuss it first with your family or ask someone who’s an expert in this particular field to get a great result. In the end, you’ll be satisfied to see the result after you weigh up its pros and cons.

1. Terracotta Tiles with Anti-Slip Mat

Terracotta Tiles with Anti Slip Mat

Terracotta tiles are easy to be applied in any room including the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. They have lots of different colors, sizes, and shapes as well.

Stainless steel doesn’t only look great in the bathroom, but it’s also long-lasting though it may be expensive. If you want to make your bathroom safe from slippery you can add an anti-slip rubber mat.


  • Terracotta tiles are durable, and you’ll get an old-fashioned yet pleasant look for your bathroom.


  • This bathroom leaves a monochrome style which is only black and white, but it doesn’t really draw my attention.

2. Glass Wall

Glass Wall

Glasses are common to be used as walls for any bathroom. They are thin for a wall size, yet durable. No wonder many homeowners use them for their bathrooms because they’re practical.

The shower is set in a high position so you can wash your entire body from head to toes. Tiny hexagonal tiles make the bathroom isn’t slippery.


  • You have the best look for your bathroom with glasses, and the hard-wood flooring matches well with the rest.


  • Somebody can see you naked in there when you take a shower.
  • The rack towel is outside the cubicle, so you have to get out of it to use it.

3. Stunning Grey Wall

Stunning Grey Wall

A beautiful bathroom is when you can build and decorate it with good and right materials then balance them. When you feel happy when seeing one, then it can be assumed that the bathroom is pretty nice to you.

The grey terracotta wall tiles leave a welcoming atmosphere. The hardwood flooring also makes a big splash in the bathroom.


  • The rack towel is made out of stainless steel which is a lovely addition to your bathroom
  • The yellow towel gives a fun, subtle touch in this bathroom


  • Be careful when taking a shower because the area is cramped, which prevents you to move freely

4. Lovely Green Color Scheme

Lovely Green Colour Scheme

This shower bathroom has some unique wall tile patterns that can inspire you to try this idea in your bathroom. It looks so stunning, and you won’t feel bored being in this bathroom while taking a shower.

The flooring tiles used in this bathroom are hard-wood tiles and fit perfectly with the surroundings. The combination between the green shower tile and the wood tile floor is nice. They really match well.


  • The shower cubicle has some smart storage on which you can put shampoo, soap or shower sponge


  • The cubicle is small, and it only fits for one person. If you’re a newlywed couple, you should consider having a spacious one.

5. Neutral Tiles

Neutral Tiles

It’s not a secret that many people are adored a neutral color scheme due to its warm and welcoming look that would create a homelike ambiance in your home.

You can’t go wrong if you pick this tile for your wall or flooring in the bathroom. You can give it a go, and then blend it with mosaic tiles.


  • This bathroom doesn’t only have some smart storage inside, but it also has an area where you can sit so you can wash your body properly.


  • The flooring tiles and ceiling are mosaic tiles with the same neutral color. Wouldn’t it be nice if you use black or green colors to give a little bit of contrast in the bathroom?

6. What a Blend!

What a Blend!

The grey accents spread a calm look when combined with stunning pebble tiles. This is a smart move of having your bathroom two different types of tiles.

There’s a window to add natural lighting to your bathroom so you can save some electrical energy because you won’t really need it at noon when you take a shower here.


  • The bathroom looks mesmerizing with the combination tiles. While some plants bring a natural ambiance in it


  • If there’s a drawback here, it’d be a towel rack. Just in case you need it, install one.

7. Wonderful Lamps

Wonderful Lamps

Arranging tiles from one square to another square tile is just a regular way to decorate your bathroom wall. But you can try this idea by applying with a different position just like what you see in this bathroom.

It can make a new atmosphere in your bathroom. You can even use a dissimilar type of tiles in terms of materials, sizes, and colors too, and then combine them.


  • The shower room is wide enough, and you get a neutral look and warm atmosphere.


  • The tiles floor and wall share the same color inside and outside the shower, which makes it look dull

Before using a certain type of tiles for your bathroom, you can check tile shower ideas articles from which you’ll be able to choose what kind of tiles that’s perfect for your home.



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