Marvelous Patio Roof Extension Ideas and How to Attach Them

Screened Patio

Spending leisure time with family and friends at home can be great. To perfect the moment, you had better install a patio roof that completely or partly covers your patio. Check out these marvelous patio roof extension ideas!

These ideas will make your patio become a more comfortable place to hang out.

Ways to Attach a Patio Roof to a House

Attaching a patio cover to an existing roof can be done in various ways depending on how you want it to look. Here are 5 different ways that you can do to attach a patio roof.

Step 1. The Simple Way

This is the simplest way to attach a patio cover to your house. But if you are not sure about it, you can always have it installed. Click here to contact professional roofers.

This simple method will enable you to get the cleanest look easily. You simply need to attach the back channel and the patio directly to the wall of your house. By doing this, you will get a clean look and better protection from the rain.

Step 2. The Neat Look

This method will allow you to have a neater look. Besides, you will also get a higher roof as extra height is added during the process by placing the beam on top and connecting the patio roof on top of it.

To do get this look, you need to remove eaves, fascia, and gutter, and cut the rafters. After that, you need to install the FHS columns.

To make sure that the structure is watertight, install a custom box gutter on the house along with a custom barge on top.

Step 3. Go to the Same Height as the Existing Roof

If you want to have a clean look and make the patio cover flush with the existing roof, you need to strengthen the fascia and back channel by reinforcing the rafters inside the existing roof.

Then, fix the back channel to the fascia boards underneath the gutter directly. This might be one of the common ways of attaching a patio cover to an existing home.

It is simple and easy to do. However, by using this method, your patio cover cannot go high or low.

Step 4. Go Higher

If you want to get a higher patio cover that will make your patio look larger, you have to remove the house gutter and place the backchannel a bit higher.

Since you have decided to remove the gutter, you will need to install transfer flashing from the roof of the house to the patio.

If you want to reach a certain height, you can install riser brackets. By doing this, you will have the chance to raise the cover up to 2 feet. Besides, it allows you to have more finishing options.

Step 5. Ditch the Splash while Maintaining the Air Flow

The main goal of installing a patio roof is because you want to enjoy hanging out in your patio despite the weather. However, in some cases, you will not only block the splash but also the airflow.

To prevent it from happening, you need to place the patio sheeting about 300 millimeters over the top of the roof. This technique allows the patio roof to perform a shield from the rain without blocking the airflow.

1. Screened Patio

Screened Patio

If you want to have a place to hang out outdoor at home without being interrupted by insects and weather, a screened patio will be your best choice.

A screened patio will give you full protection from the splash of the rain and the attack of insects thanks to the window screen or mosquito net that keeps the insects at bay.

Since it is a fully-covered patio, you will need to place the patio sheeting about 300 millimeters over the top of the roof to get good airflow. And this kind of patio will set you back around $6000.

2. Hardwood


Many people prefer hardwood patio roofs as they are durable. And this patio cover features dangling wood panels that add a traditional look to the patio.

If you want to have a hardwood patio cover, you will need to spend approximately $300 to $1000.

3. Pergola


This is another cool way to install a patio roof. Pergola is eminently versatile. It is not only looking good when attached to your existing home but also awesome for a detached patio.

You will need to spend around $3000 to have a pergola as your patio cover.

4. Polycarbonate


If you want to block the splash of the rain but not the natural light of the sun, you can opt for polycarbonate. The price would be varied. It is approximately $38.00 for a 2.4-meter length to $68.00 for a 3.0-meter length of insulated roofing that can block UV rays virtually.


Now you know some patio roof extension ideas and how to attach them. They are actually DIY-friendly, but you had better have your patio roof installed if carpentry is not your thing.




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