Quonset Hut Homes: Turn a War Construction into a Cottage

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits ~ 2. S Model

Description: Quonset hut homes, types, and floor design, their characteristics, how to build them and pictures ideas. Check this out!

Talking about a place to live, most people imagine a magnificent building with a stylish shape. But have any of you thought about Quonset hut homes?

Unfortunately, most people think that it is nothing more than a shed. It’s not your fault. Over the decades, people have turned these war buildings into storage areas.

Whereas, behind its unique shape, a Quonset home can be an option for many housing problems. You can even turn it into a sublime private cottage with affordable prices!

Want to know how? How much does it cost you to get the Quonset hut homes kits? Luckily, now you come to the right place!

A. Features and History

A Features and History

Living in a Quonset hut home sounds like a good idea. Despite its unique curved shape that does not look like an ordinary house, you can still make it amazing inside out.

Embellishing Quonset hut homes interiors is not a thing.

But before deciding to build and live inside, let’s first understand the characteristics, features, structure, and history.

1. What is Quonset Hut Homes?

A Features and History 1 What is Quonset Hut Homes

Quonset hut homes are constructions with a curve shape at the top, and some even form a semi-circle.

Most of them are corrugated steel-based, so that looks like a makeshift building.

Otherwise, nowadays, many Quonset hut homes use galvanizing. Although it looks not sturdy, this structure is quite strong because it has metal shields in the wall.

Quonset hut homes are not an innovation because their existence has been very notable since 1941.

However, since its inception, this building is not a permanent residence.

Its function is as temporary housing and storage warehouse during World War II. Later, people use it as a shed because of its high capacity, strength, and affordable price.

Now, Quonset hut homes have undergone innovation. Inspired by its unique and beautiful shape, many people are starting to make it an alternative residence.

With a high sense of art, many tourist resorts and inns have adopted this form and provided a pleasant feel. You can turn it into a private cottage too!

However, this construction is also not perfect. If you do not have enough knowledge, there will be problems with insulation or installation.

2. The History

The History of Quonset Hut Homes

Behind its unique shape, it turns out that Quonset hut homes have a long history. As stated above, the term construct has emerged since 1941, precisely during World War II.

At that time, US troops managed to control the island of Guam and use it as a military base. They prepared a high-defense location with a large army.

But to make it a strong military base, the US army needed a solid building and easy to assemble.

With corrugated-mild steel, they managed to build approximately 170 thousand Quonset hut homes. The standard size was 16 x 36 feet.

Also, this construction came with an 8-foot radius. With this size, the building became houses for soldiers and adequate storage space.

The first building was at Quonset Point in the city of Davisville, Rhode Island. This location later became the inspiration for the mention of this construction.

Meanwhile, the name Quonset also has its meaning. This term came from the Algonquian word, which generally refers to small and long sites.

Although Quonset hut homes are identical to World War II war buildings, this structure existed long before.

The shape itself followed British Nissen huts which were a structure by Major Peter Norman Nissen in 1916.

Like Quonset hut homes, British Nissen was also for war purposes.

Several other countries such as Canada, Australia, and South Africa have also implemented this construction.

After the war was over, it started to become a commodity. Quonset hut homes for sale to the public began to appear.

Many people buy this home and make it as a residence, warehouse, and place of business.

Now, even after several decades have passed, its existence is still very closely related to society. Many still use this structure for various purposes.

B. Quonset Hut Homes Kits: Models and Price Estimation

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits - Models and Price Estimation

Compared to conventional buildings, this construction provides many advantages.

The process is getting easy because you can buy Quonset hut homes with a wide selection of models and prices.

Not just a matter of taste, each model also has functions and characteristics that will determine its resistance to the environment.

So far, we know three designs, namely:

1. Q Model

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits ~ 1. Q Model

This model is simple in design and the most affordable among others. The area is approximately 20-100 square feet.

As the name suggests, the shape of this model is similar to the letter Q, although most people will say that it is a semi-circle. Usually, this design has only one entrance.

Interestingly, one advantage of using this model is the ease of assembly.

The Q model is prevalent for military or agriculture purposes. However, its unique forms have inspired many dwellings.

The various cost depends on the material and area. But based on metalgaragekits.com, you can get the Q model starting at $1,800s with a warranty of up to 40 years.

2. S Model

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits ~ 2. S Model

Compared to the Q model, this design allows for more space, even in a narrow site. The arched roof sits on top of the two straight sides of the wall allowing for a taller construction.

In addition to allowing more room to the top, the S model is also very suitable for subtropical regions.

Snow and rainwater will flow quietly from the roof without leaving puddles.

Compared to the Q model, this design is more adaptive as a home as it allows for multiple doors and windows. You can also specify the height.

Talking about the price will certainly vary. But based on metalgaragekits.com, you can get Quonset hut homes in 40′ X 74′ X 18′ starting at $2,874.90.

3. A/P Model

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits ~ 3. AP Model

Because of their similarities, many say that A and P are the same. The A/P is similar to the ‘S’ but has a raising arch at the top.

It allows for additional storage space at the top as an attic. That way, you can place more items without looking cluttered.

A/P Models are generally 14-30 feet wide with a strong structure. Its adaptive design allows for garages, workshops, even comfortable cottages.

Despite this flexibility, the Quonset hut homes price with this structure is quite competitive.

Further, the simplest version at metalgaragekits.com starts from $965.39 with 20′ x 25′ x 14′ in measure.

For a better living experience, you can also choose a more liveable size, with a price range of $1000-5000 per unit with up to 50′ x 80′ x 20′ width.

4. X Model

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits ~ 4. X Model

Because of the roof shape, many people use it the same way as the A/P one. However, the ‘X’ has a difference in the form of a sloping wall on both sides.

This design is perfect if you live in a snowy location or have high rainfall.

The material from above will not directly hit the ground but will descend smoothly through both sides.

Many people use this design as a storage location behind the house, garage, or workshop. Luckily, you can modify it into a beautiful cottage.

Most of the Quonset hut homes have earthquake-resistant structures.

But the X model can be one of the most appropriate choices because of its sturdiness but allows more space inside.

The price of the X model does vary quite a bit depending on how complex the construction is. But generally, the cost is not much different from the A/P.

5. Other Price Factors

B Quonset Hut Homes Kits ~ 5. Other Price Factors

The Quonset home model does have a significant influence on the price because it is related to the degree of installation difficulty.

However, the prices above are generally only for the kit purchase, not including installation and others.

In addition, several other things will also affect the amount to pay. In this case, size is the essential factor.

Those small-to-medium constructions (approximately 144 square feet) cost US$1,500 to US$15,000 for the kit alone.

You are still preparing funds for base building, accessories, delivery, installation, and foundation. The amount can reach US$8000s.

If you want to build a medium-to-large construction, the total cost can reach more than US$400,000.

To keep it cheaper, you do the installation yourself based on the instructions in the kit.

C. Quonset Hut Homes Floor Plans

Quonset Hut Homes Floor Plans

In the discussion above, you have known some Quonset hut homes models.

However, after determining the design, the Quonset hut problems have not stopped. The next step is to make sure that the size and interior fit.

Custom design does make you more flexible. However, this is also not an easy job since you have many considerations.

But calm down, here are some plans that you can take as a reference. Of course, you can do your exploration later.

1. The Small-sized

Quonset Hut Homes Floor Plans ~ 1. The Small-sized

This design measures approximately 24’x24′ (576 square feet or so). Its minimalist size is suitable for a garage or workshop. However, living inside is also an option.

It is similar to a studio apartment. You can divide it into a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other necessary parts.

The small size makes it practical and affordable. Divide the room wisely, and you can get an experience like living in a private cottage.

2. Simple Medium Hut

Quonset Hut Homes Floor Plans ~ 2. Simple Medium Hut

If you live with other people, then the small-sized may not be comfortable. Try the medium one, which measures 40’x30′ (approximately 800 square feet or 74 square meters).

You can create a small, comfortable residence with quite complete facilities. With the small size, it will be a cozy and warm place for families.

3. The Spacy One

Quonset Hut Homes Floor Plans ~ 3. The Spacy One

If you need a large enough room for various reasons, the spacy Quonset hut homes can be the solution.

With a size of 30’x40′ (approximately 1200 square feet), you can do many things inside.

With such a large size, you can place several bedrooms and other rooms. Apart from being a residence, this is an option for a place of business because of its large capacity.

Moreover, you should prepare more budget. The high price kit does not include installation, foundation, and all knick-knacks.

D. How to Build a Quonset Hut Homes

How to Build a Quonset Hut Homes

Building Quonset Hut Homes are tricky even though all the instructions are in the kit.

Instead of worrying about the written steps, you should take into account the supporting factors and obstacles.

Try to learn the following tips for the best result.

1. Choose the best materials

Choose the best materials

Choosing materials is critical in building anything. Corrugated galvanized steel is the best choice today because it is durable but light and easy to install.

2. Don’t neglect the insulations!

Dont Neglect the Insulation

Although steel has high weather resistance, never neglect insulation. The presence of a wind leak will make wind and cold air enter the house.

Therefore, you need to use a special metal sealant that can prevent air leakage from the outside. It can also keep insects out.

3. Interior Design

Interior Design Quonset Hut Homes Ideas

So that the house feels comfortable, you also need to consider the interior design. Divide the room well and choose beautiful furniture that still matches the metal.

4. Setting the walls

Setting the walls

Living in a metal building is tricky. But do not forget to install primary components such as ventilation and windows.

If possible, you can also add materials such as wood or bricks to make a natural look.

5. Use sliding doors

Use sliding doors

Sliding doors are the best choice for metal buildings. Besides being able to save space, its use will also minimize jammed doors and difficulty to open.

E. Best Quonset Hut Homes Ideas (with pictures)

Quonset Hut Homes Pictures Ideas

After the discussion above, have you made up your mind to live in the Quonset hut homes? However, as everyone has different tastes and needs, choosing a design will be critical.

Therefore, to help you determine what your home will look like; this article also presents some Quonset hut homes ideas.

1. Minimalist Modern Design

1. Minimalist Modern Design

Although inspired by ancient buildings, it does not mean you cannot make a grand and modern design.

With the same frame, you can modify the roof and decorate it with various polishes.

Do not forget to add appropriate furniture and lighting that gives a playful impression but is still beautiful and minimalist.

2. High Wooden Hut

2. High Wooden Hut

Have trouble building a house in the middle of the forest? The Quonset hut homes will be the solution.

With easy installation, you do not have to bother carrying building materials and heavy equipment.

If your location is in the middle of a steep, grassy, ​​or wetland, a high construction will be a good idea because it will protect you from various unexpected threats from the ground.

3. Flying Dome


3. Flying Dome

Land problems are indeed the main obstacle of the Q model. The taller the building, the more you need a larger area. But why not try to make it float?

You can create another space under it of the appropriate size. For the building to be sturdy, you can place enough support poles.

It will be beautiful and unique with various decorations.

4. House on the Slope

4. House on the Slope

You can even build Quonset hut homes on sloping land and give it a natural feel that makes you feel at home.

What you need to do is building a solid foundation according to the shape of the hut.

5. Simple Quonset Hut Homes

5. Simple Quonset Hut Homes

Simplicity is sometimes the most prominent thing in housing. Never worry about design because you can even get your dream house with the original Quonset hut shape.

Furthermore, the next task is to arrange the interior and divide the room as best as possible.

6. The Glass House

6. The Glass House

Despite metal as the primary material, that does not mean you cannot turn it into a classy construction.

Outside of the steel frame, you can still combine it with transparent materials to give your house a modern touch.

7. Farmhouse-styled Hut

7. Farmhouse-styled Hut

Again, do not think that Quonset hut homes are an emergency construction with the same design. A touch of the farmhouse concept will certainly look extraordinary.

The use of corrugated steel frame alone already bears a resemblance to this architectural style. You need to provide other decorations such as wire baskets or other appropriate knick-knacks.

In a rural area with a green and beautiful atmosphere, this concept will be a great idea to mingle with nature.

8. Rustic Home by the Beach

8. Rustic Home by the Beach

Building a house on the beach is not easy because of the sandy soil structure. Therefore, Quonset hut homes will be an option.

To create a more natural look, try to combine it with rustic shades. Use wood and straw to make you feel at one with nature.

9. Play with Color

9. Play with Color
2200 Austin Avenue. Nashville, TN 37210, via https://www.compass.com/

Color is one of the necessary aspects to create an atmosphere in a dwelling. You can also apply it when building Quonset hut homes.

Outside of the original structure, enhance its appearance with catchy decorations and colors. This concept has even appeared in several housing estates and cottages around the world.

10. The Stone Walls

10. The Stone Walls

Instead of metal, many people prefer to live in buildings with a natural feel with wood, stone, or other elements.

But is it possible to apply it to Quonset hut homes? Of course, you can!

Even though it is mild steel frame-based, you can still coat the outside with beautiful materials according to your tastes and needs.

F. The Final Words

Understanding Quonset hut homes, their characteristics, and how to build them

Now you understand what Quonset hut homes are, their characteristics, and how to build them. Are you ready to work with yours?

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