How to Create a Living Room Design with Indian Style

Living Room Design with Indian Style

Description: Making living room design Indian style means incorporating bright colors, traditional patterns, fabric, and trinkets.

The Indian-style interior is colorful and charming, with a royal elegance that makes the simplest house shine.

Creating the best living room design Indian style requires you to know the main elements in this design style.

You don’t need to turn your studio apartment or tiny house into an Indian palace, but you can involve the common design characteristics.

So, what design elements can you incorporate to create an Indian vibe? Here are some easy suggestions.

1. Paisley, Mandala, and Nature Patterns

Patterns play an important role in Indian designs. The most common “Indian-looking” patterns are the paisleys, which incorporate intricate teardrop-shaped forms.

They are filled with small details creating a rich motif. The patterns can be colorful or only consist of two contrasting shades.

Other typical patterns in Indian designs include images, such as mandalas, lotus flowers, and jasmines. Indian motifs also incorporate nature-related images, such as leaves, birds, and vines.

Having these patterns at home will immediately improve any room. They may appear as pillowcases, curtains, and sofa rugs.

Paisley, Mandala, and Nature Patterns
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2. Bright Colors

Want to see more Indian aesthetic at home? Forget the minimalist, monochromatic shades. Indian designs incorporate a lot of bright colors which often clash.

Red, pink, green, blue, and yellow are common in Indian designs. If you are afraid of a garish look, incorporate bright colors within a specific theme.

For example, try “earth colors” that include red, brown, yellow, and orange. “Ocean colors” involve dark blue, light blue, turquoise, sand color, and yellow.

You can incorporate flashy colors, such as shocking pink or bright green, as little accents.

Living Room Design with Indian Style

3. Ornate Wooden Furniture

A wooden furniture is a typical object in traditional Indian households.

However, don’t imagine a “modern minimalist” piece at a certain Scandinavian furniture store! Indian-style furniture is ornate or boasting interesting details.

You will see a lot of carvings, curves, or inlay works. Indian furniture may also incorporate other materials in the constructions.

Wrought metal, wicker, and gold or silver-colored inlays give wooden furniture distinctive looks.

4. Indian-style Artworks

Indian-style artworks breathe life into even the humblest living room. Artworks also add a more authentic feel to your Indian interior design.

Mini madhubani paintings, for example, incorporate a lot of colors, geometrical patterns, and eye-catching details.

Traditionally, these paintings are placed at home for blessing and protection. Homeowners with more “classical” taste can buy thanjavur (tanjore) paintings.

Originating in South India, tanjore paintings incorporate golden coating, semi-precious gems, and beads.

The typical objects are gods, goddesses, and saints in respectful poses. Even installing one of such artworks can immediately change the mood of a room.

You can also purchase statues of all sizes. The common shapes include the Ganesha, turtles, elephants, dancing figures, and the Buddha figure.

5. Small Trinkets

Forget extreme minimalism for a while if you want to have an Indian living room. A traditional Indian house is not afraid of knick-knacks and trinkets.

They could be something traditional, such as small clay pots or bowls, crockery, silver teacups, ornate cups, and masks.

Decorative boxes are great trinkets serving as mini storage spaces. They can be made of fragrant wood, such as sandalwood, with beautiful carvings on the exterior.

You can use a brass or silver tray to arrange small trinkets in a neat way.

6. Indoor Swing Set

Have you noticed that many Indian houses have swing sets in their interiors? The swing sets are often shaped like ornate chairs, made of a heavy set of wood.

These swing sets are not child’s toys. They can serve as additional seats at home or the center of celebrations, such as a wedding.

Indian swing sets can hang from a standalone structure. However, some models connect the seat directly to the ceiling using strong chains.

Some indoor swing sets have unique and comfortable cushioned seats.

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7. A Lot of Fabric

Indian interior design uses a lot of handwoven fabric to grace the room. You should use unique fabric to decorate certain parts of the house.

For example, a silk cloth makes a great centerpiece base or sofa cover. Cotton fabric is great for a chair cushion.

Having a patterned rug in the living room also changes the mood of the room completely.


Arranging living room design Indian style encourages you to play with colors, patterns, and unique furniture. Explore your inner fancy taste by incorporating Indian decorative elements.

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