5 Good Ideas to Build a Wonderful Cape Cod House

Living in a cape cod house has been something that many people dream of. Cape cod house is a huge house in a rectangular shape with the elevated roof and the chimney in the center. This house’ style is actually brought and made by the England colony who came into New England in the past.

That is why the cape cod house considered as the luxurious and classic house. Usually, the cape cod house is a heritage and that makes its price usually higher. Especially if it’s located near the center of the city.

To have a cape cod house means you must have a wide area to build it. And if you do, the next thing to prepare is a descent cape cod house design.  If you’re run out of the idea in making a great cape cod house, don’t worry! Because these are some lavish cape cod house ideas that you can apply to your house:

1. A Beach Cape Cod House

A Beach Cape Cod House


The cape cod house in the edge of the sea is so lavish and calming. This is different from the other kinds of cape cod house. Usually, the cape cod house that is located near the sea has a not-so-rectangular shape. Some parts are also covered by the pebble stones. Besides that, if you want to have such idea, there’s some good advice for you:

  • The basic shape of the main house is rectangular. However, you may add the round terrace that faces the sea.
  • Cover some parts, including the chimney with the natural stone.
  • You can also build a gazebo so that you can enjoy the sea breeze.
  • Add the fence made from the natural stones to enhance the natural looks.

This house design can be applied even if your current house not located near the beach. Perhaps if you still have some space left, you can build a swimming pool instead. This is a great cape cod house that suits to be a place for spending the holiday.

2. Cape Cod House in a Van

Cape Cod House in a Van


Usually, the cape cod house is made in a big land. But, if you cannot afford it, you can still have your own cape cod house…on a van. Yes, you are right. Instead of having a boring rectangular van, why don’t turn it into a cape cod house? Just take these following advice:

  • Cover your van with clapboard walls. It is the important thing that makes it look like the typical cape cod house.
  • Install some rectangular windows and doors. Paint the edges with white colors to enhance the clean and neat looks.
  • Don’t forget to use a white fence to enhance the cape cod house look-a-like.
  • Build the elevated roof on the front side.

Use the slight clapboards and other material in this van cape cod house. So, it won’t be ruin once the van is moved. Now, you are ready to have great adventures with your eccentric cape cod house. I’ll bet your friends going to like your one of a kind cape cod house.

3. A House in The Village

 A House in The Village


This is how a farmhouse usually looks like. The cape cod house looks so peaceful. So, either you live in a village or you want your house to become a sanctuary, you can try this idea. This house will bring you a calm sensation.

  • Build a regular cape cod house with the rectangular shape.
  • Paint all the parts (except the roof and the chimney) with the white color.
  • Use clapboards since it is the element you commonly find on the suburban cape cod house.
  • Don’t forget to use the wooden fence and paint it with a white color.
  • Enhance the natural looks by giving the plants near the fence.

In fact, it is not too difficult to build this cape cod house idea. However, you need to treat the house regularly. Make sure you always water the plants and repaint the wall. Otherwise, the house will look dull and old.

4. A Luxurious Cape Cod House

A Luxurious Cape Cod House


If you want to see the real definition of a cape cod house, this design might be the answer. This is a very lavish two-story cape cod house. Because it’s build in a wide area, you can build a private swimming pool along with a spacious garden. It may take a long time to build this kind of cape cod house idea. But once you see the result, it is actually worth your time and money.

  • Build a main house with the neutral color.
  • Use clapboards to cover the main wall and the natural stones to cover the chimney.
  • Build the swimming pool in the backyard and a small garden.
  • Don’t forget to add the village white fence to enhance the classic look.

5. Sail Over the Sea With Your Cape Cod House

Sail Over the Sea With Your Cape Cod House


Usually, a cape cod house was built in the rectangular shape with less modification. But, forget the basic rule of the cape cod house because, your creativity has no limit, right? You can modify your cape cod house with every way you want. As long as it still shows the characteristics of the cape cod house.

You can build anything on the cape cod house. In the previous post, we have given you the idea of having a cape cod house on a van. This one is also as magnificent as that because it is like a big ship. And here is how to make it:

  • Build the back side in regular cape cod house.
  • But, build the front side with the ship concept. Make the rooftop like the ship deck.
  • You can build a pavilion that looks like the lighthouse.

Some people might think that a cape cod house concept is too conventional. However, you can modify your cape cod house style. If you feel that it is difficult to build the unique cape cod house due to its complicated texture and shape, you can also consult to the notable architect or interior design to get your dream cape cod house.

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