10 Awesome Bonus Room Ideas in the Attic

Every person wants a house that has many spaces. Especially, when you have a lot of family members. But if you lack of space to make another room, you can try one of these following bonus room ideas. A bonus room usually made in the attic. Many people tend to make the attic as a warehouse but you can turn it into the comfortable room.

You can make your attic become more lavish. So, what are you waiting for? Try these bonus room ideas to save the space in your house and to make your attic looks more fascinating!

1. The Warm Bonus Room Idea

The Warm Bonus Room Idea


Nothing can beat the warm bonus room idea concept. This concept will make you feel like you are not inside the attic. Instead, you will feel like you are inside a room in the mountain lodge. To turn your attic into this luxurious concept, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Covers all of the wall and ceiling with the laminated brown wood.
  • Use yellow lamps as lighting.
  • You can add a dark wood table and chair as your working place.
  • Add some pictures to the wall to make the room looks less boring.

2. Make Another Living Room

Make Another Living Room


In case you’re living in a house with more than one family, you can try this concept. You don’t have to be worried if your attic is too small. If you can arrange it well, then you will get not only a bonus room but the bonus house as well!

  • Use the left corner as the home theater.
  • Use the right corner as the kitchen.
  • Don’t put too much things inside the attic to make the space looks wider.

3. Four Rooms in One Space

Four Rooms in One Space


This room idea adapts the concept of a capsule hotel. In a room, you can make some tiny rooms that only consist of a bed and a window. Not only it can be used for many family members, you can put rent for the room online.

  • Build some capsule rooms in one side.
  • Connect the bottom and top room using stairs.
  • Use woods to cover all over the wall.
  • Paint woods with a light color.

4. Minimalist Bonus Room

Minimalist Bonus Room


What is the best thing in white color? The white color is the most affordable color. The white color also makes the room looks minimalist and spacious. So, having a white bonus room will be a good thing for you.

  • Paint all over the wall and the ceiling with the white color.
  • Add the dark wood accent in the ceiling.
  • Add the furniture in neutral colors.

5. A Very Nice Hotel Room

A Very Nice Hotel Room


Like we said before, the room rental business has been good these days. So, you can use your bonus room into a room rental. Don’t worry if you don’t have a spacious house. You can also turn your attic into a great hotel room. How can you do that? Here are the steps:

  • Paint the ceiling with the broken white color.
  • Use wallpaper to cover the wall.
  • Put 2 beds inside the attic.
  • Build a custom cabinet where you can put books, other stuff, and also the TV.

6. New Living Room

New Living Room


If you cannot build the living room on the first floor due to the lack of space, don’t worry. You can build the living room including a bar inside your attic. That’s fantastic.

  • In the center, build a home theater.
  • Also add a dining room.
  • Near the wall, you can install the table and the chairs for the bar.

You can also paint the wall with a neutral or soft color. That will make the room looks more spacious. Because of the limited space, you should consider to minimize the room’s decoration.

7. Playful Bonus Room

Playful Bonus Room


Do you have kids? Or maybe you just want to have a very playful bonus room to enhance your mood after office hours? A room to boost your mood in making some arts? If you said yes, then you will fall in love with this idea.

  • Paint the room with two colors.
  • Install the white cabinets in two sides.
  • Add some colorful stuff there.
  • Make a playful home theater with a blue-sea sofa.
  • Add also a working table in white color that can be used as the place to make the arts.

8. A Room to Play

A Room to Play


Everyone needs a stress reliever in their house. If a home theater or a library is not enough, then you can make a billiard room in the attic. Look how wonderful the room is. You can even talk while eating with your friends there.

  • Build a cabinet made of dark wood where you can put some stuff like books and TV.
  • Cover the floor with the neutral color carpet.
  • Paint the wall with the warm and soft colors.
  • Put the billiard table in the center.

9. Cozy Place to Stay

Cozy Place to Stay


If you want a cozy place to get together with your family, this place might suit you well. As you can see, this place is an attic turns into a great living room. You don’t need to do a big renovation because you just need a little touch.

  • Put a fan in the ceiling.
  • Put a sofa in the center of the room.
  • Set up a simple bar corner.
  • You can also add a soccer table.

10. A Healthy Bonus for Life

A Healthy Bonus for Life


In case you need no more room, you can still make a bonus room as a place to boost your health. Yes, a bonus room can also be functioned as a home gym. With big windows, the light can enter the room and make it more effective when you do the exercise.

  • Use a wooden floor because of its durability.
  • Add some lighting.
  • You can add the carpet to do the yoga, zumba dance, etc. Don’t forget to add a sofa to take a rest.

Those bonus room ideas definitely will make your tiny house becomes more exclusive and useful. So, don’t let your attic becomes dull. Turn it into a bonus room that can upgrade the value of your house.

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