10 Inspirational Walk in Showers for Small Bathrooms

For homeowners who have small bathrooms, here are some design ideas to walk-in showers for small bathrooms. All of these ideas we are about to reveal are both stunning and inspirational. You may take it as your inspiration to design a comfortable small bathroom in your house.

Before that, you need to consider some essential things regarding bathroom design. Here they are:

  • The advantages of having a walk-in shower.
  • The drawbacks of having a walk-in shower.
  • The freedom you’ll have with it.
  • The budget cost.
  • The installation process.
  • The regular caring of a walk-in shower.

All the things in the list above are important to be considered. You may wanna know more detail about that information by asking the professional. But, you may find some useful and inspiring ideas throughout this whole page.

1. Country Style Small Bathroom

Country Style Small Bathroom


One of the obvious challenges in the home design is to squeeze a space into a tiny room. Just like this small bathroom in a tiny house. But, it’s not impossible to do that. With a little bit of technique and creativity, you can design an outstanding walk-in shower inside a small bathroom.

The designer packs many practical functions in a stylish way for this bathroom. The dominating wooden element is enough to show off the country style of this tiny bathroom. The shower space has enough needed area too.

2. Copper Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower

Copper Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower


The combination of a copper theme and subway tile has filled all over the small bathroom. The shower stall in this little space offers an adequate feature that you need. The contemporary farmhouse style in this bathroom is ready to impress the users.

One element that really makes this bathroom comfortable is the choice of color. The domination of white in this tiny bathroom seems to be the right choice for it. It’s a solution for the narrow spaces in your house.

3. Small Bathroom with Large Format Tiles

Small Bathroom with Large Format Tiles


Tiny mosaic tiles are common in the world of bathroom design. Now, you can choose to apply the large format tile inside your bathroom or just the walk-in shower. This is the right decision to refresh the atmosphere of the bathroom. The aqua blue and white combination outside the shower stall plays an important role to brighten up the shower space.

4. Stylish Grid Walk-In Shower

Stylish Grid Walk-In Shower


The walk-in shower of this small bathroom is located in the corner. That’s a clever space to fill when dealing with such a tiny bathroom. The shower space uses two different types of tile, the small format for the flooring, and the large format for the rest of the space.

The shower stall is partially open. It’s placed side by side with the closet area. The partial format is applied to protect the space from splashing the closet area. This tiny bathroom is built by a tiny house designer named Mark and Lucretia Worster who knows what to do to any limited space.

5. Spa-Style Small Bathroom

Spa-Style Small Bathroom


Even though you only have a small space for a bathroom in your house, you still can have a luxurious style applied to it. Of course, it would require an extra budget.

The choice of color inside this spa-style bathroom is quite brilliant. The black tile on the wall really decides that peaceful atmosphere inside this small bathroom. It’s got a standard-size tub with brass accessories to accentuate. The fact that the walk-in shower is hiding behind the black is very clever.

6. Walk-In Shower with Tinted Glass

Walk-In Shower with Tinted Glass


One of the most used materials for walk-in showers is glass. Glasses are used as both walls and doors of a walk-in shower. The light would easily get inside the space without even bother to install another lamp just for the shower space.

You can choose a tinted glass for your small bathroom. It brings the attention to the detail of design on the walk-in shower. It also adds extra colors into the mix of this small bathroom.

7. Walk-In Shower without Glass

Walk-In Shower without Glass


Besides glass, there are a bunch of other materials people can go into designing their walk-in shower. Some people don’t want to have glass material for their walk in shower because of less privacy.

Try having a half-wall concept for your shower area. It can be a great alternative to shower guard. There will be more privacy that you have inside the walk in shower. The half wall separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Put up some plants as natural decoration to get some interest.

8. A Walk-In Shower with A Bench

A Walk-In Shower with A Bench


Installing a bench inside a walk-in shower is a smart move. As you can see, this small bathroom has a built-in bench inside the shower stall. It can be very functional for the shower activity. You can use it as a seating while cleaning your body. You can also use it as a space to store your bathroom goods. Or, it could just be a useless element like you see in the photo.

9. A Walk-In Shower with No Separator

A Walk-In Shower with No Separator


There’s nothing to separate the area between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The separator is very useful to avoid water splashing from shower activity. I guess it’s still safe to use on the daily basis. You have to clean the water spills nearby flooring after every shower.

Speaking of the small bathroom design, it still looks fantastic. That banana leaves wallpaper adds natural touch onto the room. I believe the room would be more fantastic when it has a glass separator installed for the walk-in shower.

10. Shower Stall with Interesting Tile Design

Shower Stall with Interesting Tile Design


The only interesting feature of this shower stall is the background tile pattern. The fish scale tile is quite trending lately. It suddenly becomes the focal point of your small bathroom. It elevates your bathroom design easily. The tile design has a simple pattern but huge impact.


You have to be smart when dealing with small spaces. A small bathroom and walk-in shower is a tricky combination. The designer should really consider the size of every space. The decision needs to be exact. Hopefully, those 10 ideas of walk in showers for small bathrooms help you to design the bathroom perfectly.

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