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If you are a homeowner and have a key door lock system at home, good for you! You get to enjoy keyless access to your home, a level of security that is hard to beat, and peace of mind.

But what if you live in an apartment building? What if your home is surrounded by a large community and a key door lock system is not ideal or feasible? Enter, smart locks.

These locks allow you to enjoy keyless access and security like at home, but with the added convenience of connectivity and app-enabled features that make life easier for everyone involved.

Read on to find the best smart locks for apartment buildings today, including our top picks.

What is a Smart Lock?

– A smart lock is a connected device that replaces or augments a traditional lock, adding an additional layer of security to a home or property. With a smart lock, you can access your home or property from anywhere with a smartphone app. Most smart locks are linked to a companion app, allowing for remote access, geo-location features, and creating digital passkeys.

– Smart locks don’t necessarily tip off burglars as they look similar to traditional locks. They are commonly used in hotel rooms, office buildings, and rental properties.

– To get the best smart lock for your home or property, consider the features and functionality it offers. Also, consider factors such as battery life and door size when selecting a smart lock. Finally, make sure that the smart lock can fit your door frame properly before purchasing it.

Benefits of Having a Smart Lock

  • Smart locks provide users with a number of benefits, including remote access and geo-location features, allowing users to unlock their door remotely or when they pull into the driveway.
  • Digital passkeys can be created using a smart lock’s app, a physical key, or a traditional security system key. This allows users to access their home without having to carry multiple keys or use a physical keypad.
  • Replacing traditional locks with smart locks has numerous benefits, such as improved security and battery life. With smart locks, you can unlock your door with a smartphone app, a physical key, or a traditional key.
  • In addition to being eco-friendly and convenient, smart locks are durable and easy to install. They come with various connectivity options, allowing for improved battery life and multiple locks to share one hub

Overall, smart locks provide a streamlined way of securing your home that’s convenient and secure. You can access your home from anywhere using your smartphone’s app or physical key. Plus, you don’t have to carry multiple keys anymore.

As a result of their features and benefits, smart locks are becoming increasingly popular among home owners and renters around the world.

Types of Smart Locks for Apartment Buildings

  • Smart locks are a great option for apartment buildings as they provide access control and improved tenant experience.
  • Common types of smart locks include those that use Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and RFID.
  • The key fob lock is a popular choice because it requires no hub or app to operate and has auto-lock/unlock features.
  • Another type of smart lock is the August lock. This lock only requires changing the part of the deadbolt inside the apartment and has an auto-lock/un lock feature.
  • Another smart lock option is a key fob lock. This lock requires a key fob to operate and has auto-lock features.

Finally, smart home devices such as smart door locks can be used to control smart locks. This allows tenants to access their apartments with a simple click of a button.

A key fob lock is a good budget smart lock option for apartment buildings as it offers auto-lock features at a low cost.

Features to Look for in a Smart Lock

Look for smart locks that offer keyless entry and are controlled through your smartphone or fingerprint. This is the most secure way to access your home, as it requires a physical key to access the lock.

These locks can provide additional security and convenience with features like auto-lock and unlock via Wi-Labour or Bluetooth.

Some models may require you to only change the part of your lock that is inside your home, while others require replacing the entire lock.

With smart locks, you can create temporary virtual keys through a mobile app, which gives you extra security when using a keyless entry system.

Some locks offer advanced biometric security features like retinal or iris recognition, which provide an extra level of security without requiring a physical key.

Overall, smart locks are a great addition to any home security system, providing increased convenience and security without sacrificing functionality.

How to Install a Smart Lock

– Installing a smart lock is a simple and easy process for anyone with basic lock-engineering skills. A smart lock operates in a similar way to traditional locks, except the keypad or app is the key piece of technology used to access the lock.

– To install a smart lock, you’ll need your existing deadbolt key lock set and a smart lock keypad. If you’re replacing a deadbolt lock set, you’ll need a screwdriver, a wrench, and an Allen key.

– If you have a smart lock keypad, you can access your home using the app on your smartphone or computer. Many smart lock keypads come with an easy-to-follow app tutorial, so it should be easy to get started with the installation process.

– For hotel rooms, office buildings, and rental properties, locksmiths are the best option for installing smart locks. They have experience with different types of locks and can help ensure that your smart lock installation is done correctly and efficiently.

Grade of Smart Locks for Apartment Buildings

There are a number of smart locks that have been designed for apartment buildings. These locks enable residents to lock and unlock their door without a key, making them convenient and secure. When selecting a smart lock, it’s important to consider the security rating and customer reviews.

Generally, locks with Grade 1 or Grade 2 ratings offer the highest level of security and strength. Grade 1 locks offer a maximum security level of 800,000 cycles, while Grade 2 locks offer a maximum security level of 400,000 cycles. The locks with these security ratings can withstand different types of physical attacks and are best for residential use.

When selecting a lock, make sure to look for one that does not have an auto lock feature to avoid getting accidentally locked out. Not only will this safeguard your keys and personal information, but it will also help prevent lock-outs from harming your door frame or door keypad as well.

Top 10 Smart Locks for Apartment Buildings

1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock
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The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi is a smart lock with a variety of unlocking capabilities, including key, keypad, voice command, and fingerprint scanner.

The lock is compatible with other major smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google voice assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings.

The lock is also available in a Z-Wave version, which allows it to connect with devices that support the standard.

As a smart lock with multiple options for unlocking, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro enables users to customize their security setup to best suit their needs.

The lock features an optional Z-Wave connectivity option for added convenience. This lock is a reliable choice for residents who want a device that can seamlessly integrate into their existing smart home setup.

2. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
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The August Smart Lock is a deadbolt lock that can be installed in any home or apartment without requiring a significant physical change. Instead, it only requires a quick swap of the deadbolt inside.

This lock is small and discreet, fitting easily in with the existing door hardware and decoration. It also includes a sensor to detect if the door is closed and automatically lock and unlock via Wi-Thing or Bluetooth when activated.

This smart lock does not require a Wi-Fi module for connectivity, making it easier to setup and a more discrete option for home security.

Additionally, it can be controlled from the August Home app, enabling users to lock/unlock their door from anywhere in the world.

Overall, the August Smart Lock is a convenient and affordable way to improve home security and convenience without requiring a major physical transformation.

3. Bosma Aegis Smart Lock

Bosma Aegis Smart Lock
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The Bosma Aegis smart lock is a smart lock that gives building managers access to their building from any location. This lock allows residents to provide temporary access to family and friends without having to carry a key.

The lock features a customizable access code system that allows residents to give access to a limited number of people. It also supports voice controlled services, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows users to easily manage their security system using voice commands.

With the Bosma Aegis smart lock, building managers can easily keep tabs on who is entering and leaving the building without having to spend hours each day manually logging into the security system.

The Bosma Aegis smart lock is a convenient way for apartment building managers to facilitate security at their properties.

It provides residents with a reliable way of granting access for a short period of time without needing physical keys or worrying about losing them.

Additionally, the lock can be integrated with voice-enabled security services, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, which allow residents to easily access their security system from anywhere in the world.

Overall, the Bosma Aegis smart lock is a smart device that effectively improves the security of an apartment building from afar.

4. Eufy Video Smart Lock

Eufy Video Smart Lock
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The Eufy Video Smart Lock is a lock that is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a mechanical key.

It features a deadbolt lock that can be installed on door or windows. The lock requires four AA batteries to operate and has an estimated battery life of one year.

The lock can be controlled remotely using a companion app, and features voice controls and geofencing technology to allow home owners to access their lock from anywhere with internet connectivity.

As a smart lock, it is compatible with different security protocols such as Apple iCloud, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and others.

However, the lock is not compatible with Z-Wave technology and is larger than other smart locks currently available.

5. Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock

Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock
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Smart locks offer a convenient way to access your apartment without the need for a traditional key.

They are a smart investment that can save you time and hassle while providing a safe and secure living environment.

The key features of a smart lock include allowing access with a smartphone app, being able to lock automatically after a set period of inactivity, and the ability to unlock from anywhere using a fingerprint or a key fob.

The Halo Smart Door Lock is a door lock that features Bluetooth connectivity, voice control functionality, and additional security features, making it an ideal choice for app-based smart home systems.

It automatically locks after a set period of inactivity to provide security and privacy for your home.

Additionally, it allows access from anywhere using a smartphone app or key fob.

This lock is an excellent addition to any smart home system and would be a great investment for apartment buildings looking for improved security and convenience.

6. Yale Assure Lock 2

Yale Assure Lock 2
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Smart locks are a key amenity that can improve the security and access of apartments.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 is a smart lock that offers integrated touchscreen functionality, allowing users to easily lock and unlock a door from a smartphone or other device.

Additionally, smart locks can automatically lock when a door is closed, making them a convenient way to secure shared access points in a building.

However, smart locks alone cannot fully secure an apartment building.

To maximize the security and convenience they provide, smart locks should be integrated with other proptech amenities such as access controls, door sensors, security cameras, and keyless entry systems.

By combining different technologies into one system, residents can use one app to access multiple features, saving time and simplifying security procedures.

7. Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi

Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi
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Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-fi is a keypad lock with a built-in fingerprint reader.

The lock is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, which provide a battery life of one year, depending on usage.

It requires a Wi-Fi hub for remote access and can be setup with various smart home platforms, including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The lock has an internal and external housing that makes it larger than other smart locks available on the market today.

This allows it to accommodate a variety of lock types and door openings. Other smart locks feature clever and thoughtful features, but our testing found that none of them matched or bettered our picks.

Whether you’re looking for a keypad lock for your home or office or a security device for your business, Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-fi has what you need to stay secure and connected.

8. Lockly Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt

Lockly Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt
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Security smart locks are becoming a popular amenity for apartment buildings, replacing traditional locks and keys.

These locks generally offer keypad interfaces that randomize the digits each time an access code is used, ensuring that only authorized individuals possess access to a building’s keypad.

Additionally, fingerprint security is offered in some lock types, allowing tenants to securely access their home without carrying physical keys.

Some smart locks also offer internet connectivity, allowing them to communicate with a key fob or smartphone app and allow users to lock or unlock the door remotely.

However, these features can quickly become out of battery if not used regularly.

To avoid this problem, it is best to replace part of the deadbolt inside the apartment, allowing tenants to keep their original keys. This will allow them to easily access their home when needed.

9. RemoteLock OpenEdge RG Deadbolt

RemoteLock OpenEdge RG Deadbolt
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The RemoteLock OpenEdge RG deadbolt lock is a digital, Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt lock designed for apartment buildings.

The deadbolt provides an additional layer of security to entry doors, with a double cylinder design that provides more protection from unauthorized access.

Additionally, deadbolts are the most popular type of lock for entry doors as they are more secure and durable than spring bolts.

In apartment buildings, oven door locks can be used as an extra precaution to protect young children from accidentally opening the oven door and getting burned.

In addition to deadbolts, other types of locks such as keypad locks and key-latching door handles can also be useful for the security of apartment buildings.

However, deadbolt locks offer a vital layer of security that other types of locks may not provide.

10. Wyze Lock Bolt

Wyze Lock Bolt
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Wyze Lockbolt is a smart lock that can easily unlock and lock doors. It offers a range of security features, such as two-factor authentication, which requires users to enter a code along with their key when trying to lock or unlock the door.

The lock can also monitor who enters and leaves the home, allowing residents to be more aware of who is entering their property.

It supports a wide range of smart home devices, including Alexa and Google smart home devices.

This lock is easy to install and works with voice commands, making it convenient for controlling your door from anywhere using your smartphone or voice-enabled device.

Additionally, it is affordable and offers solid security features, making it a smart choice for home security needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Uses of Smart Locks?

Smart locks provide keyless access and can be controlled remotely with a smartphone app.

This can be especially helpful for elderly family members or roommates who may have difficulty walking or using a key.

They can also be used to enable automatic unlocking when a user pulls into the driveway, or to create digital passkeys for guests.

Additionally, smart locks can provide improved tenant experiences by providing a lock code that can only be accessed by the tenant, rather than the property owner.

This can help to reduce the number of times a property has to be unlocked and saved time for property staff by preventing them from having to constantly unlock and lock doors.

Do I Really Need a Smart Lock?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to smart locks, as each person’s needs and preferences will vary.

However, in general, smart locks offer a level of convenience that traditional locks cannot.

They can be locked or unlocked remotely, making them a valuable security feature for people who frequently travel or work from home.

Smart locks are vulnerable to remote hacks, just like traditional locks. However, smart locks come with a variety of features that may make them more secure.

For example, keypads and fobs can make them easier to use in certain situations. So, it’s important to consider the features available and determine if they’re right for you.

What Are the Dangers of Smart Locks?

There are a few key dangers of smart locks that you should be aware of.

  • First of all, smart locks may be vulnerable to tech-savvy thieves who can decode the signals used to lock and unlock them.  This means that a thief could simply listen in on your lock’s communication protocol and unlock your door without any trouble at all.
  • Second, smart locks can offer convenience but also come with additional security risks. For example, smart locks can be hacked by determined criminals if they are smart enough. Criminals may be able to access your home or office if they have access to the lock’s communication protocol and the right tools.
  • Third, smart locks can be vulnerable to physical damage and tampering. For example, if someone tries to break into your home through windows or doors, a smart lock may not stop them from accessing your belongings.
  • Fourth, smart locks that require passwords or keypads may make it easier for you to forget or misplace your keys. This is because smart locks often require a keypad or password to be entered in order to operate them. If you lose your keypad or password, you will have a difficult time accessing your lock.

Where Can You Install Smart Locks?

Before you install a smart lock on your door, you’ll need to get permission from your landlord or property manager.

They may not be happy about the idea, but if you’ve done your research and think that the lock is a good investment for your home, then it’s best to ask for their blessing first.

Once you have their permission, you can choose any door type for installation: wood, steel, or fiberglass.

You can also choose to use a smart lock in conjunction with other home security devices like a video or audio monitoring system.

Smart locks can be installed on residential or commercial premises.

So, whether you’re looking to lock your front door while you’re away or secure a office building at night, a smart lock can help you achieve your goal.

What are some common problems that I may experience with my smart lock?

Common problems that may occur with smart locks include:

  • Hacking: Smart locks may be hacked, so it is important to find one with a secure connection.
  • Power Outage: A power outage may cause your smart lock to disable its smart features.
  • Disconnections: If you’re a renter, you may not be allowed to make modifications to the lock.
  • Batteries: The batteries of your smart lock may need to be changed after several months.
  • Compatibility: Some smart locks may be incompatible with other home security systems.


A smart lock gives you a keypad to lock and unlock your door, but it’s a security system that works through a key fob or smartphone app. You can lock the door remotely and access the door with a smartphone app.

They are smart locks that have a keypad lock built-in, but they also work with a smartphone app. There are a lot of smart locks on the market today, and we’ve highlighted some of the best ones for apartment buildings in our blog.

A smart lock makes it easier for owners to monitor and secure their door remotely, so it’s an important security system to have at home. It’s always good to check with your security system provider for help in selecting a smart lock for your home.

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