Bathroom Ideas in Grey with Striking Layout

Exclusive Hexagonal Wall

Having bathroom ideas in grey? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In fact, it’s a sweet choice. Something odd in a grey color scheme is what makes you finally end up picking this color for your home – especially the bathroom.

Some people are only attracted to only some particular color that they literally would only use that specific color for any part or thing in their lives such as vehicles, clothes even when it comes to choosing a color for their bathrooms.

1. Dark Grey Hues

Dark Grey Hues

A bathroom isn’t just a place in which you take a shower. It can be a place where you can find some ideas or answer to your everyday problems. That’s why decorating your bathroom isn’t too much for you to ask or do, right?

You can have a shower or just take yourself into the bathtub – your choice. This bathroom has some bold grey hues from walls and floor tiles. The shower has a towel rack, and it is high enough so you shouldn’t be worried if the towels get wet.


  • The bathroom glass wall isn’t full so somebody can’t see you naked while taking a shower


  • Adding some plants would be a good idea since it can give you some comfortable feeling

2. Stainless Steel Touch

Stainless Steel Touch

What a stunning grey bathroom! This bathroom sure is going to make you can’t leave this room in an instant, which is bad because you may already late for work.

The bathroom tiles used for the wall and floor are quite unique by the way they’re arranged. A luxurious touch is obtained from stainless steel materials and a piece of furniture.


  • This bathroom has a minimalist yet stylish look, and it’s also very artistic in many ways.


  • You really manage to get the stunning grey Avola look here, and it’s perfect. But if you want to add some sweet, subtle touch, you can add some pink flowers here.

3. Exclusive Hexagonal Wall

Exclusive Hexagonal Wall

I present to you a warm and welcoming grey bathroom idea with hexagonal wall tiles. The mirror is a feature that you obviously need in the bathroom. There are also a couple of towels with different sizes for different uses as well.

The bathroom has a high ceiling and wide space that make the room spacious. This bathroom actually has a nice layout but you cannot see it clearly from here.


  • I totally love the distinctive hexagonal wall, and it’s not every day you see this wall in any bathrooms


  • The hanging shelve under the mirror is a little bit plain. You can paint it with a darker and glowing color

4. Spectacular Bathroom

Spectacular Bathroom

This bathroom can be the bathroom that you dream of. Rectangular flooring tiles with a bathtub and a nice vanity along with a big mirror.

The walls share the same hues with the floor, and there are also two windows. A small thing you mightn’t really notice or pay attention to is that this bathroom has a small flower, which adds beauty to some extent to this room.


  • A towel rack, a mirror, and windows you’ve got everything here.


  • If you happen to be a plus-size person, it’ll be a problem for you to get into the bathtub

5. The Best Design

The Best Design

To be able to build such a great bathroom design just like this, you need a good plan or a professional assistant in this case.

This grey bathroom really looks well-organized for each part in this room. It looks so stunning and alive at once.


  • The precision is very well portrayed in this bathroom. The toilet, sink, and furniture are attached at the right and perfect position, which really enlivens this room


  • It may cost you a fortune to get this spectacular layout in your home

6. Install a Window

Install a Window

You can’t only focus to embellish what’s inside the bathroom, but you should also think to make it have a nice view that you can enjoy while you’re in the bathroom.

To do so, you can simply install a window that’ll directly bring you a good view and some fresh air outside and good lighting


  • The sinks embedded on the vanity will allow you to wash your hand and face with your family member or partner. It also has a huge mirror too


  • The white-grey color scheme brings a soothing feeling, but  it’s a bit plain somehow

7. Artistic Accents

Artistic Accents

The beautiful wall and floor surfaces showed in this picture make this grey bathroom look striking. If you’re not very fond of square tile floor or wall, this can be an alternative way for you to achieve your bathroom look.

The windows with simple designs are positioned directly right to the bathroom. Beyond the window is the view of the city.


  • You literally can get entertained by the view of the city while washing your body in the bathtub.


  • Where’s the towel rack? You’re going to need it.

These bathroom ideas in grey will leave you to want to build another grey bathroom in your home. Which of these ideas will you give a go?

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