7 Magic Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Mix and Match

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, you need some potent ideas to make your bathroom seem to be larger because a large bathroom can make you feel happy. I’ll give you a short list of bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms that’ll be useful for you.

A bathroom needs to be clean, efficient and isn’t slippery. The rest would be how to adorn it to make it look beautiful and a bit spacious. With a bathroom that appears visually larger, you won’t feel like you’re being in a cramped space while washing your body.

1. Glass Partition

Glass Partition

There are lots of methods you can use when dealing with cramped spaces such as in the bathroom – using wide or big tiles will do. You can also use glasses just like in this picture.

Those tricks work as you can see here. Instead of using curtains, this bathroom uses a glass partition to divide the room so your towels won’t get wet.  Applying rectangular tiles can somehow deceive you to think it seems to be spacious. 


  • Using glass as a partition is a good idea. FYI, tempered glass is thick and durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. There’s also a window that’ll drive away the pungent smell.


  • If you’re a tall person the mirror position will be just fine, but you can lower it if you want to see your body in the mirror too.

2. Beautiful Natural Stone

Beautiful Natural Stone

From ceramic, pebble or terracotta tiles, you can pick any of those tiles that you think it’ll suit your bathroom. You should also consider their price too.

 Natural stone tiles have a color that really cool and appealing for your bathroom. This room has two separate places. One you can use for a shower and another one has a bathtub in which you can get into – you can relax while washing your entire body.


  • Natural stones have natural look and they can make your bathroom look attractive


  • The price is perhaps the main drawback for natural stone tiles

3. From Bottom to the Ceiling

From Bottom to the Ceiling

A mosaic-style would also leave a splendid appearance if you’re into the pattern that mosaic tiles offer to you. You can apply them from the bottom until they reach the ceiling up there.

A long white washbasin and a mirror are things you shouldn’t forget to add into the bathroom. Putting a mirror in a bathroom is essential when you’re about to shave your beard before taking a bath.


  • If you’re a person who loves doing delicate work, you can play with tiny tiles and create an extraordinary pattern with them


  • The floor tiles don’t seem to match well with the wall tiles.

4. Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Using two different types of tiles can be a good idea to give your bathroom a unique look. Terracotta tiles are installed nicely on the wall. While for the flooring the owner uses vinyl tiles.

White tiles are very common to be used in the bathroom because they’re simple and indicates a clean state.


  • The owner uses a clever idea of creating a window in this bathroom. It looks nice and it’ll obviously make your bathroom bright


  • Vinyl tile is considered cheap, but it doesn’t look as beautiful as other tiles such as ceramic and granite

5. Beautifully Decorated

Beautifully Decorated

One of the many popular tile materials you can choose is pebbles. Pebbles have rough and uneven surfaces. They also have unique colors and shape that is perfect to be applied in the bathroom.

This picture is the real proof of why pebbles become a popular tile choice that many people pick for their bathrooms. They are also long-lasting.


  • Three different kinds of tiles are nicely used here, and they make quite a good impression.


  • It’s a time-consuming work when you have to clean the floor since pebble tiles have a bumpy surface

6. All Blue

All Blue

Mosaic tiles are quite mesmerizing if you know how to use them. You can ask a pro to help you suggest which color or size that’s suitable for your bathroom including their advantages and disadvantages.

You can pair them with another color or you can just go all blue as what this bathroom shows you.


  • The bathroom really has a distinctive color scheme. It looks like a giant aquarium in the bathroom


  • If you’re fond of cool colors like blue, it won’t be a problem for you. But if your family doesn’t like it, they might find it boring

7. Gorgeous Bathroom Tiles

Gorgeous Bathroom Tiles

An elegant look can be seen in this bathroom with brown tiles. They have some abstract patterns on the surfaces, which add some artsy look. The other walls are a terracotta tile and an ordinary white wall.

A stainless steel towel rack enhances the fabulous look and gives a subtle luxurious touch. There is also a hanging toilet and a sink along with a square mirror.


  • This bathroom looks clean and appealing with fewer things. The lamp also matches well with the rest.


  • It looks slippery so you have to be careful. You may also have to dig deep into your pockets to achieve this look

Our bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms will shed you some light on your confusion when dealing with a cramped space.



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