How to Put a Garage Door Back On Track with These Simple Tips

How to Put a Garage Door Back On Track
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How to fix a garage door that rolled off track..

The garage door is the main pathway to your garage. It allows you to get out of the garage and into your vehicle safely and easily. If the garage door’s mechanism is off track, it may cause damage to the door and opener, as well as allow debris and dirt into the garage.

In this blog, we talk about how you can repair a garage door that is off track or repair a garage door opener if the opener is broken. We also talk about some tips and tricks to keep your garage door in perfect condition always.

Causes of garage door slipping

A poorly maintained garage door can cause the door to become loose and difficult to operate.

This is due to insufficient lubrication of the door opener and tracks, as well as debris or water collecting on the door opener and tracks.

Additionally, a poorly installed garage door may not properly track on the garage floor, causing it to slip. A damaged cable or sensor system can also cause the garage door to slip.

The components of a garage door play an important role in ensuring the door remains open and closed properly.

If any of these parts are missing or damaged, the door may malfunction and fail to open or close properly.

Finally, failed lubricants can cause the garage door opener and tracks to become slippery over time, leading to a failure to track properly.

In order to prevent garage doors from coming off of their tracks, it is important to properly maintain and inspect the garage door opener and tracks regularly. Also, be sure to use proper lubricants for the garage door opener and tracks to ensure they remain operational for years to come.

How to determine the reason why the garage door slips off track

How To Fix A Garage Door That Rolled Off Track
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– Check the track and belt condition.

– Clean the tracks and the belt with a degreasing agent, such as dish soap or bleach.

Inspect the track for damage, and repair or replace any worn parts as needed. If the garage door constantly slips off track, there may be an issue with the tracks or the belt that connects them to the garage door opener. In this case, you may need to inspect and repair either of these components to fix the problem.

– Check for loose or damaged parts.

– Tighten any loose screws or bolts.

Repair or replace any worn parts as needed. Once you have determined the cause of the garage door slipping off track, follow the steps above to correct it and prevent it from happening again.

How to put a garage door back on track

When garage door is not opening or closing as desired, it’s important to check the garage door opener. Remove any objects obstructing the tracks of the garage door opener.

Step 1: Disconnect the opener

Find the string carrying the door opener’s activation code on the console and pull it. To release the opener, pull on this string. This will enable you to control the garage door manually.

Step 2: Open and secure the garage door

Then, until the track is aligned with one of the rollers, lift the door entirely free from the opener. Using a pair of vice grips or locking pliers to keep the garage door in place is recommended, or you can ask someone to assist you.

Step 3: Bring wheels back to track

When the roller has jumped out of the track, use a pair of pliers to carefully open the track at that location. Close the aperture in the track by placing the rollers inside. Lastly, re-establish the track’s proper form with a rubber or wooden hammer.

Step 4: Manually check for proper alignment

The next step is to manually examine if the rollers are functioning properly and if the door is opening correctly. Manually opening and shutting the door a few times may accomplish this.

You can also check the balance of the chair while you’re at it. Repeat the procedures above until the whole track is properly aligned if the track is still misaligned.

Step 5: Check the automatic operation

It is now time to check the automatic operation after you have ensured that the door is back on track, hangs straight, and operates well manually. Some types of doors may be opened and closed automatically when activated with the remote control. Consider your garage door to be in good condition if this final test is successful.

If your garage door isn’t cooperating, contact garage door repair service to see if there are any additional problems with your garage door system.

If you have the correct abilities and equipment, repairing your off-track garage door is simple. To speed up the repair of your garage door and ensure that the garage door opener system is maintained on a regular basis, follow the aforementioned procedures. Your doors will continue to be dependable and operational for years to come by doing so.

Tips to keep your garage door always in perfect condition

– Check your door’s alignment regularly and correct any issues as soon as possible.

– Lubricate the tracks every month and tighten the screws once a year.

– Replace cables, springs, and other parts as needed.

– Keep your garage door clean to reduce friction and wear on the moving parts.

– Install weather stripping around the door if it is not already in place.

These tips can help ensure that your garage door is in perfect working order for years to come. By following the simple guidelines above, you can keep your garage door functional and looking great for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to put my garage door back on track?

If your garage door is not closing or opening smoothly, you may need to lubricate the tracks. This can be done by spraying the tracks with a lubricant like WD-40.

Sometimes the cable can become tangled. In this case, it may be necessary to untangle the cable using a pair of pliers. If your garage door opener is not working, you may need to replace the battery.

How do I adjust the sensors on my garage door?

To adjust the sensors on your garage door, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the garage door and locate the sensor unit.

2. Use the remote to move the sensors.

3. Once the sensors have been moved, close the garage door and press the button on the remote to activate the adjustment.

4. There are three settings for the sensor: open, closed, and halfway.

5. You can adjust the sensor sensitivity by pressing the “SENS” button on the remote.

How do I fix the cables on my garage door?

To fix the cables on your garage door, start by removing the two screws that hold the garage door opener in place. Next, you will need to remove the garage door opener from the track. Once the opener is removed, you can access the cables.

To do this, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers and a hammer. You will need to thread the cables through the holes in the track and screw them back in place. You can also lubricate the cables with a lubricant if they are feeling rough.

Where can I find the manual for my garage door?

If you cannot find the manual for your garage door, you should contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician. Qualified technicians can install or repair your garage door. Additionally, you can search for online tutorials to help you repair or install your garage door.


A garage door that’s not working properly can cause a lot of issues. You need to repair garage door problems as soon as you notice them. If you follow the tips mentioned above, they should help you put your garage door back on track in no time. It’s essential to note that the tips work for most garage door problems and the solutions are universal.

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