Green Lounge Ideas to Soothe Your Guests Right in the Feelings

Modern Botanical Style of Green Lounge

If you want something natural and soothing to impress your guests, you may want to take a look at these green lounge ideas. A well-designed lounge with a green color scheme could be something your guests won’t expect.

A green scheme in a lounge room offers a calming atmosphere. It would comfort your guests every time they come. The green color is a perfect blend between vibrant beauty and understated class.

With green color, you can plump for the forest green drama to express your sense of nature to the lounge. Well, here are 7 green lounge ideas that would soothe your guests just right in the feeling.

1. Paint Forest Green Color to the Wall

Paint Forest Green Color to the Wall

This flat matt forest green color will work perfectly in your bright lounge room. A big amount of light that comes inside the room will be dimmed by the green wall. This type of green shade also promotes a mellower mood to your lounge.

It will be comfortable for anyone. The guests would feel like home and relaxed. If you want to add an accent color to this green space, yellow or orange is probably a suitable choice.


– A beautiful way to dial down the glare

Gray, yellow, and white seems to be the right accents


– For a lounge, there’s too much lighting.

2. Modern Botanical Style of Green Lounge

Modern Botanical Style of Green Lounge

It’s actually a white lounge design that is filled with green elements. Some mixed shades of green applied all over the room. The sofa’s got a deeper hue of the green which is stood out with the fresh lime fabric of the blinds.

Take a look at the wall. The white clean wall is filled with green plants. Whether it’s fake or real, it’s dominating the whole background of this lounge.


– Natural elements are taking over the lounge design

– The amount of decor is not ideal


– The checkered rug seems to be unnecessary

3. Spearmint and Denim Combination

Spearmint and Denim Combination

To give the lounge room a cool refreshing vibe, Spearmint would be the perfect color, to begin with. You can manage to reduce the formality of your lounge by applying a denim blue sofa in the middle of the room.


– It’s going to be a good way to comfort the guests

– The interesting rug design matched the Scandinavian furniture design


– The informality has taken over

4. Green Corner Sofa for Lounge

Green Corner Sofa for Lounge

It’s got a green velvet corner sofa which stands out against the impressive colorful painting. It’s a nice way to impress your guests. This green sofa works really well with any style. Paired with a black coffee table, the green is still looking stunning.

The colorful background doesn’t distract the attention while the velvet green sofa becomes the focal point of the lounge.


– The green sofa is surely the main attraction of this lounge beside the painting.

– The painting may be impressive but the sofa is comfortable


– The only green element is the sofa.

5. Green IKEA Sofa for Lounge

Green IKEA Sofa for Lounge

As we know, the main element of a lounge is the seating. In this case, the sofa is the key to the design of this room. By having a green seating, this room is called a green lounge. The traditional chair and sofa play an important part in this space.

For the yellow small table, it accentuates the green scheme. On the floor, you can see the matching color-patterned rug design.


– The room looks special even though it’s got no walls to separate the room

– Yellow is a good choice of accent


– The colorful pattern of the rug doesn’t seem to be friendly with the green elements.

6. Green Formal Lounge Ideas

Green Formal Lounge Ideas

A sense of formality is something you should have in your lounge room. This green lounge idea offers you a formal atmosphere provided by the elegant book cabinet. The cabinet had filled all the background space.

A big dark book cabinet in this lounge makes a great background for this formal lounge. A bunch of palm plants is mixed in the background to dial down the background.


– The green sofa add a subtle, softening contrast to the background

– The palm plants make a nice accent to the background.


– The palm trees are not necessary

7. A Petrol Green for Contemporary Style

A Petrol Green for Contemporary Style

If you want to have a modern style of lounge, you can have a petrol green color. A subtle and stylish look of the green sofa has succeeded to make the room more alive.

The checkered has done it with its charm. The metal framed window glass offers natural green scenery as the background during the day.


– The open window glass that gives you green scenery is naturally amazing

– A deep petrol green on the sofa decreased the amount of light


– The checkered flooring is so dominating.


Those green lounge ideas would be the ones you should refer when you are about to give a nice impression to your guests. The green scheme is the right scheme to make your guests comfortable.


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