7 Simply Appealing Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Antique Lamp

Although you live in a modern era, you still prefer to have an old-fashioned style like a farmhouse style. This is what makes this style is still adored by many people worldwide. This time, we’re going to present to you our farmhouse bedroom design and decor ideas.

If you happen to be looking for some ideas to renovate your bedroom design and decor, then you couldn’t be luckier. This article will give you a bunch of useful tips to help you with that. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Decorative Bed

Decorative Bed

Adding some old-fashioned and vintage elements in a farmhouse style room is a very common idea in order to get a country vibe. Take a look at this lovely bed with a soft, ivory headboard.

A decorative wood feature with two small plants and a beautiful sentence on it simply makes the farmhouse feel so real here.


  • A pendant light with stunning design sure makes this room stand out


  • The dark flooring doesn’t look that nice. It’s kind of dirty. Consider to change or repaint it

2. Beautiful Bed Curtain on Beam

Beautiful Bed Curtain on Beam

This bed has an iron frame and a large rug under the bed. White and brown lines bedclothes blend well with the white color scheme.

This room looks so stunning with a beautiful white curtain dangling from a beam on the ceiling. An attractive white lamp makes the room even more inviting.


  • The white curtain brings an aesthetically appealing look into this room, and the pretty flowers make it perfect


  • You can close the window at noon due to overflowing sunlight that blinds you

3. Fireplace with a Fan

Fireplace with a Fan

This bed has a black canopy that almost reaches the ceiling with soft and fluffy pillows and floral bed sheets. A white rug with geometric strips makes the room cozy and welcoming.

A feature that’ll make your nights always warm is also here. The fireplace will keep you to stay warm. The wall above the fireplace has a beautiful floral print that brings some artsy value to the room.


  • The room has some good merits of having a high ceiling while the fireplace will save you from the cold when winter comes. On the other hand, the fan will cool you down when summer greets you


  • The rug seems to be too close to the fireplace. Be careful in case the wood pops up and fire strikes it

4. Antique Lamp

Antique Lamp

Grateful, thankful, and blessed are such beautiful words to keep your spirit to stay up. Those are good reminders for you to keep humble and kind to others.

A circular leaf ornamental above the bed simply adorns the room. There’s also an antique lamp on the corner that provides some warm lighting.


  • The pillows look so fluffy and comfortable that it makes you want to lay your body on the bed as soon as you come back from work.


  • The white window isn’t really doing anything in this room – it seems weird somehow

5. Beautiful Bed Design

Beautiful Bed Design

Having a white wooden bed with some pillows that can talk? It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? They don’t literally speak anything, though.

The whiteboard on the wall is even funnier, don’t you think? The room has a white-and-grey stripped rug under the bed, which looks kind of cool.


  • A good example of a remarkable design is pictured it perfectly by the bed design. It’s so satisfying having this bed in your room


  • If there were something missing here, it’d be a couch and a pendant light.

6. Add a Cupboard

Add a Cupboard

A cupboard is a piece of furniture that has some vital usage for you. If you have a big space in your room you can put one there.

A pendant light or chandelier can also be used to embellish your room much better. You can sit on a wooden bench too when you want to read books or when you’re on the phone talking with your friends.


  • With beautiful floral bedclothes, the bed looks so homey that’ll make you reluctant to get out of the bed


  • You need to tidy up things on the cupboard to make an uncluttered-free space. That can make your room pretty. Change the wall’s color and add some plants

7. Stunning Bedroom Design

Stunning Bedroom Design

It’s a rare occasion to see such a beautiful bedroom with a unique design and decor. It’ll amaze you when you look at the design this room offers you. Weathered woods above the bed indicate a vintage feel – a characteristic of farmhouse styles.

The window has some flat space on which you can put a pad and pillows. That what makes this room is pretty unique.


  • White lines, pillows, twin lamps, and a wall-to-wall rug make this room look cozy and welcoming.


  • Everything seems to be perfect except that the ceiling isn’t that high – it’s a small bedroom after all

What we hope by sharing our short list of farmhouse bedroom design and decor ideas is to encourage you to design or decide your own farmhouse style that you dream of.




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