7 Stunning DIY Wall Painting Design Ideas

If you want your room to be more artsy and stunning, the following DIY wall painting design ideas might be the finest thing for you. The wall can be the main attention in your bedroom. So if you want to give some specific themes to your bedroom, first you have to be focus on designing the bedroom’s wall.

How to make a great DIY wall painting design? Actually, it is not difficult. You can choose wallpaper, photo frames, stickers, or art paintings. In short, you can almost do anything you like. The limit is your creativity.

What can be the best for you? You decide it. The most important thing is to discover the best idea of the wall painting designs that is really represents your personality. But if this is your first time on making a DIY, then you need lots of inspiration.

You don’t have to be confused about where to look an inspiration Because, we will give you the best ideas you can get.

1. In The Middle of The Autumn Park

In The Middle of The Autumn Park


Do you love the autumn? Many people do. Autumn brings you a sentimental feeling and will make your room feel homier. So, how to put those autumn nuances in your room with a DIY wall painting design? Here they are:

  • Buy a wall sticker with an autumn design. If you cannot find it in the store, you can search for the design on the internet, then print it.
  • Put the sticker carefully. You can ask for help to make sure it sticks properly to the wall.
  • Voila! Here come the autumn leaves in your room. It feels like you’re sitting in the park every day.

2. The Dandelion Flower

The Dandelion Flower


You know that a dandelion flower is one of the best ideas to get a feminine look in your room. It is also one of the good DIY wall painting designs for you who love simplicity. And these are the simple steps to put it on your wall.

  • You can buy a wall-sticker or make it on your own.
  • The trick is when you’re putting them on your wall. So, it will give the impression of spreading petals.

What if your room is painted with a white color? Don’t worry. You can try black dandelion flower stickers.

3. Pine Forest

Pine Forest


Pine forest is one of the most favourite places to visit. Where you can camp with your beloved ones, having outbound activities, or just sit and enjoy the cool and fresh air. If you don’t have time to go there, you can make it in your room. No need to plant the pine in your house to make this dream comes true.

  • First, you need to buy the pine forest wallpaper.
  • If it is difficult to find the store who sells it, you can just search on the pine forest silhouette picture in high definition.
  • Print it in the size of your wall.
  • Install it on your wall.

4. The Eyes Watching You

The Eyes Watching You


Do you love a modern style? Actually, you can just put a simple sticker to give the modern nuance in your room. For example, a pair of eyes in black that staring at you every single minute. Horrible? No, it is quite awesome.

  • Prepare a can of black paint as you need.
  • Paint a pair of sharp eyes in your room or simply create an eyes print using paper and paint upon it.
  • Another option that quite cost you is asking a professional painter to portray the object in your wall.
  • Let the paint dry for several hours.

5. Four Seasons

Four Seasons


Autumn, winter, summer, and spring. The change of the season is so mesmerizing. Why don’t you put that wonderful change into your room? You can see that every season has its own uniqueness and story. And the good part of this wall painting design idea is, it is so artsy since the seasons are painted on the canvas.

  • Prepare four canvases.
  • You can browse the picture of a big tree and its branches as the inspiration.
  • Divided the part of the tree in four canvases.
  • Use a background color that represents each season. For example, red for summer, orange for autumn, green for spring, and blue for the winter.
  • Let it dry. Install the canvases vertically in your wall

6. The Bricks’ Stamp

The Bricks’ Stamp


You can turn your ordinary room into a vintage mountain lodge by using bricks. But, installing bricks can cost you a lot. Instead of having a huge renovation, why don’t you use the stamp? Yes, it is so affordable that you can buy the materials with a small amount of money.

  • Buy a rectangular sponge (make sure it has similar size with the regular brick).
  • Immerse the sponge in the maroon paint.
  • Stamp the sponge onto your wall. Make sure you do it symmetrically. Repeat until the surface is full of the ‘bricks’ design.
  • Wait until dry.

7. Sleeping Under The Sea

Sleeping Under The Sea


Many people have imagined how it feels to live under the sea. Since we cannot breathe in the water, let us bring the sea to our waterless room. No, you don’t need the big renovation. You just need an imagination and a little bit work.

  • Buy stickers of all elements you can imagine exists inside the sea. Fish, seaweed, plants, bubble, jellyfish, anchor, and maybe a hidden treasure.
  • Stick them all to your wall.
  • Don’t put too much seaweed and other plants’ sticker. You want to enhance the looks of the fish and other animals.
  • Paint some parts with a blue color. Remember, don’t put too much color unless you want this room to become a toddler’s room.

Those are the best yet easy DIY wall painting design ideas to apply into your room. Who says that a good room needs a complicated process to make?

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