10 Impressive Rustic DIY Sink Vanity Farmhouse Style

If you are thinking on remodeling your bathroom vanity, perhaps you don’t want to miss this article. The following list is consists of some impressive rustic DIY sink vanity farmhouse style. These vanity ideas can cut your renovation budget. Even some of the ideas really needed no effort to be made. Okay, without further ado, let’s check it out!

1. Rough Wood Table

Rough Wood Table


What else that can provide such a rustic look than a weathered wood? This is a good example on how an old and worn out wooden table can turn into a fabulous sink vanity. It is so simple yet it still looks charming.

If you don’t have an aged wooden table, it is okay. You can make it with these options:

  • Using vinegar and steel wool. The stain for the wood will be made of a dissolved steel wool that has been soaked in the vinegar.
  • Stain paint. This might be the fastest option for you. Stain paint can be found in home appliances store. The result is an aged wood look-a-like.

2. Simple Style Vanity

Simple Style Vanity


As you can see this idea only needs three boards of light barn wood. To get the light wood look, you can varnish the surface completely. Before deciding to use this idea, you might want to consider a few things below:

  • The whole bathroom design. You must think about the conformity between this vanity sink with the whole bathroom design. Does it fit perfectly or not? As shown in the picture, the vanity suited the wooden wall next to the sink.
  • The wood surface. A rough wood as shown in the picture could have some edge that can pierce your finger. Especially, if there are children that using the sink too. So, better make sure that the surface has well sanded.

3. Get Vintage with Sewing Machine

Get Vintage with Sewing Machine


Ever consider on using a sewing machine as your new sink vanity? Well, guess what? It does look rustic and classy at the same time.

As shown above, the sewing machine needs no additional touch. In fact, the older it looks will make it more captivating. Moreover, your guests might even try to copy your idea. That how good it is.

The advantages of choosing this idea are:

  • No need to put additional ornaments. Besides the sink and your toiletries, you don’t have to add anything.
  • The vanity doesn’t need large space. On the contrary, you can put it on the corner of your bathroom.

4. Marble Top with a Weathered Wood

Marble Top with a Weathered Wood


Rustic meets a glimpse of a modern touch. This is exactly what this vanity all about. Using a square bowl sink and a marble top both surprisingly fitted and blend well with the weathered wooden drawer.

The washed white paint on top of the drawer gives an extra touch of vintage. You can put a flower vase to adorn the whole style. What’s best from this DIY sink vanity farmhouse are:

  • You can put your toiletries on top of the vanity, inside the drawer, on the rack below using a wooden basket or even hang a small towel alongside the vanity.
  • Simple and small. You don’t need a large space for this vanity idea. In fact, it can be put even in a narrow space.

5. Worn Out Wood in Teal

Worn Out Wood in Teal


A teal color can give an energetic vibe to the room. So, why don’t use a washed teal paint on your old cupboard to create a fresh yet vintage vanity style?

As seen in the picture, the idea involves vivid color which comes from:

  • Red rose arrangements in a round vase next to the sink,
  • a textured bowl sink,
  • and the charming teal weathered wood.

6. Dark Raw Wood

Dark Raw Wood


While most of the ideas mentioned above were using a bowl sink, this one is slightly different. This idea merged the sink into the vanity, so it looks compact and goes well with bathroom surroundings that using natural wood style. The dark brown color dominates the whole vanity system. The great things about this DIY sink vanity farmhouse idea are:

  • The vintage style on this idea will withstand time. You will see how it still looks good from time to time.
  • Stain-free. Because using a dark raw wood will avoid any stain that usually occurs on the bathroom sink.

7. Grey Weathered Wood

Grey Weathered Wood


You only got a tiny spot on the corner of your toilet? That is okay! Just give this DIY sink vanity farmhouse a try. Although it looks small actually it can store quite a lot of your toiletries. The single open shelf can be used to keep your sanity supplies, while the lower rack can be used to keep your towels inside the braided basket.

You can choose a simple vase and put some flower arrangement on top of the vanity system. Just like the earlier idea, the sink is also merged into the vanity.

8. Bowl Sink on a Drawer

Bowl Sink on a Drawer


Now, this is another simple yet stunning vanity system for your sweet home. Especially, when it can be done with no hassle at all! Using only the small distressed wooden table with a single drawer, you can get a touch of farmhouse style in your modern bathroom.

Before you decided to use this idea, you better:

  • Make sure that you have other storages for your toiletries since this sink vanity is so petite.
  • Put more attention on the electric installation. As you can see in the picture, the socket is being put way too close to the sink. It might get splashed with water and cause a short circuit.

9. Double Drawer

Double Drawer


If you own a larger space for sink vanity, then this is the best idea you can get. This DIY sink vanity farmhouse used double vanity systems. Both are equipped with a rustic look sink and light wood drawers.

Of course, this vanity system will suit your needs of spacious storage room. As shown in the picture, it has a wide double drawer and cloth basket that can be used for keeping your towels organized.

10. Slide Barn-Like Door

 Slide Barn-Like Door


Craving for something unique but still in the range of farmhouse style? Maybe you want to give this idea a try. Different from the other design, this vanity uses a metal framework. You can see it looks really durable and spacious. Moreover, the vanity system also has a signature looks from its sliding barn-like doors.

Before choosing one of these DIY sink vanity farmhouse ideas, you can re-measure space that available on your bathroom. The key point of this DIY is to re-use your worn out wooden cabinet or table in order to get the farmhouse style. Happy trying!

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