10 Colors That Match with Black and White for Exciting Home Design Ideas


Colors that match with black and white, exciting home design ideas featuring 10 colors that compliment black and white.

Using black and white for your home decor is a classic and timeless choice. These two shades look great together and can be spruced up with a fun accent color or two. If you’re wondering what colors might be suitable to pair with black and white, here are some suggestions.

Since black and white are such neutral shades, you have a large selection of colors to combine them with. Even though it may provide you with more than enough possibilities, it could also make it difficult to decide on one.

In this piece of writing, I’m going to display some of the most attractive colors that coordinate with black and white. Peruse the list and find something that appeals to you! It doesn’t matter what kind of interior design style you like, there’s something for everyone.

Ten Hues That Harmonize Well With Black and White

The black-and-white color palette has the potential to be incredibly versatile – it can come across as modern and minimalistic, or more eye-catching and edgy. The look you are striving for depends on your chosen shades, as well as the atmosphere you are aiming to create.

A black-and-white color palette can be jazzed up with these fantastic colors.

Combination of Black and White + Red

Combining Black, White, and Red

Black and white have been historically paired with the striking hue of red, creating a timeless look that has been popular since Hollywood’s early days. This combination emits a sense of sophistication and ardor.

The vividness of this hue is stunning when combined with a black and white background. You can opt for a vibrant pillar box red or a more somber burgundy, depending on the atmosphere you want to cultivate. Almost any variation of red will be complementary to both black and white.

Creating an impressive look in your room with red tones can be simple. If you want a more striking effect, you could use black and white furniture with a red backdrop. Alternatively, you can opt to add smaller red accents, such as a rug, curtains, or throw cushions.

Combination of Black and White + Pink

A Combination of Black and White with a Pop of Pink

If you are not a fan of highly saturated red, then pink may be a better choice as it is softer. The combination of pink, black, and white can create a beautiful aesthetic. For an atmosphere of femininity and sophistication, a gentle blush pink would be an ideal hue for the bedroom.

To make a black-and-white room more exciting, you may add a few hot pink details. This will create a more stimulating look that will be sure to catch the eye.

Combination of Black and White + Brown

Dark and Light Hues + Tan Color

Though monochromatic palettes tend to consist of two colors, adding a third neutral hue, such as brown, can be beneficial. Introducing this warm color into a black and white space will bring a sense of balance, thus softening a room that could otherwise seem too stark.

For a warm and welcoming atmosphere, try introducing brown touches. You can select wooden furnishings as a way to add this hue, or go for a more opulent look with a leather couch in a dark brown shade – a timeless addition to any living room.

Combination of Black and White + Lime Green

A Combination of Black and White Plus Lime Green

Adding a bit of zest to your house is very much possible with this specific color combination! Lime green is a bold color that can’t be ignored, so if you’re not too keen on making a statement, it’s best to try another hue. But, if you seek to liven up a plain black and white interior, lime green is the perfect choice!

It’s important not to go overboard with neon green, or you risk causing eye strain. A better option is to include just a few accents of the color, such as a vase, a clock, or a piece of art that features this hue.

Combination of Black and White + Teal Hues

Monochrome and Teal Hues

Calmness and relaxation can be induced in your bedroom if you choose to decorate with teal. This hue is symbolic of tranquil ocean waves, and according to color psychology, it is incredibly calming and soothing.

Light teal is particularly conducive to restful sleep, so why not paint the walls this shade for a tranquil slumber? Creating a teal boho bedroom is a great way to easily bring this calming atmosphere into your home.

Teal is able to be used in other areas of the home as well. If you go for a dark teal, it will make a dramatic and unique statement in contrast to a black-and-white palette. Such a combination will give off an eclectic, luxurious vibe that is ideal for a bohemian style living room. To tie the look together, you can add some bold patterns and fabrics.

Combination of Black and White + Emerald Green

Monochrome and Emerald

A combination of black and white, along with the addition of emerald green, forms a striking color palette.

This luxuriant shade is an ideal accompaniment to a one-color palette. Its affluent hue immediately conjures the feeling of extravagance and elegance. Moreover, because of its deep saturation, you don’t need to use a lot of it.

For a dramatic effect, you can choose an opulent emerald-colored couch or armchair to fill your living room. Alternatively, you could go for swanky emerald-toned bedding to bring a touch of style to your black and white bedroom. This way, you’ll still maintain the classic and sophisticated look, while introducing a beautiful element.

Combination of Black and White + Yellow

Combining Black, White, and Yellow

Brightening up a space can be achieved with a little sunshine yellow! This energizing hue brings a sense of joy and liveliness to any room, except for a bedroom where you’d be looking for a more calming atmosphere. However, it works great in a kitchen, living room, or even in a bathroom.

The vivid yellow hue stands out against the contrast of white and black in any color scheme. It is a much-favored option for its brightness. Yet, if you prefer something a bit more subtle, mustard is a gentle, comforting tone that pairs well with black and white.

Making a bright, striking impact can be achieved by introducing a yellow feature wall. Alternatively, going for a more subtle approach, you can add a few highlighted accessories around the space. When utilizing an accent color, it’s important to use it in sufficient amounts to create a deliberate look, rather than something that appears to be coincidental.

Combination of Black and White + Navy Blue

A Combination of Black, White, and Navy Blue

Dark hues like navy blue may not seem like a natural choice for a kitchen, however, it can look modern and sophisticated. For instance, why not try navy cabinets with white walls and black hardware? This combination is eye-catching and creates a sleek atmosphere for cooking and dining. The navy stands out and adds an interesting dimension to the overall look.

Be mindful to ensure an appropriate amount of white is included when utilizing the hues of black and navy. These two deep shades can be overwhelming if not done with caution.

Combination of Black and White + Orange

Combination of Black and White, Plus Orange

The inviting hue of orange stands out boldly in your monochrome interior. It makes a striking contrast while still fitting in with your chosen aesthetic.

When selecting your color of orange, you have a few options. A peachy hue will make the area appear more tranquil, whereas a vibrant shade will provide an energizing contrast. Also, burnt orange complements wooden elements and dark adornments nicely.

To add a sense of cohesion to the area, a luxurious orange rug can be placed in front of a black couch. Alternatively, if you’re looking for comfort and style, a velvet orange armchair could be a great choice.

Combination of Black and White + Gray

Monochromatic Combination - Black, White, and Gray

Gray is an ideal color to include in a black-and-white scheme. This classic and timeless hue can bring a sophisticated and modern feeling to a design. Gray is incredibly versatile and pairs well with many other colors, making it a great choice for any palette. This article offers an array of shades to explore.

Using a pale gray hue can help create a lighter ambiance in a darker room, while charcoal gray accessories can offer more visual appeal.

Final Thoughts

As you can observe, there are a multitude of colors that go well with black and white! Thus, you can choose whichever you like to build your perfect home. Black and white make a great foundation to combine with practically any color. That grants you the ability to style your home to reflect your own design preferences. Whether that be traditional, understated, daring, or uncommon – it’s all up to you!

Which hue do you think goes best with black and white? Please let me know in the comments section!

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