How Much Does Zillow Premier Agent Cost?

How Much Does Zillow Premier Agent Cost?

How Much Does Zillow Premier Agent Cost?

Are you considering investing in the Zillow Premier Agent program but unsure about the cost?

In this article, we will explore the pricing structure of Zillow Premier Agent and help you determine if it is worth the investment for your real estate business.

What is Zillow Premier Agent?

Zillow Premier Agent
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Zillow Premier Agent is a lead generation program offered by Zillow, one of the largest online real estate marketplaces.

The program allows real estate agents, teams, and brokers to purchase display ads across the Zillow network, gaining exposure to the millions of visitors who use the site to search for homes and find real estate agents.

How Does Zillow Premier Agent Work?

When visitors to the Zillow website have questions about a property or want to set up a showing, they are presented with featured Zillow Premier Agents.

These agents have purchased display ads in specific ZIP codes, which allows them to appear next to properties for sale and gain visibility in the agent directory.

It’s important to note that being a Zillow Premier Agent is different from being a listing agent.

While listing agents are displayed first for their own listings, Zillow Premier Agents have the opportunity to appear next to every listing in their chosen ZIP codes, expanding their exposure significantly.

The Cost of Zillow Premier Agent

Determining the exact cost of Zillow Premier Agent can be challenging as it depends on various factors, including the typical sold price of homes in a specific ZIP code, the competition among real estate professionals in that area, and the percentage of available leads an agent wants to capture.

While Zillow offers real-time estimates to prospective Premier Agents, the company does not provide clear pricing information to the public.

However, based on our informal poll of agents, we found that the typical price per month for agents turning a profit with Zillow Premier Agent is around $1,000 in major metro markets and between $300 and $500 in areas outside of major metros.

The cost per lead with Zillow Premier Agent also varies depending on the factors mentioned earlier. Leads can range from as low as $60 or $75 to as high as $450 or $500, depending on the competitiveness of the market and the price of homes.

Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth the Cost?

The decision to invest in Zillow Premier Agent ultimately depends on your budget, your profile, and your ability to follow up effectively with leads.

Here are the key factors to consider:

1. Budget

Zillow Premier Agent requires a competitive budget to be successful. If your budget is too low, you may not receive enough leads to make it a self-sustaining strategy.

It’s crucial to assess whether the expected lead volume for your budget will produce enough prospects to generate a positive return on investment.

If your budget is limited, consider starting in a different ZIP code with lower prices and less competition.

While your gross commission income may not be as high, you can use the cash flow from this area to build your business and increase your budget over time.

2. Profile

Having a complete and impressive Zillow agent profile is essential for success as a Zillow Premier Agent.

Your profile should include a professional headshot, a compelling bio, positive reviews, and a list of active and sold listings.

Take the time to claim and update your past sales, as this demonstrates your track record of success to potential clients.

Consider the profile of Craig Hartranft, a successful Zillow Premier Agent from Pennsylvania.

His profile showcases his experience through claimed past sales, positive reviews, and high-quality video content. Building a great profile will help you stand out and attract more leads.

3. Follow-up Skills

Excellent follow-up skills are crucial in today’s on-demand customer service environment. Real estate professionals should aim to respond to calls and messages within the hour, if not within minutes.

Utilize Zillow’s Live Leads feature to connect with leads immediately and have a solid email and text response plan in place.

Implement a long-term lead nurture plan to engage with colder leads and ensure that no potential clients slip through the cracks.

The ability to follow up effectively can make a significant difference in converting leads into clients.

Additional Perks of Zillow Premier Agent

In addition to lead generation, Zillow Premier Agent offers several other benefits that can enhance your real estate business:

  1. Zillow Premier Agent reviews: Zillow Premier Agents have the opportunity to collect and showcase reviews on their profile, increasing their social credibility.
  2. Exposure on other Zillow platforms: Zillow Premier Agents receive premium placement on Zillow’s network sites, including Trulia, StreetEasy, and, expanding their visibility.
  3. An IDX website with a custom domain name: Zillow Premier Agents can have an additional online presence through an IDX website with a custom domain name.
  4. Featured placement on Zillow’s Agent finder: Zillow’s Agent finder is a highly valuable tool for consumers. Premier Agents enjoy top-line profile placement in searches for the communities they advertise in.
  5. Access to the Zillow Premier Agent CRM: The Zillow Premier Agent CRM seamlessly integrates with the Zillow Premier Agent App, allowing for efficient lead management.

Zillow Alternatives

While Zillow Premier Agent is a popular and effective lead generation option, there are alternative platforms worth considering:

  1. zBuyer: zBuyer uses analytics to uncover potential sellers and captures buyer leads through their website,
  2. REDX: REDX offers tools for proactive prospecting, allowing agents to reach out to potential sellers directly.
  3. SmartZip: SmartZip uses predictive analytics to identify homes that are likely to be listed for sale, helping agents target their marketing efforts.
  4. Market Leader: Market Leader drives traffic to landing pages for seller and buyer leads through strategically placed ads on Google and social media.


Zillow Premier Agent can be a valuable investment for real estate professionals, provided they have a competitive budget, an impressive profile, and excellent follow-up skills.

While the exact cost of Zillow Premier Agent can vary, it offers exposure to a large audience of potential clients and a range of additional benefits.

Consider your specific market and business goals to determine if Zillow Premier Agent is the right lead generation option for you.

Ready to explore Zillow Premier Agent? Visit their website to see if the program is available in your area and how it can enhance your marketing strategy.

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