Amazing Swimming Pool Design You Can’t Get Enough

Ordinary Design

Imagine you already have a house with an out-of-this-world design, fancy furniture, a kitchen, a living room etc., but you might still think it doesn’t feel right without a swimming pool. Yeah, you need one: a swimming pool design that completes your house.

Everybody would love to have a pool at their house. It can elevate your house’s appeal and it can be a good spot in which you can exercise daily swimming, diving or just soaking yourself in it.

1. Ocean-Like Pool

Ocean Like Pool

A blue image with a large, beautiful layout, this swimming pool will remind you about the deep blue sea. It looks so clean that the image of the house appears exactly the same. It’s a fantastic pool that’s designed to perfectly fit the house.

 It has a long shape that you can make use of it to train yourself swimming or diving in the pool. It’s not only the pool that everything looks mesmerizing, but the concept that this residence offers is remarkable.


  • When a design is applied well, you’ll get an astonishing masterpiece


  • You have to dig into your savings a bit deep

2. Shape Your Own Design        

Shape Your Own Design

Having a square or rectangular pool might sound blah to some people. Perhaps it’s because those two shapes are the most common ones you see on someone’s house.

And this picture might be the result of what I’ve mentioned above. With its free form, this pool won’t make you turn a blind eye on its striking design and charm. You can just sit or lie on the benches while enjoying your time in front of the pool.


  • With an unusual shape, you can feel it as if you swim in a lake somewhere


  • It may take time a little bit longer when making one

3. Ordinary Design

Ordinary Design

For you who seem to be fond of an old-fashioned design, this rectangular-shaped pool matches with your style. Every pool shares the same idea, which is a place you can swim into, so you’re not going to have any problem with that.

The walkways have two different materials which are bricks and woods. Some benches are also provided there to help you rest and relax while you can feel the breeze from the trees behind.


  • It’s easy to build one like this. Although it’s a regular shape it’s still beautiful and you won’t get easily bored with it.


  • You may have to clean your pool quite often from leaves since it’s surrounded by bushes and trees.

4. Spectacular View

Spectacular View

This pool has a way different story by having a sensational view that you wish you had in your home. It’s a pool located above the ground and it makes the pool special and dissimilar with other swimming pools alike.

I bet you wouldn’t mind spending hours and hours in the pool swimming or just soaking while taking pleasure in seeing the epic panorama from distant.


  • You just can’t get enough of it


  • It may cost you quite a fortune to build one

5. Cool Walkway

Coll Walkway

Another essential part of building a pool is to make a cool walkway. With earthy tone color, this walkway completes the ergonomic pool design. It’s sure something that you can get entertained by.

There are a plethora of swimming pool design ideas and this one is created with some kind of unique design that looks like a violin or whatever you might want to call it.


  • The path improves the pool’s layout and it makes it look stunning.


  • You may feel the water getting warmer or hotter when you swim at noon since there are no shades

6. Outstanding Indoor Pool

Stunning Indoor Pool

Not everybody loves an outdoor swimming pool. Privacy might be the reason one builds an indoor pool. With a semi-circular shape in the middle, this pool has some stairs so that you can walk down to the pool.

Terracotta tile flooring, a couch, and a green plant are added to spruce the room up a bit. The glass partition wall and glass ceiling are a smart idea to create a room with good, natural lighting.


  • The pool has a lovely layout and adequate lighting plus you can see outside from the pool


  • It needs some more plants and a wooden chair or a bench because you might want to sit or rest after swimming. The couch will get wet and that’s bad

7. A Pretty Circular Pool

A Pretty Circular Pool

The round pool has its own charm to attract your attention. It’s what you might say as a pool with a simple design. Despite its simple form, it certainly can entertain you and is a nice additional spot in the back yard.

Stones are set to create a walkway that nicely surrounds the pool. A big three provides you with a shade from the sun.


  • A circular form doesn’t require a substantial amount of money to make one


  • The area near the pool is still empty, which is dull. It’ll look much better when the plants grow and blossom

If you want to have a pool, you better ask a pro what’s the design for your house. A great swimming pool design depends on the area that you’re going to use and a good plan.


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