The Amazing Under Stair Storage Ideas To Maximize The Space in Your House

There is one important problem that you will find in the tiny house: lack of room to be used as a storage. But as long as you have the creativity, you can also store much stuff inside your small house. For example, by using under stair storage ideas.

No need big renovation, no need to spend a lot of money. The process to turn the empty space under your stair to be a useful storage is so simple and doesn’t take too much time. So, ready to maximize all the spaces in your little house? Here are some under stair storage ideas for you:

1. A Tiny But Cozy Room

A Tiny But Cozy Room

Sometimes, people think that the space under the kitchen is a dirty place that can only be used to store the secondhand stuff or old ones. But, those thought is not always right. You can use it to store the new stuff, and also as a tiny room to stay.

  • Install the woods as the wall decorations
  • Build the small bed that can also be used as the shelves for storing the books.
  • Put the small mattress above it, install yellow light to enhance the warm ambiance

2. A Sweet Living Room

A Sweet Living Room

What do you imagine everytime you hear about the living room? That must be a huge room with some decorations and cozy mattress to stay. But, a good living room are not always big, and also can be located under the stairs

  • Build simple shelves in the wall. You can paint it with the white color so that it will look more spacious
  • Put the mattress and decorate it with the cozy pillows
  • Put some stuff like the small statue, souvenirs, or book on the shelves.

3. A Private Office

A Private Office

Who says that you can only have a private office in a big house? You can also build that in your small house, and by using the space under the stair.

  • Build the shelves in the left corner
  • Install the office table and the chair beside the shelves
  • Don’t forget also to install the floating shelve above the table
  • You can put all your working equipment there, from the computer, files, to the stationary.
  • You don’t need to give the door because it will be more spacious if you just let the office built without the door

4. The Book Worm’s Treasure

The Book Worm's Treasure

Are you a bookworm who feel disappointed because there is no space left in your room to keep the books? Don’t be sad. You can use the under stair storage ideas to keep your treasure well. Look at the picture and see how many books that can be stored there. Don’t be afraid of running out of space when you buy more and more book!

  • Build a book cabinet with the racks below. The higher the ceilings, the more the shelves’ box
  • Paint it with white color to give an exclusive and spacious looks
  • Put all your books there. It will look fantastic.

5. A Kitchen Idea

A Kitchen Idea

If you run out of the space, why don’t you build the kitchen under the stair? Maybe the idea sounds so odd in the first place. But, you will find that it can be amazing too. Don’t you believe that? Just try it with this idea.

  • Start with building the rack for the wine
  • Install the kitchen island beside the rack
  • Cover the wall with the natural stones

6. Keeping The Greens

Keeping The Greens

Are you kind of person who loves gardening? If you really love that, you might love to collect the plants too. But here is the trouble with the tiny house: no space left for gardening. Therefore, why don’t keep your plants collection under the stair and make a little garden too there?

  • Build the base as the place to put the soil
  • Plants the decorative grass there
  • Decorate the wall with the natural stones
  • Put your plant’s collection there

7. Outdoor Storage Idea

Outdoor Storage Idea

How if you don’t have a two-floor house but you have an outdoor stair instead? This might be a good idea to have a storage for your barbeque party stuff. All you have to do is to make a little renovation in this outdoor under stair storage idea.

  • Build the cabinets to put the cooking and eating equipment
  • Beside the shelves, leave an empty space that you can use to put anything, in this case, the wood logs for barbeque or pizza party
  • Paint the storage with the white color or with the color that suits your stair

8. Hanging The Bicycles

Hanging The Bicycles

Do you love to ride the bicycle? If you love that healthy lifestyle, then it will be good for your body and for your lifespan. But, where to put your bicycles so that the dirt won’t spoil your house? Put them under the stair.

  • Install the hangers under the stair. Make sure you use the strong hangers
  • Hang your bicycles there. Voila! Even 2 bicycles can be stored there. Such a good idea to maximize the space

9. Inspired by Harry Potter

Inspired by Harry Potter

Before going to Hogwarts, Harry has been living in a room under the stair with Dursley Family. The room is described as a not feasible room. But if you have a tiny house, actually you can use it as a proper room, as long as you decorate it well.

  • Put all the things you need in the room. Start with the lamp, floating shelves, and the bed
  • Install the door in that room.
  • You can add the hanger in the door

10. The dog and the clothes

The dog and the clothes

Do you want to build a homey home for your dog or your other pets? If you feel worried about building it outside, you can build it inside using the under stair storage ideas. And you can also give a barrier and make the other space to store your clothes.

  • Divided the space under the stair into two rooms
  • Use the first room (with lower ceilings) for your pet’s house. Build a small but opened door
  • Clean the second space, give the suitable light and install some hangers

Those are the under stair storage ideas that you can use for anything: storage, room, office, until the lovely space for your kids. Who says that it is difficult to modify the tiny space? The tiny space can also be marvelous too!

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