How to Apply the Best U Shaped Kitchen Layout with Island

U shaped kitchen layout with island ideas are available worldwide, so you can pick one based on your need. Despite the fact, applying the design to the kitchen becomes quite troublesome sometimes.

To avoid hassles and get the best result, you can take advantage of some steps or considerations below. Before that, let us learn about the kitchen layout and island first.

About a U-Shaped Kitchen with Island

U Shaped Kitchen with Island

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As the name implies, a u-shaped kitchen applies a letter “u” layout to the kitchen. It is said to be the best design if you want to include a kitchen island!

The prime benefit is to have a better workspace and more space to prep foods. Not to mention it reduces the cook’s movement when working in the kitchen.

The island becomes the center of the layout, in this case. Aside from that, this feature is meant to bring the family together to have a happy and entertaining dinner.

Before applying that design to your kitchen, here are some prime aspects to consider:

1. Make a Space for the Island

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you need to prepare a special space or room for an island. Somehow, the spot must be large! At least, the walkway must be around 3 feet (on all sides).

The ideal width is about 14 feet. This is a minimum number, though. That means the bigger is the better, as the purpose is to create an optimum clearance around that spot.

Besides, the size must depend on the locations of kitchen furniture and windows. If you have many appliances and utensils, you must arrange the island better. In some cases, hiring an expert is a good idea.

2. Layout Planning

Here is the good news. The size or lengths of the cabinets in your u-shaped kitchen can either be different or the same. Thus, you have the flexibility to plan the layout.

One of the aspects to determine the design is the location of the windows. That spot becomes the starting point, somehow. For instance, if the walls feature a window, you must include a sink there.

When planning for the layout, a kitchen sink under the window is a good idea. Why is that? It provides a natural light! Besides, when you wash dirty plates, you can gaze outward to avoid boredom.

One thing, the views must be beautiful! It can be either a garden or other natural scenery.

3. Symmetrical Design is Nice

After you plan for the layout and design, this time you must decide the concept of furniture. In this case, many people would employ symmetry. Thanks to the u-shaped layout. This suits the concept the best.

What is the benefit of using symmetrical design to the u-shaped kitchen with an island? In terms of appearance, it gives a more balanced and cleaner beauty.

In the midpoint or the island, you can put several kitchen appliances like an oven. However, the room’s structure may determine the arrangement. Not all rooms are the same, after all.

4. Create an Efficient Work Space

Cooking and eating must be done comfortably. In this case, a u-shaped kitchen with an island must come with an efficient workspace to achieve that goal.

Between appliances and cabinets, you should not include too many steps. The purpose is to make a safer spot for cooking. This way, you can work in the kitchen comfortably even though with the presence of many people.

Another idea is to have ample storage and space. Thus, you can reach and store any items neatly! It helps you to avoid a cluttered environment, as well.

5. Include a Peninsula

Sometimes, having a u-shaped kitchen with an island is quite restricting. It is because you may wonder where to put chairs and tables. To solve this issue, you can create a peninsula under the upper cabinets.

The idea is to add stools and create more space for a dining platform. It can be used for other purposes like working, chatting, and many more! As an alternative, that becomes a nice spot to put range or sink.

Adding a peninsula is suitable for that layout of the kitchen and any rooms that have open-plan spaces. This helps you to create separation or a border between the living room and kitchen!

6. Curves Galore

Curves Galore

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For your u-shaped kitchen with an island, you can use curves for the edges instead of the square. Why is that? The curved corners are considered more effective to create a more stylish design.


You can get many benefits by applying this kind of layout. One of them is to have more space for cabinetry. You have three sides to access when cooking.

The upper space is left open, so you can include several cabinets at once. As for the island, it becomes the center of everything. You can use it for gathering with families, somehow.

By considering several factors above, applying a U shaped kitchen layout with island would be hassle-free. Thus, you don’t need to hire experts or professional kitchen designers for the project.

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