10 Privacy Fence Ideas to Get The Best Look of Your House

The privacy fence ideas are considered as a good idea to protect you and your house from the threats outside. If you have kids and you want them to be safe, this is also a kind of idea that you can apply to your house.

However, choosing the wrong privacy fence ideas can make your house becomes horrible, just like the typical horror movie you can see on the screen. Of course, you don’t want that bad impression happens to you and your house.

And definitely, you want to make your house a comfortable one not a scary one for you and your family. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a privacy and a comfort in a package by using these privacy fence ideas:

1. Pencil Crayon Fence Ideas

Pencil Crayon Fence Ideas


This fence is quite high. But don’t worry, since it is made from a bunch of “pencil crayons”, so it looks funny instead of distant. It is also a good combination if you have a minimalist house with playful color or white color.

This privacy fence idea will make your house more eye-catchy. Your kids will be so happy having this in the house. They won’t be bored again playing in the front yard. So, how to make this cute thing? Here are the steps:

  • Since not all the stores provide the pencil crayon fence, you must custom it.
  • Shave the woods so that the tip will look like the pencil point.
  • Paint each wood with the different color.

2. Flower Mural Fence Ideas

Flower Mural Fence Ideas



How to make a boring wooden fence becomes attractive? You can paint it with the interesting painting. For example, paint it with the flower mural. The flower mural will make your house looks fresher. Moreover, it is also easy to install. So, here are the steps to make the flower mural fence ideas:

  • Prepare some paint cans with various colors.
  • Create some kinds of flowers there. Be brave to play with the colors.
  • You can also plant the real flowers in front of the fence.

3. The Chalkboard Fence Idea

The Chalkboard Fence Idea


How to turn a privacy fence into something funny for your kids? How to make your kids don’t ask to go out of the house yard again? You can turn the inside part into a chalkboard with the steps:

  • Paint a fence with the black color. Choose the inside part.
  • Let it dry. After that, your children can paint on it with chalk.

4. Wood and Stones Fence Ideas

Wood and Stones Fence Ideas


How to make a wood fence looks less boring and more natural? You can ask for the stones’ help, just like what you see on the picture above. You can see that the privacy fence looks more lavish and more ethnic

  • Combine the wood and the stone fence boards.
  • You can corals the stones with the wire basket so that it won’t easily fall.
  • Plant some small plants in front of the fence. When the plants grow, the fence will look greater.

5. A Homey Protector

A Homey Protector


The vertical wood pieces can be arranged into a very homey and luxurious privacy fence. As you can see from the picture above, the privacy fence makes the front side of the house looks so comfortable. Here are the ways to make this lovely place comes true:

  • Near the fence made from the dark wood, plant a shady tree.
  • Install the LED lamps in a cable between the fence and the house roof.
  • Put some cozy sofas near the fence.

6. Woods, Stones, and Iron Sheeting Combination

Woods, Stones, and Iron Sheeting Combination


The iron sheeting usually is used as the fence for the farm. But you can also use it as the fence for your house and make it a luxurious fence. Yes, don’t worry if it will ruin your house’s beauty. Curious on how to do it? Here they are:

  • Combine the iron sheeting fence with the wood fence.
  • Beside the fence, you can add a short stones fence.
  • Plant some plants on the stone fence.

7. Surfboard Fence Idea

Surfboard Fence Idea


Do you have a house near the beach? Or do you want to change your house into a beach house? You can try this unique idea. This surfboard fence idea is very fascinating that not too much people have that.

  • Collect some surfboards with eye-catchy color.
  • Stick them into the existing fence.
  • Stick them with the cement so that the surfboards won’t easily fall.

8. The Privacy Fence with Vines

The Privacy Fence with Vines


One of the great natural privacy fence ideas is to plant your fence with the vines. It is so easy to do, yet will make your house greener. All you need to do is to always maintain the vines and cut it regularly.

  • Use the fence made from wire. Actually, you can use other material, but the wire is the best media to plant the vines.
  • Plant the vines among the fence.
  • Try to cover the fence with that vines.

9. The Cactus Fence

The Cactus Fence


The cactus fence is a very ideal kind of fence for you who is longing for ultimate privacy. Because, no one will dare to enter your house, for nobody wants to hurt by this desert plant. So, you don’t have to be afraid anymore about any danger outside, right?

  • Prepare the wire basket fence.
  • Plant the cactus between those wire basket fence.

10. The Old Door Fence Ideas

The Old Door Fence Ideas


Do you want a unique fence to states that you really need the privacy? Then you can apply this “closed doors” privacy fence idea. Not only different, the old doors used for the fence also make your house looks vintage.

  • Pick some old unused doors.
  • Paint them with the dull colors.
  • Stick them together, nail them, and put them in front of your house as the fence.
  • Between one door and another, you can also put the repurposed wood.

It is hard to imagine that the privacy fence ideas can be marvelous and unique, right? The privacy fence is not always scary or boring if you want to explore many ideas and creativity. So, good luck building the privacy fence to protect your beloved house and family.

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