Considered These Tips before Implementing One Wall Kitchen Layout Measurements

Creating one wall kitchen layout measurements is not a new idea in these recent years. Usually, people implement this concept for their condominiums, lofts, or apartments. Turns out, it is also suitable for residential house as well.

One Wall Kitchen Layout Measurements

How to Make It Functioned Without Looked Weird

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It is a concept where a single layout kitchen or one wall fits for countertops, appliances, and cabinetry.

It can be beneficial at least under two reasons: if you prefer for open kitchen floor and it doesn’t spend too much budget because it is not requiring many materials and effort to build that

Are you familiar enough with this idea? Alternatively, maybe still stuck on searching the most proper design to be implemented? Well, some tips down below are surely for you!

1. How to Make It Functioned Without Looked Weird?

Indeed, it can be tricky things if you do not know how to start it. Few practical tricks are easy to be done.

First, use open shelves instead of a cabinet with doors. It brings an illusion like a spacious and breathable kitchen.

Especially if your one wall kitchen layout measurements is small and cramped, open shelves provide enough storage for all your cooking equipment.

Second, for the sake of saving the space and keep the working flow of your kitchen, you can use multipurpose furnishing.

Especially the one, which can be tucked away when you do not use it. Besides enhancing the functionality, your kitchen looks more sophisticated and efficient in a beautiful way.

Lastly, even though your space is limited, do not forget to separate the hot and cold zones. In this context, we talk mostly about stove, oven or microwave as hot and refrigerator as cold area. Nevertheless, it applies to another electronic tool you have.

The most plausible reason is that we want to control the heat transfer not to ruin the works of the refrigerator.

Usually, the fridge needs sufficient clearance to vanish excessive heat. The easiest way to solve this problem is by locating sink as the separator between hot and cold areas.

2. Is Color Affected to The Entire Look?

Yes, of course! One wall kitchen design is important to have a clean and minimalist look because it helps our eyes to identify that room as spacious and roomy.

As everybody knows, color determines how your room will be perceived. The most recommended color, which is worth trying and never let you down, is monochrome palette.

The combination of black, white, and grey will boost the openness of your kitchen even though it only has one wall functioned.

Are you feeling bored with black and white? You can pick green, brown, or other colors.

However, make sure you will only combine it with a different color but still in the same hue and shade. If that so, you still follow the rule of the monochrome palette.

3. Is There Any Possibility to Apply Specific Style?

Yes, there is! You can explore as free as you can with your design preference, either rustic, boho, classic, minimalist, or even lavish modern. There are no rules that restrict you to implement specific ideas.

There are numerous examples as your reference. For instance, a country-style can be showed when you apply a simple cooking area without an overhead cabinet.

As a replacement, you can hang gravy racks on every nook. Especially when you have limited space that is impossible to have an open concept idea.

To enhance the clean and minimalist appearance, you can mix white cabinet with dark vinyl flooring. It looks delicate and subtle but shows the high of your taste.

Do you prefer a rustic one? Fortunately, it is not only fit in the large and high budget. Instead, you can expose your roof made of wooden material paired with deep dark hue for the countertops of each cabinet and drawers.

To make it unorthodox yet simply elegant, you can apply uniquely patterned tiles and brave enough to mix colors.

For example, the combination of pastel blue and creamy brown are perfect for furnishing looked playful.

4. Why Do Not Try an Open Concept?

No doubt if using the open concept for an important space like kitchen will feel so relaxed, roomy, and cozy.

The most common reason why people want to implement concept like this is they tend to choose all white as the dominant color on most furniture and wall.

The other function of using white is to give illusion if the ceiling is higher than the actual size, the room looks brighter even though the sunlight is not enough, and the space looks bigger and less cramped.

If you feel the color is not enough to show the open concept, you can make the ceiling high, add overhead drawers, and create a light neutral color of breakfast counter.

To balance the design’s flow and brightness, you can combine with dark flooring and one or two wooden elements in a certain part of your furnishings.

Therefore, you can make your room to be more dynamic without boring and flat feeling. Either way, it offers depth and harmonious design ideas.


Briefly, having a stunning one wall kitchen layout measurements is not that hard as long as you know the tricks. So, are you ready to shock everyone by applying that guidance?

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