4 Quick Tips to Design a Chic Room with Mid Century Modern Nursery Themes

The prominent key technique to design a nursery room is in selecting themes. The themes that you have decided must apply a tone for the entire space.

Mid century modern nursery themes go with bold colors and organic shapes. They can create stylish and functional rooms.

To set a stylish nursery, colors take an essential role. Color schemes affect a baby’s physical wellness and moods, while large geometric patterns stimulation for babies to see.

Mid Century Modern Nursery Themes

A great combination of themes, color schemes, and patterns will help the nursery to match with the home decor.

Bright colors like yellow, red, and blue will help to invigorate babies’ vision as they grow. For example, yellow, as a cheerful and energetic color, can evoke concentration and emotive thoughts.

However, avoid choosing too bright yellow because it can disturb a baby.

When you start to design a nursery, choosing the right themes becomes the first decision. There are some strategies to spruce up the room.

These following tips might help you to begin in the correct direction.

1. Determine Themes Based On Gender-Specific

Determine themes based on gender-spesific

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Countless themes are available to design a nursery room. You need to focus on what gender the themes will go with.

It should be determined earlier since you cannot get the trouble of remodeling the space.

However, gender specification would only work in big houses with many bedrooms or for only-child families.

Either condition will not make you obliged to do total renovation in the future for your children to come.

Alternatively, you could apply a unisex theme, which is versatile for both baby girl and boy.

This theme works great also in shared bedrooms. Here are some gender-neutral themes as consideration:

  • Vintage style
  • Fairy tales characters
  • Geometric shapes
  • Baby animals

Next, if you are preparing the arrival of a baby boy, bold colors and patterns will work great. Since the baby does not see colors until three months, playing with patterns can stimulate his vision.

Bold stripes or chevron patterns are perfectly combined with black and white wall surfaces. Some common ideas found in a boy’s nursery are:

  • Various shades of blue
  • Sailboat with white and navy blue striped patterns
  • Black and white for a chic modern style
  • Dinosaurs cartoon character with green and blue tones
  • Airplanes and clouds for a dreamy space

Then, setting a spotlight on themes that are popular for a girl’s nursery will make the space more inviting.

They include floral prints, earthy tones, and woodland creatures.

Rainbow and princess themes also promote a fabulous look for the girl’s space.

2. Pick Up a Theme That Saves You Tons of Money

Pick up a theme that save you tons of money

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The right nursery themes are about perfect combinations of aesthetics and creativity. It is okay to go with two or more themes as long as they have a balanced look to the room.

Nature-based themes can be paired with animals to create a cohesive look. To get a comfortable and amazing room does not need to break the bank.

You don’t want to have something expensive, but your baby feels uncomfortable to sleep in, right?

Therefore, the best way of decorating a generous nursery is to keep everything at affordable prices.

Before purchasing nursery items, allocate the budget first. To have everything matched with the entire concept will be too expensive.

So, focus on finding a focal point and decorate it.

Cheap colorful accessories, like picture frames and canvas prints, can give a great impact on a neutral theme.

3. Choose a Theme That Is Similar To Surroundings

Just imagine that your nursery themes will look like the surroundings. For instance, if your house is near a beach put the ocean-themed nursery.

Meanwhile, a greener theme will be great if you live in an area surrounded by mountains or hills.

Getting inspiration from any places you have visited is also great. Pick some elements related to your favorite places into nursery themes.

Use bright colors and soft materials to create a baby-friendly theme. Importantly, fit the theme with available spaces you have.

Do not blindly just any theme that requires a large space if your room is narrow. Adjust and adapt the style to your room dimensions.

4. Follow Your Passion to Apply the Theme

Recognize what you are interested in to choose the best nursery themes, whether it is about your favorite movie characters, sports, or hobbies.

Look for accessories that refer to your favorite thing. In the case of the Harry Potter movie, for example, opt for castles, owls, or wizards themes.

Sport themes for boys include baseball bats and tennis rackets, while girls’ themes are such as ballet, volleyball, and gym. Serve the sport pieces as decoration and color themes.

Moreover, personalize the baby space with your favorite hobby. Incorporate stenciled plants and floral fabrics to furniture if your hobby is gardening.

If you are a stamp collector, use some parts of the collection as wall arts in the nursery.


In conclusion, mid century modern nursery themes are more applicable to design a flawless baby’s room. Those themes allow you to focus on the precise aim of the nursery to be.

They do not need to be specific, but a combination of two or more themes is acceptable.

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