An Expert Guide to Decorate Your Bedroom with Mid Century Modern Dresser Ideas

If you want to serve a retro look to your bedroom design, mid century modern dresser ideas will be perfect.

Mid-century modern style offers idealistic future elements from the 50s. It is a combination of the juxtaposition materials, color pops, and sleek lines.

A modern touch of mid-century dresser comes from the wooden finishes. Metal accents and smooth painted elements are usually combined with the woods.

Mid Century Modern Dresser

Mid Century Modern Dresser

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It features hairpin, angled, and thin cylindrical legs. Those design movements are one of the most defining mid-century modern features.

Fortunately, it is quite affordable to decorate your home with this unique throwback furniture item. One place in which this dresser truly shines is the bedroom.

It functions to keep the clutter and enhance a distinct atmosphere in your space.

Modern dressers can make an airy and lofty look. We present some ways of how to design a bedroom with mid century modern dresser to add plenty of styles.

Keep in mind this smart guide as your consideration.

1. Choose an Appropriate Design for Space-Saving

Keep your bedroom clutter with understated mid-century dressers. The designs include tall vertical and wide horizontal dressers.

Those two different styles enable to suit your bedroom sizes. To avoid overwhelming the floor, choose a taller dresser.

Tall vertical dressers are perfect for small bedrooms with high ceilings. They can maximize the layout too. Vertical dressers feature many drawers to store clothing and other stuff.

On the other hand, wide horizontal dressers fit spacious bedrooms. They take up more floor space than vertical dressers.

Therefore, if you have more free-flooring area, horizontal dressers will work best. Besides, you can put any favorite decor since there is plenty of space on top.

Both tall and wide dressers offer various designs. Wide dressers commonly have six drawers.

They often feature three drawers and two doors, while vertical dressers are usually completed with five or six drawers. One unique design comes in two bottom drawers and four doors on top.

2. Accentuate the Space with Different Design Elements

Mid-century dressers come with a minimalist design but feature plenty of styles. Brass and metal are common elements used to accent the wood finishes.

The other non-traditional materials include steel, glass, vinyl, plywood, and Plexiglas.

White engineered wood dressers with cool walnut finish exude sophisticated style of mid-century. This material is durable yet lightweight, so it is easy to assemble.

If you want to add a glam look to the bedroom, solid hardwood dressers with brass knobs will grab your attention.

Another great style is a real-wood patterned dresser with engineered walnut wood frames. The same materials are used for the drawer pulls.

For easy access, style the pulls with sculpted cutouts and pyramid shapes. This textured designed has a high-end look.

For long-lasting furniture, solid rubberwood dressers can complement your room.

They have sleek lines and attractive wood finish. Black metal legs and drawer pulls add some contrast to whitewashed veneer.

Moreover, give your bedroom a pop of color. Mid-century modern dressers typically feature multiple color options for the top drawers, for example, an off-white dresser with a top row of yellow.

Use neutral and cool-toned wood patterns to this dresser.

3. Bring the Right Types of Colors into Space

Since mid-century-modern style emphasizes on natural materials, choose lighter shades of paint to blend well with the dresser.

Instead of sandy beiges, you can bring warm gray, off-white, and light cool base colors. Those tones match the various colors of wood finishing dressers.

Caramel pine, vintage oak, natural maple, and two-toned white walnut finish provide lighter shades of mid-century inspired dressers.

To get a chic mid-century look, opt for dressers that have bold colors like orange, blue, yellow, and red.

Furthermore, dark rubberwood dressers offer a darker shade into space. The other dark finishes are black, tobacco, cherry red, espresso brown, and gray.

4. Makeover the Old Dresser You Already Have

If you cannot afford a pricey mid-century dresser, refinishing the old one will be a great choice.

Since it has an old smell, it is better to get rid of the bad odor before upcycling. Wiping the dresser with vinegar is the easy tip to solve the unpleasant smell.

Take the dresser out and start wiping it with vinegar.

Once you finish wiping, let it dry. Then, repeat this process two or three more times until the smell is gone.

Here are easy steps for a makeover. These following ways help you to turn old furniture into something pretty.

  • Do an initial inspection. Ensure that there is no damage or missing veneer. Fix the broken part when it needs repairing.
  • Clean any grease or dirt with window cleaner.
  • Remove the hardware and sand the surface with sandpaper.
  • Add color such as dark oak varnish by using a wax brush.
  • Make additional touch with chalky paint if desired.


Are you ready to spruce up your bedroom with historical aesthetic look? Let the history repeat itself through a design of mid century modern dresser. The simplicity is more.

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