Upgrade the Coziness Level of Your Home through Living Room Design Indian Style

The living room is an essential part of a house for Indian. Based on their culture, spending time to have a quality conversation or just being together with family and friends is highly significant.

That is why they love to decorate living room design Indian style as comfortable as possible.

Living Room Design Indian Style

The more comfortable a living room, the more people enjoy their chatter and eating. Most Indian allocates space of the living room as the biggest among the other.

Therefore, decorating living room sounds so interesting because you can explore so many things there.

If you still have no idea where to start, you can follow tips, tricks, and guidance of living room design Indian style down below. Check this out!

1. Don’t Leave the Wall Plain

Don’t Leave The Wall Plain

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Wall takes the biggest part of every room. Once you enter a room, your eyes will spot everything on the wall first instead of the other things on the floor or ceiling.

That is why you should plan the color and decorations for the wall thoroughly.

If you want to bring the real authentic Indian’s design style, choose neutral to warm palette as the basic color of the wall, like beige, ivory, white, orange, or peaches.

Pick one of your favorites, and then we can talk about knickknacks later.

The reason behind the reason of colors option is that Indian loves the color warm palette that can enhance the closeness and bonding inside the family or friendship.

It will show the actual accent of Indian style and bring out the magnificence of their inheritance.

Tips before you buy any hanging decoration, drawing pictures, or something: choose something that looks ethnical and vintage. It will be perfect if you can make your DIY decoration.

However, if you cannot, murals and decals are also okay to become alternatives to grant a delicate touch of your place.

2. Go Out of the Box with Outsized Furniture

Go Out of The Box with Outsized Furniture

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When visiting an Indian style house, you might wonder why they spend most of the space in the living room only for large lavish couch. Turns out, outsized furniture is necessary for Indian. Moreover, there is a reason for that.

No one can deny that large, tender, and lavish couch offers you the highest level of coziness, especially if it is located in the living room where all family member and friends gather there and various memories created.

Therefore, they are willing to compromise small space for the other furniture as long as the big couch fits with the dimension of the living room.

Nevertheless, it does not mean you have to get rid of the other furnishings. You can practice DIY to adjust the size of your available space.

If there is no enough space to place a table, you can replace it with a small coffee table or nested side table, which can be tucked away aesthetically without reducing the function.

You can also use ottomans or stools with a steady pad as a coffee table in a playful and fun appearance.

You can make nested tables from recycled materials. The steps are easy. Cut four legs of the first table based on your desired size, and then cut another four legs with three inches shorter.

Then, measure the frames and attach the legs. Stain or polish it for final change. Finally, nested tables are ready to use.

3. Offers Suitable Ambiance with Proper Lighting

Offers Suitable Ambience with Proper Lighting

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Planning lighting is as important as choosing color or furniture. It is because lighting determines the entire ambiance of your room and catches people’s attention for its power to appeal to mood.

For an antique design like Indian style, better to use pendant or accent lighting instead of only using downlight. Complex patterned or ornate lampshades are a great option to bring an inviting ambiance.

Various lightings in one room give you leverage to adjust based on the situation. Whether you want to have a cheerful moment with friends or romantic intimacy with partners, you will always have options.

4. Be Consistent in Choosing the Design

Be Consistent in Choosing the Design

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One of the most common mistakes coming from people when they have to deal with interior design (or any design) is inconsistency.

Since you can find countless inspiration for design style on Google, it is too easy for you to be carried away by the flow. Too much inspiration can sometimes be perplexing.

If you want to make an aesthetic look with the clear flow, then first thing first you have to decide what appearance you are pursuing.

For example, if you tend to establish ethnic Indian flow, ply your space with Indian knickknacks combined with the solid wood couch, colorful pads, vintage rugs, copper, or brass planters.

However, if you cannot choose one, at least you pick a harmonious combination of color like pastels. The color palette is definitively important to bring congruency..

Follow the 60:30:10 rules, which 60% is for primary color and implemented in-wall, 30% for secondary color and implemented in rugs, and the last is for curtains, pillows, or pads cover that spend 10%.

Therefore, if you want to combine more than one style, as long as you follow this rule, you will create an astonishing look for your lovely living room.


That is four ideas of living room design Indian style for your mesmerizing home. Which one is your favorite?

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