Top Trends Interior Design Seattle You Have to Know

The core idea of why people decorate their home is because people want to love where they live, creating their home as comfortable as possible like a palace.

Especially when we talk about interior design Seattle where trends are discovered, it is interesting to figure out what is the current ideas.

1. The More the Merrier

The More The Merrier

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It is no longer a secret if the kitchen is the heart of every home. That is why, people willing to allocate their time, money, and effort to renovate their kitchen.

However, most people in Seattle cook every day instead of buying food outside. Moreover, no one wants to spend their time in a messy and uncomfortable room.

The thing is the kitchen is not only beneficial for cooking but also as the informal place to have chatters with family or gather best friends. To accommodate many guests, people tend to expand their kitchen so it is spacious enough for island.

It is a perfect solution to make the cooker and guests can mingle without disturbing each other’s activity. You can add a minibar with stools throughout the island.

Nevertheless, if your home is lacking in dining area, you can put the dining table in the center of the kitchen.

2. Welcoming the Outside Ambience to Liven Up the Inside

Welcoming the Outside Ambience to Liven Up the Inside

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Extended outdoor living areas offer a relaxing and calming feel. Especially if you are an adventurous people who enjoy the vibe of natural scene but daily activity and business keeping you away with nature. You can enjoy that sensation inside your home.

Having interior design Seattle can be done in various ways. First, use your balcony or backyard as living areas. Place cozy couch with a fluffy pillow for the perfect place to work, read books, or just relax. You can install a built-in BBQ equipment, fireplace, and infrared heater to anticipate the changing weather.

Do not be sad if your home does not have any backyard or balcony. At least, you can use natural materials for furnishings like stone and wood and do not forget to install a large window with big glass.

You also can put potted plants or greenery decoration inside your room to help you connect with nature.

3. Lighting Speaks Louder

In the past, lamps only have one function, which gave extra light when we could not rely on the sunlight. However, it is very different right now.

Imagine if your bedroom aesthetic with classic style is lightened by dim bulb without any extra ornament. Surely, it looks something missing. It because you need more than that

It is not an exaggeration when people called lighting as a statement of fashion. You can use minimalist or lavish chandelier with crystal.

It is all about your preference and personal style. Nevertheless, most likely people will choose something looked elegant and mesmerizing.

The current trend is people will tend to choose the modest fixtures and clean-lined with uncovered bulbs. In term of material, the trend of using real brass, white marble, rises again.

Coming more with artistic way, it looks like repeating the traditional taste covered by more millennial style.

4. Inviting Feeling, Thanks to Warm Colors

If you are going to repaint or buy new furniture, consider the color of this year: warm golden complexion with a deep caramel undertone.

Warm and deep undertones are beneficial to show extra texture on your room. On the other hand, you still can expand golden hue with pastel and earthy tone.

It offers more contrast and a different shade of light. Your room will look stunning and out of the box at the same time.

Then, what if you can’t change the wall’s color? Well, do not be sad. There are several ways to give an illusion as if you are changing the color even though your wall remains the same.

You can hang new wall features like macramé, which will alter your plain wall into something more interesting.

The thing is you do not need too much budget if you choose inexpensive wall hangings. Also, change the cover of your cushions, pillows, or rugs. It gives the illusion as if you have a big change.

5. The Art of Layering Textures

The Art of Layering Textures

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Layering is a highly essential technique to ensure all elements on a room works well and creates harmonious flow but still aesthetic as a standalone thing. In these recent years, many people try to implement this technique as a showpiece of their room.

The basic technique yet impressively effective is creating contrast. Besides helping your whole design looks outstanding, it also points out the beauty of each element.

You can make a contrast of colors by combining different shades, patterns by pairing bold with a solid palette, or textures by mixing soft and rough pieces.

After contrasting materials, do not forget to add common elements to bond the room together and avoid a sense of confusing and exaggerating.

For example, if you choose to contrast patterned rugs with vintage wall hanging, pick a similar color to show the cohesiveness of your space.


Applying the current trend of interior design Seattle is interesting and visually pleasing. Moreover, it will elevate the level coziness of your home by showing your taste. It is worth trying!

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