Budget-Friendly Decoration: How to Make a Headboard

In spite of sleeping, the bedroom can also represent the style, preference, and habit of the owner. That is why decorating a bedroom is essential.

One thing that usually forgotten is a headboard, whereas if it is well decorated, it brings another level of ambiance. This how to make a headboard will inspire you.

How to Make a Headboard

The good side is all of these ideas are so budget-friendly. You can do this as your DIY project without taking too much time.

Good things come easily, is there any reason to deny that? So, check this out!

1. Don’t Throw Away the Wood Waste

Don’t Throw Away the Wood Waste

image source: guidepatterns.com

Alter your wood waste to make an artsy headboard. Despite your intention to recycle the waste or to tighten the budget, it is easy to be personalized and the result will not let you down.

The first thing to do is measuring the size. You can combine more than one wood in different color or shade to establish a varied look.

Then, arrange the pieces of wood in vertical and horizontal layout. The vertical is used for the edges and smaller horizontal for the bottom of headboard’s frame.

After that, you can assemble the pieces. Screw it onto the frame and make sure there is no open crack within the wood.

Make sure the screw will not pierce the front of the frame to make a delicate finish. Before fastening down, you should check the frame twice to ensure it is already straight.

Lastly, you can install it now. Two options are available: permanently screw it onto the wall or just place it on the edge of your bed.

Usually, every bed is equipped with legs for headboard. Bear in mind to clean, sand, and polish every piece of wood before assemble and apply it.

2. Bring the Vibes of Countryside into Your Room with Rustic Style

Bring The Vibes of Countryside Into Your Room with Rustic Style

image source: thespruce.com

Who said rustic is all about being old and boring? Instead, you can put texture, style, and color to enhance the comfort of your bed.

However, preserving the natural look of the wood is easy to be combined with another style. It is minimalist but elegant at the same time.

With no more than $100 and suitable for every newbie who wants to deal it by themselves, it is your best choice. This guidance on how to make a headboard is worth trying!

First thing first, same with the previous point, calculate the dimension of your bed. It is okay if your wood has cracks, knots, rough, and looks so rotten. Thus, it elevates the sense of nature itself.

However, always remember to choose the straight one. Tip to get a straight piece of wood is through pretending as an arrow on the bow. Look down the length and height of the wood to see whether it is straight enough.

Take two pieces of wood with the same size. Converge the front legs by gluing to an edge of the leg and then nail it. Make the outside sides still flush while you construct both of the legs.

After that, attach the panel boards on top of the board. Use nails on each side. Only if it is necessary, you can combine it with glue to ensure it is well tightened but not ruin the texture on the surface.

Engrave the panel foregoing nailing the legs to boost the planked appearance.

After the panel boards are ready, continue the steps by embedding the leg pieces on both outsides, and panel trim for the top and bottom of the headboard.

Do not forget to glue the top of the frame. Just hang or uplift it. If it is too heavy, you can nail it each six inches with two inches nails to ensure the durability.

Your headboard is finished. As a final addition, you can use wood filler to fill the holes on the surface and let it dry first before you sand it. To remove the residue, vacuum the headboard and wipe it with damp fabric.

Make sure it is no longer wet or humid then polish it to maintain the wood from termite or any destructive insects. Install it on your bed and headboard is ready to be used.

3. Make the Inexpensive Looks Expensive Through Jute Woven

Make The Inexpensive Looks Expensive Through Jute Woven

image source: thespruce.com

For you who have patient, thorough, and creative soul, jute woven headboard is all you need. Easy to be made with simple tools and materials are perfect to show your high sense of art.

On the other hand, you can fully personalize it because no one will have the same headboard like yours.

Notably, there are numerous ways to do this. The simplest way, scrape a few loops of jute and then stick it to the wall or wood plate on top of your head.

Another tip, you can use dowels as a base followed by hanging DIY macramé headboard. It is suitable if you want to make an oversized headboard.


Well, there is no reason to leave your headboard to be empty and plain. No need too much budget and you can explore countless ideas to give a touch of aesthetic bed.

So, are you ready to try this step-by-step of how to make a headboard?

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