How to Decorate Rooms with Simple Things to Bring Joy in Your Home

How to decorate rooms with simple things

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Many accessories or furniture can be used to decorate rooms to look just like what you want it to be. How to decorate rooms with simple things is not that arduous to do.

You do not have to adorn the rooms with such extravagant things if with only simple ones work.

How to Decorate Rooms with Simple Things

A basic fact about decorating rooms is to find suitable decoration or idea that makes anybody feel at home when seeing or looking at them. You can purchase or DIY them.


Turning an object’s main function into something else beneficial is such a good idea. For example, you can make good use of wastebasket.

Just put it upside down next to your bed, and it becomes a nice table with a cool appearance.

It is such a straightforward move but really fits with the idea of adorning rooms with something simple. Choose a pretty-looking wastebasket that fits as an exchange of a bedside table.


Greenery and planters are essential elements that make a room looks natural. Something does not feel right if you do not have them around the windows or corners.

Who wouldn’t love to have a room with such beautiful greenery? Install also some small mason jars on the walls in which you can put some planters or succulent depending on your preference.

Hang or attach them on wooden boards on a room that needs some improvement.


Flowers are another simple thing you can employ to beautify the living room, for example. You can use a hanging system and place it properly.

Some certain types of flowers can show the identity or personality of the owner. Flowers have various colors and sizes.

They also have some specific requirements if you are about to grow them. You should pay attention to their needs, including how much amount of water and sunlight they should receive.

  • Drainage is important for plants in pots to keep them breathing and growing. If the soil is too wet, it can cause the roots to get rotten, and the plants will die.
  • Nutrients are important for plants, and they rely much on them to thrive. Give them enough fertilizer; it will keep them to grow well.


Redecorate a room can also be a nice way to bring a new ambiance into your room. Repositioning decoration or furniture to make the room look new is advised.

You can also change or add some new accessories.

Sometimes, you might think of looking for new features, whereas you might just need to rearrange the old ones. It is simple and does not cost you any money.


Painting the walls would also be another option to create something fresh in your home. It can be a sign that you are about to start a new chapter in your life.

It can be a starting point where you just want to be a better person with new goals from now on.


Everybody loves entertainment. There are many ways to bring entertainment to your home, from watching movies, playing, to reading books.

Books can also be a simple thing that brings joy to you, right? Pamper yourself by creating a cozy reading nook as simple as a bench along with some pillows.

Not only does the room look elegant with a small library, but you will also get a nice retreat buried with lots of books.


It is time to give the bedroom a touch of beauty and a sense of romance by installing a canopy. There, you can have high white gauze in a soft texture that almost reaches the ceiling and falls down covering the bed.

Apply also a nice set of floral bed sheets and curtains that bring a soft and comfortable feeling along with bedside tables.


A statement deserves to give a try when it comes to decorating rooms. There are plenty of ideas, from creating a simple Polaroid wall, striped wall, or even geometric patterned wall.


The bathroom is one of the many rooms that deserve decoration, too. A simple touch such as a floating shelf will do. The idea is to leave a minimalist impression with something simple like a wooden shelf.

For a compact room, you should think about a way to make it less crowded. These notions can be used to tackle those problems.

  • Get rid of some impractical things as you do not really need them.
  • By doing so, it can make your room visually bigger and spacious, somehow.
  • You can also get some more space to do other things, know where things are and what to do next after removing all the junk pieces.


How to decorate rooms with simple things is a matter of creativity. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of showing your creativity to decorate yours.

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