Ingenious Ideas, How to Decorate Bedroom Walls

How to decorate bedroom walls is a very common question. It appears when you are confused to pick which suitable style or design, especially in decorating the empty walls in the bedroom.

The bedroom has a strong link to intimacy and privacy. It is only natural because you can just be yourself there. With a countless number of ideas and choices to choose from, sometimes it is hard to decide what ideas you should adorn the walls.

Imagine the walls are canvas and you are an artist. You are given 100% authority to decorate the bedroom walls.

The bedroom may not an open or public place where you show off things. However, even a private room like the bedroom needs the same attention as the living room.

Ways to Decorate the bedroom Walls

Using wallpapers or murals can be a solution. Wallpapers have plenty of styles, patterns, and come in many different sizes that you can adjust to meet your needs.

If you are worried about permanent wallpapers, use temporary ones.

They can be removed or changed as you pleased. Therefore, when you get bored or about to leave the room as a renter, the property owner can easily peel them off. Moreover, the walls will be just like once was.

1. Bedroom Wall with Beautiful Wallpaper

Bedroom Wall with Beautiful Wallpaper

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How to put Wallpapers on Wall

  • Firstly, unroll the wallpapers. Wallpapers typically will not lie flat until you hold the edges or put ballast on them for quite some time. Alternatively, you can roll them the opposite side to make them go flat quicker.
  • Next, prepare the area you are going to use, including removing small stuff that might be attached to the wall and clean the surface. Then, you can measure with a measuring tape how long or wide space needs.
  • To avoid having a short cut, you can let the wallpaper hang with some excess you can trim later. Apply from the top to the bottom while peeling them off. You can use a smoother if necessary to get a nice and flat result.
  • This is important. Avoid having some bubbles in the middle of the wallpapers as it can turn the wallpapers ugly. After that, you can repeat all the steps and cut the excess part with a scissor or razor. You can ask a friend to help you with it.

Be careful when applying on the somewhat old walls. If the wallpapers still stick firmly while being removed, the wall skin can be peeled off.

2. Add a Rug

Add a Rug

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Another idea that would make your walls look pretty is by adding a decorative rug. Hanging a rug on one of the walls is a simple and nice idea you can do.

You can hang it over the headboard and it can be a nice comfortable background.

3. Hang a Mirror

Hang a Mirror

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A mirror or a collection of mirrors would not be a wrong option to try. You can either have a huge one that you can put above the headboard if you think that fits you.

Alternatively, a mirror collection that would make your bedroom wall appears like a small, shining gallery.

4. Wooden Wall

Wooden Wall

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Wooden statement wall would make your wall decoration to the next level. Try this idea if you are keen on something with a natural touch of woods for the bedroom.

It will save some space compared to using a headboard.

Besides, it can cover the whole wall and make it the focal point for your bedroom. The next thing to add could be a simple art on it like a painting or accessories.

When black and white are not pretty much your cup of tea, this idea would be fit for you. An ombre wall gives a nice and beautiful look with its soft and cool appearance.

The bedroom would be felt much calm and comfortable. Artworks are meant to be displayed as they can give happiness or pleasure to whoever sees them.

The essence of having them on the walls will be much better if you create them yourself. Remember to keep it simple when applying them so that it does not too crowded.

Memories are precious things many people cherish. They can be expressed or kept on many platforms such as pictures or paintings. They would simply make your room walls feel so emotional every time you stare at them.

  • Yes, they can be an alternative notion to embellish the bedroom walls. They look simple but leave a deep and very powerful meaning as a means to portraying your life journey.

A world map also sounds like an interesting idea if you love something about abstract or artsy things and its kind.

It has a deep meaning one can enjoy about the pattern the map shows such as how beautiful the patterns it has.

Friendly Reminder and Tips

Just like any other room, the bedroom requires some storage. It is such a useful feature you should have because there may be lots of stuff you want to keep to create a neat and tidy room.

The idea of decorating the bedroom walls is not only to have a pretty appearance but to get a cozy feel too. The lighting should also be considered as it can improve the room to become nicer in every part.

Installing at least two different lighting ideas including ambient and accent lighting will help maximize the current state the bedroom has.


How to decorate bedroom walls should be an issue as the definition of whether it is pretty or not is an objective thing others cannot judge.

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