10 Extraordinary Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

No matter how magnificent your kitchen, it is nothing without a great illumination. Since it is ultimately a vital part of home design, you have to choose the right light fixture. So, let’s take a look at some extraordinary kitchen lighting ideas.

1. Stunning Chandeliers

Stunning Chandeliers


If you think that ubiquitous downlights are nice for your kitchen. Please go beyond them. These deer antler chandeliers spectacularly work as statement-making pieces. Their swanky and chic character fits well with the rustic theme of the traditional cook room. Are they interesting? Check out our guidance here!

  • Keep the color of your kitchen subdued.
  • Bring natural elements into it such as a wooden dining set, wooden cabinet, wooden floor, and brick backsplash.
  • Do not hesitate to hang an artwork on the wall.
  • Black icebox is also critical for vintage flair.

2. Industrial Pendants

Industrial Pendants


Any kitchen obviously is able to cook up an outstanding look with artful industrial-style pendants. Furthermore, they really adorn the whole modern kitchenette. They are balancing the minimal design and retro one. There is nothing more sophisticated than them. Let me give you some clues to create this space.

  • Select dominantly white color scheme. It produces a bright, open, and airy framework.
  • For a warm setting, you may stick to the wood floor and wood stools.
  • Suspend 3 long metal pendant lights above your marble-top kitchen island. They are gonna light up your dining ensemble.

3. Lanterns



As classic fixtures, lanterns won’t fail to exude their pleasing and majestic aura. Fortunately, they blend perfectly with any design. Whether you have a contemporary or farmhouse kitchen, they will always introduce a punch of old British charm into your home. Do you have a love for them? Give them a try!

  • Paint the ceiling, cabinet, door, and walls in the neutral palette.
  • Kitchen island’s top, floor, ceiling beams, and walls are made from wood.
  • Install 3 black lanterns exactly over your kitchen island. They can deliver romantic air to your dinner.

4. Rattan Texture

Rattan Texture


Rattan fixture is so versatile. It is not only unique, but also performs as a trendy companion to a lot of styles like coastal, rustic, tropical, and shabby-chic. Even your tiny cook room will not appear bland anymore with the help of this refreshed retro lighting trend. Make your visitors envy by implementing this idea.

  • Choose soft and light shades for your cooking space.
  • Install large glass windows to let the sunlight and natural view in.
  • Liven up your area with a potted plant on the kitchen sink.
  • For a larger kitchen, you can suspend several rattan pendant lights on the ceiling.

5. Glass Hanging Lamps

Glass Hanging Lamps


Wanna improve your kitchen? Glass light fixtures are such a brilliant solution. Their transparency will radiate a good amount of brightness to the entire area. They are surely gonna steal the show as well. Thanks to them because you won’t be cooking with a shadowy ceiling again. Crazy about them? Read our instructions.

  • Do not be afraid to color your cook room in a darker shade.
  • Black furnitures are allowed in this design.
  • To create a sufficient lighting, you need to hang a group of glass pendant lamps near the kitchen island and kitchen sink.
  • Potlights are helpful to spruce up yours along with clear glass pendant lights.

6. LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights


Dream of having an elegant kitchenette? Warm and quiet LED lights are the way to go. In this picture, LED strips are perched underneath the kitchen island, cabinetry and on backsplash. They completely emanate zen, modern, and sculptural feeling.

Plus, you might notice the floating effect. They are worth to purchase for sure.

  • Before installing LED strips, your cooking area must be in minimal decor.
  • To give serene and neat setting, you should store the things in huge cabinetry.
  • Artwork, potted plant, flowers, and photographs embellish your space.

7. Eye-Catching Orbs

Eye-Catching Orbs


Probably, you need an unexpected item to upgrade your cook room. These astonishing iron orbs stand out in your kitchen on their best. In addition, they can transform your old-looking kitchen into something exotic and alluring. Just follow our instructional steps to get the same touch.

  • Select the pastel space scheme. Blue and green are strongly recommended.
  • Then, you can go for a concrete floor, brick wall, and exposed wooden ceiling beams.
  • Suspend iron orbs on some spots as you wish.
  • Place a metallic refrigerator to accentuate industrial vibes.

8. Decorative Track Lighting

Decorative Track Lighting


Add functionality and style to your cooking space with divine track lights. Once you suspend them on the ceiling, your kitchen will get the brand new appearance. Moreover, track lighting makes a small cook room more spacious, brighter, and tranquil. Steal this idea to avoid a dim place.

  • Show off their marvelous accent by painting your ceiling in white.
  • Create a uniform look with wooden furnitures. They should come in light and dark shades.
  • Install the track lights on the most needed areas.
  • The patterned curtain can be a striking completer.

9. Brash Finishes

Brash Finishes


Nothing beats this kitchenette. Because golden brass pendant lights successfully tuck the basic white cook room into a posh area. They also add an indulgently dramatic nuance to your abode. If you are a person who appreciates an understated luxury, our directions are seriously worth trying.

  • First, opt for a white ceiling and walls.
  • Second, the wooden floor will evoke a welcoming ambience.
  • Third, for a more sumptuous touch, you can pick out marble backsplash, marble countertop, and a marble kitchen island.
  • Fourth, install long glass windows below the ceiling.
  • Fifth, greenery is a critical part.

10. Twig Chandeliers

Twig Chandeliers


Do you want to uplift your kitchen style in one snap? Show-stopping twig chandeliers obviously can do that job. They also infuse your cook room with dynamics. Furthermore, they marry delicately with a farmhouse or rustic decor. If you love adding some whimsy to your abode, let’s get our tutorial started.

  • First of all, you must have a covered ceiling and select earthy tones.
  • Second, a wood floor and flagstone fireplace are lovely completers of twig chandeliers.
  • Third, windowed doors are necessary to create an airy, inviting, and clean feeling.
  • Fourth, the bigger your space, the more intricate your twig chandeliers should be.

We truly hope our brief explanations about extraordinary kitchen lighting ideas have motivated you to give your home a new boost. So, let’s remove your old and monotonous light fixtures with remarkable ones.

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