5 Best DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas on The Budget

A memorable wedding concept began with a great invitation design. That’s why most the couple spends lots of their time looking for a nice and decent invitation. But since a wedding needs a big amount of expense, you might want to cut a budget by creating your own wedding invitation. The following article is going to give you DIY wedding invitation ideas.

How to Make a Wedding Invitation

Before choosing one of these DIY wedding invitation ideas, we will give you some advice on how to make a wedding invitation without hassle.

  • Choosing The Concept

Before even dealing with paper and guest list, you need to know what kind of concept you want to make at your wedding. This concept must relate to your wedding party, ornaments, even with your dress!

You can discuss your idea for the wedding with your family and especially with your future husband. Remember to include precise budget estimation and that also includes on how much you want to spend on your wedding invitation.

  • Buy Your Own Supplies

Even a DIY wedding invitation will need supplies such as a cardstock and paper. Rather than using a cardstock from the printing store, you may want to cut corners by buying a cheaper cardstock and paper from the market. Then, you only need the printing for a design that you have come up to.

Remember, a cheap product is not always bad. Some of the affordable products do have quality. You just need to be more thorough in choosing your supplies.

  • Make List of Creative Friends

Nowadays, the art of hand lettering has been very popular. You can also use this idea on your wedding invitation. But first, you should enlist a friend that close enough to be asked on making a beautiful hand lettering design.

Another option is to find a friend that loves to create a crafty card design. Ask he or she to create a design that will represent your wedding theme. I ensure you that those options will save you more money instead of using a professional designer.

Even more, this wedding invitation project will become their portfolio. So this is definitely a mutualism project. But you still got to value their work of art.

  • Choose a Simple Design

Simple is better. You can always pick an easier task by choosing a simple but memorable wedding invitation design. There are many wedding invitation designs that can be prepared in a short amount of time.

You can always take the shortcut by sending an electronic invitation to all of your colleagues and families but is that what you want? If no, then you got to keep on reading.

Next, we will provide you with samples on how a DIY wedding invitation should look like, here you go!

Best DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Earlier we have explained a glimpse about how to make a wedding invitation. But of course, you need vivid examples of what a DIY wedding invitation will look like. Below, we provide some of the unique yet simple and beautiful cards that can still be modified.

Usually, to create a wedding invitation you will need:

  • Craft paper
  • Cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • Hemp rope
  • Scissors
  • Printing machine and computer (if you’re going to digitalize your invitation’s design)

The supplies needed can vary depends on the card design. Okay, without further ado let’s see these DIY wedding invitation ideas.

1. Simple Hand Lettering Invitation

Simple Hand Lettering Invitation


Like said before, the art of hand lettering can be the best option that’s low on the budget. You only need a little preparation to create such a pretty invitation. To make such a rustic invitation you need to:

  • Pick a craft paper or a recycled paper. You can also use a simple brown textured paper.
  • Create a hand lettering design. You don’t need much ink color, as shown on the picture it only uses white and black ink.
  • As an ornament, you can use hemp ropes.

Put holes on both edges of the paper. Fold the paper so each hole meets. Then, insert the hemp rope into the hole and make a simple knot. Your wedding invitation is ready to be sent.

2. Gamers Couple Unique Wedding Invitation

Gamers Couple Unique Wedding Invitation


Put your passion to games onto your wedding invitation, just like shown in the picture. This time, you need an effort to make a picture as seen on Super Mario game. For this job, you can use the talent from one of your friends.

To make this design look more fun, you can add a pull-down paper for additional information about your wedding. Don’t forget to put a small guide for your guest. This definitely will add more game impression to the invitation.

3. Infographic of Your Love Journey

Infographic of Your Love Journey


Everybody must have a lovely story on how they met and falling in love. That kind of story usually draws attention, especially from your family and friends. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear a romantic story about someone they know, right?

So, what you should do is to write milestones of your love journey with your future husband. Make it interesting with a hand lettering design and a cartoon picture of you and your love mate. End the story with an invitation along with the date and place of your wedding party.

The best thing about this invitation is how it will be memorable and inexpensive at the same time. Even you might want to keep this invitation and make it as a token from your wedding memory.

4. Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard


Vintage style can never go wrong. Just like this wedding invitation idea. What so good about this invitation idea is:

  • It has multi-function. An invitation also a postcard at the same time.
  • The vintage design makes it worth to be collected. All the more if your colleagues are a postcard collector.
  • Really easy to be executed.

You can imitate the color and the font used on the picture. Of course, you can change the color or the overall design according to your personal preferences. But a gold color is such an elegant choice for your postcard wedding invitation. Therefore, you might want to consider using it, instead of choosing other colors.

5. Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar


This DIY wedding invitation idea is really easy to be made. You only need to print out a calendar look-a-like. Make a heart sign on the month and date of your wedding party. But wait a minute, it’s not just a simple calendar.

This idea includes a post-it complete with a pair of your photos. Of course, you must pick cute but romantic photos with your fiance.


So, what do you think? Which one of these DIY wedding invitation ideas that look attractive and fit your personality? Whatever it is, just remember that a great wedding invitation can be achieved at low cost.

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