10 Affordable and Easy DIY Wedding Backdrop Ideas

A wedding backdrop usually costs a fortune. Well, it actually quite normal since the backdrop does create the ambiance of your wedding party. It represents the theme of your important day and it will be the center of attention for the guests. But actually, there is a way to cut corners by choosing one of these DIY wedding backdrop ideas.

1. Rustic Style Using Frames

Rustic Style Using Frames


If you are a big fan of a rustic style, then this idea is a must try. Aside of its simplicity, this wedding backdrop can be manifested using unused things. Like the rear of the backdrop that uses an unused material to hanging classic frames and lamp.

The great thing about this wedding backdrop is:

  • You can use this idea for an outdoor or indoor wedding party.
  • If you like it, you can take this backdrop home and use it as a house decoration.

2. Beautiful Paper Flower

Beautiful Paper Flower


Simple is better. Again, this idea shows that the phrase is true. Using only a black backdrop and paper flower as ornaments, this idea looks stunning and chic. Not only the queen and king of the day can enjoy posing in front of that backdrop, but the guests will like it too.

What you need to create such an idea are:

  • Craft paper in three or four different colors. It will be great if you choose a gradation color rather than a totally different color for the flower. But don’t forget to buy a green craft paper to make the leaf.
  • Double tape.
  • Blackboard (you can use a chalkboard if you want to).
  • Green paint. You can see in the picture that some of the leaves are made of paintings.

And the most important thing is a creative skill to put together these supplies into a beautiful backdrop. But don’t worry, it quite easy to make a flower paper.

3. Classic Frames with a Curtain

Classic Frames with a Curtain


Maybe this is the most effortless idea you can get. Don’t get me wrong, this idea looks elegant and classy at the same time. You won’t regret having this backdrop on your special day.

The drapery of the curtain that combined with golden frames does it all. Either the innocent vibe or its simplicity, everything seems right. Moreover, this idea will definitely save your budget.

4. Chalkboard with Hand Lettering

Chalkboard with Hand Lettering


Hand lettering art has never been this good. This idea is an easy-peasy backdrop that still looks like a piece of art. Of course, you really need a help of a typographic artist. Otherwise, you won’t get this kind of beautiful work of art.

But hey, who knows that one of your friends were into this kind of art. That way you have a chance to ask for their help to make this wedding backdrop. Well, another savings for the honeymoon, right!

5. Messy but Pretty

Messy but Pretty


Wedding at an unused building? Messy papers here and there? Why not? All you need is the right colors for the wedding. And, voila it looks pretty in a unique way!

This idea might be the one that fits best for a person with such a creative and free soul. Because like shown in the picture, the backdrop consists of lots of various flower papers in many shapes and colors. But the result shows that the diversity does works.

6. “Flower Flower Sticking on The Wall….”

“Flower Flower Sticking on The Wall…


Remember the phrase “mirror mirror hanging on the wall….” from the famous story Snow White? Well, then it’s kind of similar. But instead of a mirror, you’ll see a bunch of small bouquet sticking on the wall neatly.

What you need to make this wedding backdrop are:

  • Dried flowers and leaves. You will need to make small bouquets, so it will be good to have various kinds of flowers.
  • Hemp ropes. This rope can be used to tie the flowers and make it a bouquet.
  • Nylon string. Use the nylon string to make a neat line. It will help you on sticking the small bouquet neatly.
  • Duct tapes. The duct tapes are used for sticking the small bouquets on the wall.

Although this idea seems too simple, as you can see the result is pretty awesome. Not only it has a romantic vibe, it is also enchanting.

7. Disco Vibe

Disco Vibe


Who said a wedding must stick to the romantic and innocent theme? Well, this idea might seem breaking the common style. A disco kind of thing is the theme that showed from the picture.

Hanging disc papers that combining a black, white, and golden color will really boost your mood. You can choose a paper disc that tends to give a glittery effect. This idea also works well indoors or in an outdoors party.

8. Innocent Look with Loop and Lace

Innocent Look with Loop and Lace


Looking for a wedding backdrop that radiates an innocent feeling? Then you’re looking at the right sample. This wedding backdrop idea will give you an emotional feeling with its beautiful and simple looks.

What you need to create this idea are:

  • Wooden loop for sewing. Choose a wooden loop for sewing in some different sizes.
  • White lace. You can choose any patterns that suit your style. These laces will be put onto the wooden loop.
  • White ribbon. The white ribbon will be used as an accent to adorn the wooden loop. Just put it hanging on one side of the loop.
  • Nylon string. Same as before, the nylon string will be used to hang all of the wooden loops.

9. Vow Along The Way

Vow Along The Way


This idea includes the aisle that connected with the backdrop. At a glance, you might think it’s an ordinary backdrop. But it is not.

The aisle and the backdrop are made of fabric that been printed with the wedding vow! How amazing is it? The sacred vow that both of the couples wrote can be used as a beautiful decoration for the wedding. Furthermore, this backdrop is also easy to make.

10. Curtain with Fairy Lamps and Burlap

Curtain with Fairy Lamps and Burlap


A fairy lamp does make a romantic feeling. That is exactly what showed from the idea. A beautiful curtain with white flower papers looks pure. And the burlap on the middle of the curtain complements this backdrop prettily.


There are still lots of ideas out there. But these DIY wedding backdrop ideas perhaps the easiest and cheapest you can get! Remember, marriage needs lots of budgets. So, there’s nothing wrong with saving some bucks.

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