10 DIY Plant Stand Ideas for an Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

Plants give so many benefits to their environment. That makes them to be the absolute items to have for every household. Nonetheless, without good stands and nice arrangement, plants couldn’t beautify your house no matter where you place them. A list of DIY plant stand ideas is presented as today’s article’s topic to help you decorate the house.

As decorations, the plant stand ideas will be divided into two groups of outdoor and indoor. Each group will consist of five samples. Now, let’s go straight to group one, please.

DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Outdoor Decoration

1. Wooden Planter Stand

Wooden Planter Stand


Some plant stands are purposely made with simple design to support the already beautiful plants. These wooden planter stands visually explain what it means to you. To make a planter, you will need:

  • A cedar plank to be the legs and the x-shaped base,
  • Wood stain, the outdoor type is preferable,
  • A sander,
  • A saw, and
  • Wood glue.

The building process is pretty easy as cutting, rounding, sanding, gluing, and staining are the things you need to do. Staining the stand is the last step after the legs and base are glued together securely. Be sure to measure the width and length so that the stand you build fit the pots.

2. Metal Lantern Plant Stand

Metal Lantern Plant Stand


Lucky us, we come to a versatile sample. This type of planter fits to be placed both indoor and outdoor. It depends on what kind of plants you want to display.

Since cactus used in the picture is an outdoor plant, so let’s just conclude this plant stand as an outdoor type. According to its name, it is initially a metal lantern that modified into a planter by sawing some parts of it. Placing a bowl on top of it will be the last step. This DIY planter will cost you only a tenth from the price of the store bought one.

3. File Cabinet Planter

Rustic Coffee Bar


Who would have guessed that an old file cabinet could be transformed into a planter? To stand your balcony plants, on top of that! Wow. This is another level of repurposing. The making process is also easy. Remove all of the cabinet until you left with only the frame. Lay it down, coat the outer sides with outdoor paint, and you’re set.

4. Multi-Level Plant Stands

Multi-Level Plant Stands


We tell you ahead of time: this kind of outdoor planter is really great. It gives you not only multi-levels, but also multi-benefits. Some of the advantages are:

  • You could display various kinds of plants altogether and make the space seems more vibrant.
  • In times you want to have the plants to be somewhere else, you’re able to move them all at once.
  • It eases your job of watering the plant.

5. Tomato Cage Plant Stands

Tomato Cage Plant Stands


This last idea of plant stand would probably be the cutest and easiest DIY project. It takes more or less than 15 minutes to make one and costs you only a little. The requirements you need are tomato cages, bolt cutters, spray paints, and metal file. You could get the tomato cages from the hardware store.

DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Indoor Decoration

1. Copper Pipe + Wood Slice Side Table

Copper Pipe + Wood Slice Side Table


Apparently, there are times when contemporary and rustic looking good to be a paired. And this side table that double as a plant stand proves it to you. It gets the contemporary touch from the copper pipe while the rustic look is derived from the wood slice. The latter element gives out the vibe of smooth and humble.

From its original purpose as a side table, we get that it fits to be your bedroom decoration. And the mini plant above it would be your best sleeping accompany.

2. Mini Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand

Mini Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand


The second indoor plant stand idea you have here has the style of mid-century contemporary. What give such style away are the tapered legs. The characteristic of some sort indicates some modernity from mid century era. You could choose to either have this with its original look or finish it with a bright paint color.

Don’t worry; either way won’t lead you to lose the initial style. So, feel free to pick whichever you desire.

3. Candle Holder Plant Stand

Candle Holder Plant Stand


The plants that work best to stand on this planter are succulents. You see why. They ease your job of planting them in and removing them out with their small size. And succulents couldn’t grow any bigger so they fit there for as long as you want them to be. You should plant a different type for each holder to get the best appearance.

4. Colorful Wooden Planter Stand

Colorful Wooden Planter Stand


These wooden planters are pretty much similar to the previous one. Why, because the former is indeed inspired by the latter. Though so, this and that project has at least three differences: the materials used, variety of heights, and colorful paints involved. You could also tell the two projects apart from the plants container.

The first project combines the wooden planter with ceramic pot plants. Meanwhile, this planter project calls for some glass jars as the plants displayed also varied in size. The supplies you need besides wood and paint are a rubber cutting mat, a utility knife, sandpaper, small nails, wood glue, a ruler, and a pen.

5. Walnut + White Metal Plant Stand

Walnut + White Metal Plant Stand


This indoor planter uses a shelf to hold some orchid plants. The shelf originally has a tabletop that protrudes in all sides. In order to fit the given small spot at the corner of the room, the tabletop then was removed and replaced with walnut-veneered plywood which cut perfectly to the size of the shelf.

Now the shelf doesn’t have the sharp edged tabletop anymore. And with the help of those orchitop carousel pots in pearl finishes, the whole plant stand appearance is more than just amazing.


Eventually, what differentiate between outdoor and indoor planter as a decoration relies on what kind of finishing you will use, besides the type of plant that you choose. Please, look through these DIY plant stand ideas once more if you get confused. Have a nice day!


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