10 Effortless DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Photographs are the most magical thing ever. They don’t speak, but they can conjure up thousands of beautiful memories. Even sometimes you want to share them with other people. To make it epic, you definitely need beautiful picture frames. Read on to find 10 effortless DIY picture frame ideas.

1. Unique Twig Frame

Unique Twig Frame


This is a super easy and cheap picture frame idea that you are going to love most. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to make this beautiful frame. You don’t even need to spend a buck. Just grab your old frame and get some twigs.

First of all, you need to apply some glue on the old frame. After that, attach some twigs that you have collected previously on it. Make sure that the twigs cover the surface of the frame completely so that you can’t see the old frame anymore.

To kick it up a notch, you can attach some flowers and leaves or some flower petals on the corner of the frame.

2. Popsicle Stick Frames

Popsicle Stick Frames


Repurposing some popsicles is another affordable and effortless idea that you can try. You only need to get some popsicles and glue them together. You can either leave it that way or paint it your favorite color. You can also draw some patterns using a color pen just like the one that you can see in this picture. It will add a pop of color to your photograph.

3. Super Simple Tape Frame

Super Simple Tape Frame


Sitting at your desk while reading the book can be mundane. Therefore, you need attractive thing to embellish the wall and turn it into a good centerpiece. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just pull your drawer out and find some color tapes. Now, you just need to harness your creativity.

First of all, get your best photographs or even the photographs of your favorite singers, or anything that can encourage you to study and get rid of your boredom. Attach them on the wall.

Finally, get your tapes and begin to make some border lines around the photos. You can apply one color or two to make border lines of one photograph. It is a snap, isn’t it?

4. Dont Throw Away Your Old Windows

 Don’t Throw Away Your Old Windows


Have you just refurbished your house? I hope you haven’t thrown away your old windows yet because they can make spectacular picture frames. These windows are such inexpensive frames which surprisingly turn out well.

You simply need to attach the photos that you want to display to the glasses and hang them on the wall. For a rustic look, you can just stain or whitewash them. If you want it to be more beautiful, you can paint them your favorite color.

5. Cheap Picture Frame Idea

 Cheap Picture Frame Idea


The good thing of DIY is you can make anything that suits your style well without draining your cash. Just like this super cheap DIY picture frame.

To make this picture frame, you need to get a pair of 2×1 inches Balsa wood lengths. They are quite light so you will find it easy to work with. Besides, Balsa wood provides the charm of a natural grain. Just make sure that they are two centimeters longer than your photograph.

Besides Balsa wood lengths, you will also need to get two picture frame hooks, four adhesive strips, a chain necklace that you no longer wear, and two pom-poms.

First of all, install the picture hooks by twisting them into the top of one of the Balsa woods. Apply the adhesive strips on the back ends of the woods. Peel off the adhesive strips and begin to attach each corner of the front part of the photograph.

Tie the necklace through the hooks, then attach the pom-poms to cover the flaws made by the hooks. Hang the picture on the wall.

6. Color Pencils Give Pops of Color

Up-Cycling Egg Carton


Making this picture frame is merely a breeze. Even your kids can make it well. You just need to help them cutting their color pencils. After that, get a plain picture frame and apply some glue onto it.

Now this is the most interesting part. You can let your kids attach the cuts of their color pencils until they cover the frame completely. These color pencils add pops of color to the plain frame.

7. Up-Cycling Egg Carton

Easy Twig Picture Frame


You might think that egg cartons are mere trash. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can get a lot of fantastic things from an egg carton. And thus, don’t throw it away.

To make a wonderful yet effortless picture frame out of an egg carton, you need to cut each “bump” out of the carton. Make four petals by cutting each bump from the edge to the center so that they form flowers.

Apply some glue on a frame and begin to assemble the flowers until they cover it completely. You can dye the flowers before assembling them if you want them to be more colorful.

8. Easy Twig Picture Frame

Easy Twig Picture Frame


This is another picture frame idea using twigs, but it is much easier to make and you can make it faster, too. You just need to get four medium twigs and tie them together using jute yarn. And, voila! A wonderful picture frame is ready in less than five minutes.

9. Sparkling Button Frame

Sparkling Button Frame


Your kids are going to love this picture frame idea. And thus, you need to include it in the list of your next DIY project with them. To make this cute frame, you need to prepare a plain wooden frame, a lot of buttons, some ribbons, and paints.

You can begin to ask your kids to paint the frame. Once it is painted, they can begin attaching the buttons until they completely cover the surface of the frame. Accentuate the corner of it with some ribbons. And display the picture.

10. Floral Tape Frame

Floral Tape Frame


This frame looks elegant and beautiful. And the good news is you can make it at home. You just need some floral tape and faux flowers that you can get from a florist near you. Arrange the beautiful flowers on the bottom corner of the frame and the floral tape on the opposite corner then it is ready to impress your guests.

Now you know that DIY picture frame ideas can be beautiful and impressive despite the materials. Besides, they are easy to make even for beginners. Happy trying!

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