6 Simplest yet Adorable DIY Photo Frame Ideas

Displaying photos are one of the common things people do to recall good memories. Either alone or together with families, photos keep you remind those happy moments. Some people might satisfy with an ordinary photo frame from the market. But why don’t use some creativity and personalize your very own photo frame? Don’t worry! We’ll help you with these DIY photo frame ideas below.

How to Make a Photo Frame

The great thing about doing a DIY project is that you have a limitless feasibility on how you want to execute your project. Just like this DIY photo frame project. You can use any materials that crossed your mind. You might not need to buy things as a photo frame can be made by using simple materials that can be found in your house.

Before deciding with materials or the photo frame design, you better:

  • Measure the photos that will be displayed.
  • Make a group of photos with the same sizes to simplify your DIY project.
  • You should also consider where you want o put the frame. Hanging on the wall or stand on the table. Both will need a different kind of treatment.

The basic things needed on executing a DIY photo frame are:

  • Glue gun (you can also use wood glue or PVC glue. It all depends on which materials you use).
  • It will handy to mark the measurement on the material.
  • Measuring tape. You can also use an ordinary liner.

There are at least six materials from home appliances that can be used to create a picture frame easily. The following will show you some of the best DIY photo frame ideas along that are really easy to make. Each using six different materials that can easily spot at your house:

1. Photos on The Wooden Pallet

Photos on The Wooden Pallet


An unused wooden pallet can be found around the house. Even you can find some of it stacked in the dumpster. Perhaps at first, you won’t believe that a worn pallet wood can be transformed into a unique photo frame just like you see on the picture.

But then again, a creative idea really able to change almost anything into useful stuff, a photo frame. To create this idea you will need:

  • Using a wooden pallet means that you must be cautious by wood flakes that might poke your finger. Therefore, sandpaper will come in handy. The sandpaper will helps to smooth the wood surface.
  • Printed map. This printed map will be used to color the pallet wood.
  • Mod Podge and a sponge. Both are used to transfer the map onto the pallet wood.
  • Push pins and bulldog clips. These are used to attach your picture onto the colored wooden pallet.

There you go! The wooden pallet has become your new photo frame.

2. Popsicle Stick

Popsicle Stick


Popsicle stick maybe has the most craft possibilities. It can be used as a house décor, a shelf, a tray, and also a photo frame. There at least five advantages of using ice cream stick as your DIY photo frame materials:

  • It’s cheap and easy to find. You can buy it or simply collect it every single time you bought an ice cream.
  • Popsicles are easy to modify. You can stack them, cut them into shapes you want, or paint them in many colors. Just play with your imagination.
  • It’s light yet quite durable. Of course, you need to see the quality of popsicles you’ll use.
  • Kids love them! You can make this DIY photo frame project with your little ones. I bet they’ll like it a lot.

3. Unused Paper

Unused Paper


Rather than stacking all of your old magazines or newspaper around the corner, you might want to turn them into something useful, like a photo frame. Moreover, this idea is really easy to make. What you need are:

  • Magazines paper. The best thing about magazine papers is it has gloss and smooth texture. So, it’s easy to be folded or scroll in any shape.
  • Either using a glue gun or other glue is okay.
  • Measuring tape. To make a precise frame size you will need a measuring tape. Then, you will able to make a clean and neat design as shown in the picture.

4. Cardboard

Cardboard Idea


Making a photo frame using a cardboard will give you the freedom to create any shapes and design. Aside from its natural color, cardboard also can be found in your house easily. You can buy a new or use a remaining or waste cardboard.

As you can see in the picture, instead of an ordinary square shape, you can opt a circular form in several sizes. Not only the size that difference one to another but the insertion of the photo is also distinct. Some were inserted in the bottom, while the rest are placed on the top of the frame.

5. Just Put-On The Washi Tape

Just Put-On The Washi Tape


The washi tape is known for its cute and adorable pattern. In fact, you will not need other ornaments if you are using washi tapes for your DIY photo frame ideas. What you need are:

  • Worn out frame or a cardboard that already formed.
  • Washi tape. There are various patterns of washi tapes in the market. You can pick any that suited your preferences.
  • You’ll need this tool to cut the washi tape.

When all of the tools were prepared, you need to line the washi tape all over the frame. Cover all over the frame completely. Do it carefully to get a neat result. One tip for you, don’t let the washi tape wrinkled. Make sure it fully attached on the frame’s surface.

6. A Mason Jar Photo Frame

A Mason Jar Photo Frame


Have an unused mason jar at home? You might want to give this idea a shot. Aside from its simplicity, you also find it a good decoration for your dresser or buffet. On this sample shown above, you only need a mason jar with seal. Put your photo inside the jar. As an ornament, you can tie a black ribbon on top of the jar, right on the sealing spot.


Those DIY photo frame ideas might be the simplest you can do. But there is always a room to add some variations to it. Just give it a try and you will see how fun this DIY can be.


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