10 Super Creative DIY Headphone Stands (Some are from Recycled Materials)

Whether you are into music or an avid online gamer, spare headphones are some of the things that you need. Since an old-fashioned headphone is big, it takes up space. More of them tend to clutter your room. To solve that problem, you need a DIY Headphone Stand for them.

Of course, you may not want just a regular headphone stand. You can start creating your own. If you still have not got any ideas, some of these DIY Headphone Stand examples may help you:

1. The Wooden, DIY Headphone Stand

The Wooden, DIY Headphone Stand

Source: https://atmedia.imgix.net/

Wood is the easiest material you can choose to make a DIY Headphone Stand. In fact, you can even use the recycled ones, whether it is from:

  • A makeshift, unused coat hanger.
  • A hanger for your bathroom towels.
  • What used to be the legs of a table.

For the last bit, you might need an extra woodwork. Make sure the wood is strong and solid enough to hold the headphone, since it can be pretty heavy.

2. Metal or Iron Bars That Used to Belong to Microphone Stands or Metal Chairs or Desks

Metal or Iron Bars That Used to Belong to Microphone Stands or Metal Chairs or Desks

Source: https://bolondonrestaurant.com/

Well, since the materials are more or less suitable with the headphones themselves, then why not? It is better that you use an old table microphone stand, since it is much shorter than the taller one. Surely, you would like to save some trouble cutting some parts, especially if you are not really into hard work.

You can modify the top a bit with plastic or fiber platforms. Once they are glued perfectly to the top, test their strength by hanging your headphones. If they do not break, then you have a DIY headphone stand.

3. A Hook Under The Table

A Hook Under The Table

Source: https://pinterest.com/

Yes, this idea might definitely amuse you. It starts off as hook to hang your bag under the table at the restaurant. After a while, why not do that with your headphone too?

Of course, you need to make sure that the hook is also strong enough for your headphones. Not only that, it should also be longer, since a headphone is different to a women’s handbag strap.

4. A DIY Headphone Stand from Cardboard Box Lids

A DIY Headphone Stand from Cardboard Box Lids

Source: https://bolondonrestaurant.com/

Do you see the rough edges of the cardboard box lids? That can also give you an interesting idea for a headphone stand. This is one of the examples.

The stuff that you need to create something like this include:

  • Old, unused cardboard boxes.
  • Big, strong scissors special for cutting thicker stuff (not just papers).
  • A cutter to shape and trim the edges.
  • A strong glue when needed.

Since this requires quite a hardwork and a lot of unused cardboard boxes, you can start with the designing first. Once you are done, start cutting and shaping the cardboard pieces in any way you like.

Join the pieces together with glue once you are done. You might want to trim the edges with a cutter. Try to stand it up first before hanging your headphone there. The thicker the piles glued together, the stronger it is to hold it.

5. A Plastic, DIY Headphone Stand

A Plastic, DIY Headphone Stand

Source: https://bolondonrestaurant.com/

This project can also solve the environmental issue called ‘plastic waste’. You can start with unused household things made of plastic. It takes some crafting skills (and also willingness) to turn trash into this treasure.

For example, there is a table lamp that you no longer use, especially with thicker, much wider frame. Remove the top and start trimming the edges. After that, hang your headphones there.

6. Relying on Your Action Figures or Dolls

Relying on Your Action Figures or Dolls

Source: https://pinterest.com/

Running out of ideas? Start relying on your superhero and let him solve your problem. No, just kidding. If you have some of the action figures you no longer want to play with, do not just leave them in the drawer or on a display case.

Scratch that. This Spiderman is can also be a single display, even with hanging headphones. Of course, the toy has to be big enough or it will topple over.

7. Your Former Doorknob

Your Former Doorknob

Source: https://atmedia.imgix.net/

As interesting as this looks, never use the doorknob while it is still part of a real door. Either it will crash your headphones to the floor numerous times or you will be bugged by its inconvenience.

A better solution is to make sure the doorknob is no longer part of a real door. By attaching it to the wall of your bedroom, you have two functions, a DIY headphone stand and a unique decoration.

8. A Used Megaphone or a Giant Decorative Toy

A Used Megaphone or a Giant Decorative Toy

Source: https://pinterest.com/

If you have a megaphone you no longer use or a giant, decorative toy, this is the best way to maximise either to their fullest potential. To avoid cluttering your headphones on the floor or leaving them scattered on your desk, this is the saviour.

If it is a megaphone, just turn it over so the pointy part faces upward. You may add a few things as handler (fibres or plastic). If it is a giant toy like this one, just use it. Doesn’t it look cute in the picture?

9. An Old Painting Roller

An Old Painting Roller

Source: https://atmedia.imgix.net/

So, this used to be a roller to paint your house or bedroom wall when you redecorated it. Big deal. After a while, the grip no longer feels steady, so you stop using it.

All you need is to change the screws inside the handler and add three little plastic (or fiber legs below. Make sure that it stands erect. Test its strength and durability with your headphones.

If it topples over, you might want to add another leg to keep it steady. If it is strong enough, then it is good to go.

10. A DIY Headphone Stand From Half of A Bicycle Handlebar

A DIY Headphone Stand From Half of A Bicycle Handlebar

Source: https://atmedia.imgix.net/

If you believe it creativity knows no limit. You can also use half of an old bicycle handlebar as a hook under the table. Since this is much bigger than the other hook, you might want to sit a bit farther away from it. It can bump or hurt you by accident.

You can attach it permanently under the table of your working desk. This arrangement is ideal if you are also a professional musician working from home.

So, these are the top ten of DIY headphone stand ideas. Which one do you prefer? Do you have your own ideas besides all of these?




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