The Top 10 DIY Display Case Ideas for Creative Minds

Whether to store a collection of your favourite stuff or part of a room decoration, a display case always makes a nice addition to your home. With the right DIY display case ideas, you know how to save your stuff while beautifying the room.

To create your own memorabilia or just to decorate the room, here are some of the best DIY display case ideas that might inspire you.

1. DIY Display Case for Your Toy Cars

DIY Display Case for Your Toy Cars


Before you decide on your own display case for your toy car collection, make sure that:

  • All toys are mostly the same size. (If not, some of them should be stored somewhere else.)
  • There is an empty space at the walls for displaying your toy cars.
  • Make sure you know about woodworking and electrical problems if needed. (This is also required if there are cables right behind the wall.)

After that, you can start working. Make sure that each shelf of the display case is also the same size.

2. DIY Display Case for A Nice Decoration

DIY Display Case for A Nice Decoration


This is one of the DIY Display Case Ideas that works more for a decoration. Taking up almost an entire wall, this one requires two basic materials:

  • Some black iron bars of good quality.
  • Some good quality wood planks. (If the surface is still rough, consider staining or finishing them first before applying them as a display case.)

Since this display case functions as a room interior design, do not store too many things on each shelf.

3. Another DIY Display Case for Your Toy Cars or Other Stuff Suitable

Another DIY Display Case for Your Toy Cars or Other Stuff Suitable


This is another creative way to store your toy cars or other stuff suitable (for example jewelry pieces). Not only that, you can also be part of an environmental solution by using recycled stuff.

This display case can use either soda cans or biscuit cans. Once you collect them all, you can start painting them with the same colour that you like.

After that, glue them all together with the strongest glue possible. Use the same strong glue to paste them tight on the wall. Once you are sure they are strong enough to hold your cars or jewelry pieces, start storing them into each hole.

4. Beautiful Display Cases for Your Essential Oil Collection

Beautiful Display Cases for Your Essential Oil Collection


This is one of the DIY Display Case ideas that work not only as a decoration but to really store your stuff. Since vials of your essential oil are precious, you need a really safe space to store them. Do not let anything spill them out.

For starters, a large table can help you. On top of it, you can have three different shapes of display cases for artistic purposes and also functionality. You can even add an extra decoration which also functions the same. That small, wooden platform is so unique. It may remind you of a bear paw.

5. A Multi-Function Display Case

A Multi-Function Display Case


Although this display case is used to store your favourite hot wheels, this does not mean it will not work for something else. Made of two different kinds of woods (one works as a partition and the darker planks are for platforms), you can also use this unique display case to:

  • Store your books.
  • Place your shoes (of course, in this case, the planks should be much bigger).

6. The Acrylic Display Case

The Acrylic Display Case


You might want to watch out with one of these fragile DIY Display Case ideas. Again, this decoration uses recycled products. You can see used glass bottles, a wood plank for the platform, and unused brass handlebars and glass partitions.

You can shape and paint the platform in any way you like, as long as it is big and strong enough to hold the bottles. Put some decorative (plastic) plants in each bottle before you cover the whole thing with glass partitions from both sides.

7. The Thematic, DIY Display Case (Again, for Your Hot Wheels)

 The Thematic, DIY Display Case (Again, for Your Hot Wheels)


If you have a car tire you no longer use, do not throw it away. In fact, you can recycle it into something more useful – like this thematic display case sample.

To do so, you might need about two or three wooden planks, depending on how fit they might be in the middle of the tire. Some of the planks need to be cut or shortened in order to fit in. Before that, you can also paint them in any colour that you like.

Then wait for the paint to dry. After that, start fitting the planks in. They have to be the right size or the tire will not hold them up as shelves. Once the display case is done, you can put your hot wheels on each platform.

You can stand the tire or glue the lowest part onto the wooden floor. Whichever works, do as you please.

8. Another DIY Display Case for Your Essential Oil Collection (or Other Stuff Suitable)

Another DIY Display Case for Your Essential Oil Collection (or Other Stuff Suitable)


Think of this as a special cabinet for your precious essential oil collection. In fact, you may not have to work so hard to have this one ready. If you have an unused kitchen cabinet that you would like to dismantle, why not put it to good use like this?

You can add some handlebars as a barricade to protect the bottles and vials, so they will not drop and spill easily. Put this display case on a table and there you have it.

Another alternative: besides essential oil, you can use this display case for your art kit, including your pastel oil collection.

9. Another Toy Car Display Case Idea

Another Toy Car Display Case Idea


They are toy cars, but very old ones with metal bottoms. This idea is more for a decoration instead of storing toys. If the old toy cars do not have metal bottoms, glue some before you put them against these metal panels built into the wall.

This decoration will make a nice playroom – or a masculine touch to a boy’s bedroom.

10. The Lego Memorabilia

 The Lego Memorabilia


Going crazy over the missing Lego pieces? You do not have to go through that anymore with this display case. Again, you can use an old but still functional cabinet. You can add another board on one side to secure the Lego collection and leave the other one open for a show.

You can get really creative with these DIY display case ideas. So, which one do you like best?

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