10 DIY Computer Desk Ideas That Will Fire Up Your Spirit Working from Home

Whether you are a freelancer or just in need to bring work home, you need the right desk. If you feel that you have not got any that is suitable, why not have your DIY computer desk ideas? That way, you can create your own workspace at home. That should also feel more comfortable.

Still need some examples? Some of these DIY computer desk ideas are easy to work on. That way, you will not have to spend so much money by hiring professionals. You also get to decide your own style of desk.

1. The Desk Transformation (inspired by Pottery Barn)

The Desk Transformation (inspired by Pottery Barn)

Source: https://homedit.com/Just use one corner of the room for this desk of yours. Setting this up is pretty easy:

  • Join three tables together into an L-shape. Make sure their shapes are suited to be placed in the corner.
  • Use the right wood boards as the desktop. You can either stain or finish the surface before you paint them.
  • Place the matching drawers under both ends of the makeshift working desk. Build them into the design, so they become part of the computer desk.
  • Start painting the whole desk and decorating the top. Yes, that includes setting up your computer electrical system too.

2. DIY Standing Computer Desk

DIY Standing Computer Desk

Source: https://homedit.com/

Suffering from a backpain after sitting too long? Here is a solution for you: a standing desk. A little bit inspired by the typical university hall podium, you can create your own this way:

  • Choose a short drawer that is strong enough as a foundation.
  • By using four metal bars as supporters and a good quality wooden board, build your standing desk for your computer.
  • Set up your working desk with your computer and a small desk lamp.

This desk is an alternative if you feel like stretching up a bit as well.

3. DIY Black Computer Desk

DIY Black Computer Desk

Source: https://ryanscott2go.com/

If you prefer a plain and simple DIY Computer desk, this all-black one will make it easy on you. It is not difficult to find a matching large black desk and a proper chair with the matching colour.

To emphasise your workspace, a black carpeting on the wooden floor will create a visible boundary. Once the table and chair are on it, then you can start setting up your computer and tablet on top of the table. Plus, the extra lamp.

If you do not feel like having your working desk look too plain, a potted plant will make a nice decoration.

4. Your Mini Laptop Desk

Your Mini Laptop Desk

Source: https://homedit.com/

You have a laptop and only a limited space for work at home. No worries, you can still create your own workspace as efficient and compact as possible.

By installing a small, wooden table into one side of the wall, you get your own mini laptop desk. You can even paint it with a bright colour to make it look less ordinary. For example: orange for this mini laptop desk and a grey chair.

5. A Home Studio Desk

A Home Studio Desk

Source: https://homedit.com/

As a musician or a music composer, you definitely need a decent workspace – with the right desk – at home. With four iron bars as legs and two black wooden boards as tabletops, start creating your dream home studio desk.

To make this DIY Computer Desk for musicians come true, make sure that:

  • The desk is big enough to have your computer, keyboard, and other stuff related to your work.
  • There is still plenty of space under the table for more wires.

6. A Perfect DIY Computer Desk for Writers and Researchers

A Perfect DIY Computer Desk for Writers and Researchers

Source: https://ryanscott2go.com/

From how this DIY Computer Desk, you can say that this is the extensive version of the L-shaped one. The L-shaped one is inspired by Pottery Barn, but this one is a little different, because:

  • The L-shaped is reversed to face against the wall. This is also as an emphasis of your working space at home.
  • Besides the twin black drawers at one end, there are tiny bookshelves on the opposite side.

With solid wood as the top, this desk is perfect for writers and researchers. You get to focus better at work here.

7. The Birch and Aluminum Desk

The Birch and Aluminum Desk

Source: https://homedit.com/

This make shift desk is normally chosen by students or teenagers. A nice combination of birch and aluminum makes a unique pattern on top. The table light is also the right fit to help you studying, whether writing or reading a textbook.

You can store your books or other nooks and crannies at the built-in, wooden shelves above the table. That will clear up some decent space on the desktop. The material has to be durable too.

8. A Compact and Simple, DIY Computer Desk

A Compact and Simple, DIY Computer Desk

Source: https://pinterest.com/

Sometimes, a DIY computer desk can be just compact and simple. What matters more is the good quality materials to create one. For example: teak or mahogany for this desktop.

Of course, matching drawers are still needed. In fact, the drawers must also be solid as supporters. With this design, you do not need four iron bars as legs. These drawers are strong enough.

Do not forget to add another hidden shelf under the desktop. Arrange the shelf so you can drag it out whenever you need to. That is where you put your keyboard for your computer.

9. The Custom Desk Project

The Custom Desk Project

Source: https://homedit.com/

Since this desk also looks appealing, how to make one like this?

  • Decide the dimension that you want.
  • Buy the right wood for the desktop. Use three planks of pine.
  • Sand and stain the wood with a foam brush. Apply three coats.
  • Use some cabinets as the base.
  • Place the planks on top and line them up.
  • Secure the planks together.

See how easy it is to make this custom desk?

10. DIY Electric Computer Desk

DIY Electric Computer Desk

Source: https://ryanscott2go.com/

Last but not least, here is another DIY computer desk focusing more on functionality. Still simple with a wooden plank as the top, a different touch is a glass plank as the cover.

For the matching legs, create a pair of open shelves, also with glass planks to mark each shelf. Those are for your hard drive and anything else you would like to connect. For example: an external hard drive.

There are many ways to create the best DIY computer desk at home. Which one of these that suits your fancy? Hope it will fire up your spirit as you finish your work there.

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