10 Ingenious DIY Chalkboard Ideas You Must Try

When we talk about a classroom chalkboard, all wonderful childhood memories suddenly might pop-up in our minds. It also gives us simple happiness during our old school days. Sadly, it becomes a rare thing to see in this information age. But you can bring the nostalgia back with these epic DIY chalkboard ideas.

1. Unique Terracotta Herb Pots

Unique Terracotta Herb Pots


Do you grow several herbs in your garden? If you plant the fast-growing ones, make sure you put them in terracotta pots to save some extra space. However, labeling the herbs is really important. It will avoid you from using the wrong ingredient in your recipe. So, here is our tutorial to make cute pots.

  • Prepare frog tape, chalkboard paint, soil, terracotta pots, and herbs.
  • Mask off the top area of pots.
  • Spray chalkboard paint on the exterior of pots.
  • Once they are completely dry, remove the frog tape.
  • Plant the herbs and cover them with dirt.
  • Label them using chalk or white chalkboard ink.

2. Decorative Mugs

Decorative Mugs


Whether you love drinking coffee or tea, a mug is an inseparable part of your morning ritual. Moreover, attention-grabbing chalkboard mugs will turn your flat day into something incredible. They are also easy to chalk and erase. You can send the messages to your significant other as well. Let’s follow our chic mug tutorial!

  • Purchase painter’s tape, chalkboard paint, soft paintbrush, a white chalk and porcelain mugs.
  • Tape around the area which you won’t paint.
  • Paint your mugs using a soft brush.
  • Let the paint dry for 1 day.
  • Bake the mugs at 300 degrees Fahrenheit in 35 minutes.
  • Chalk them up.

3. Chalkboard Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar


This stunning calendar certainly will catch the eyes of your guests due to its one-of-a-kind look. It performs as a handy reminder for you too. Furthermore, you could know what you should do in a month. So, you won’t be a forgetful person anymore once you have it. Does it interest you? Create it by yourself then.

  • First, mask the perfect grid lines of white hardboard or large old mirror with tape.
  • Second, color it with chalkboard paint. Do 2 coats and wait for the paint to dry in 24 hours.
  • Third, use a semi-permanent chalk pen or colorful chalks to write up your monthly agenda.

4. Impressive Serving Tray

Impressive Serving Tray


Are you organizing a party? We fully guarantee that your guests will be happier to know exactly what you serve to them. As long as everything is written on a stylish serving platter, there is no big problem for sure. You can label your cheeses, fruits, meats, cookies, and soups. Luckily, this project is not difficult at all.

  • Buy the materials such as: a paintbrush, chalkboard paint, wooden tray, and chalk.
  • Clean the surface of the tray and let it dry.
  • Paint the tray and give it 2 coats.
  • The paint settles for 18-24 hours.
  • Write anything on chalkboard serving platter.

5. Magnetic Board

Magnetic Board


Who says learning to identify alphabets can’t be fun? Your kids surely will love studying letters while sticking them on a magnetic board. Instead of choosing store-bought one, you shall make it because it is seriously easy-peasy.

  • Prepare a vintage full-width mirror, a chalk, magnetic spray paint, and chalkboard paint.
  • Remove mirror from the frame.
  • Spray magnetic paint on it with 3-4 coats.
  • Once it is not wet, apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint and wait for it to dry in 1 day.

6. Chalkboard Glass Containers

Chalkboard Glass Containers


Keep your kitchen neat and clutter-free by adopting this idea. You benefit from it because it is totally writable and erasable. Then, it is surely helpful when you want to fill your containers with new items. Are you excited to create this smart storage solution?

  • You need a paintbrush, chalkboard paint, chalk, masking tape, jars, and printed templates.
  • Place the images in the body of jars with masking tape.
  • Trace them with the chalkboard paint.
  • When they are dry, you can write anything on them.

7. Wrapping  Paper

Wrapping  Paper


Add a delightfully personal touch to your gift package with this cool chalkboard-inspired wrapping paper. Best of all, it is not only reusable but also makes the receiver feel special and marvelous. Let’s learn how to show off the chalkboard effect from us.

  • Purchase a matte black paper, a pencil, dan white paint pen.
  • Wrap the gift with black paper.
  • Do a light handwriting onto wrapped package using a
  • Trace over the outline with a white paint marker.

8. Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash


Your tiny kitchen workspace shouldn’t stop you from upgrading it. And chalkboard backsplash will instantly change the way it looks. Plus, you might never get out of the kitchen too quickly. It appears so trendy. So, give this tutorial a try!

  • You must prepare primer paint, chalkboard paint, a chalk, and huge foam rollers.
  • Prime your backsplash first. It gets dry in 24 hours.
  • Use foam rollers to stain the backsplash in chalkboard shade.
  • Decorate your sophisticated backsplash.

9. Cutting Board

Cutting Board


If you adore farmhouse decor, this chalkboard dipped cutting board suits your kitchen. It is gonna work as a gorgeous display. Luckily, you can use repurposed materials at a thrift store. Since it is a useful and crucial tool, why don’t you personalize it? Check out the steps below!

  • Purchase a sponge roller applicator, painter’s tape, black chalkboard paint, and cutting board.
  • Cover the part which you will not color.
  • Paint your cutting board with an applicator. It is better to repeat the process twice.
  • When the paint is evenly dry, take the tape off.

10. Chalkboard Notebook

Chalkboard Notebook


Do you get ready for going back to school? Sometimes, you are unenthusiastic to write the class schedules and homework just because your netbook is too boring. Definitely, there is a way to every problem. And this enchanting customized composition book is worth trying. Here is our instruction!

  • Prepare a cardboard, foam paintbrush, notebook, chalkboard paint, and white chalk.
  • Place the heavy paper in between the first page of a book and front cover.
  • Paint front cover with 2 coats. Once it settles, repeat the steps for the back cover.
  • Embellish your netbook as you wish.

Brighten up your life with those captivating yet simple DIY chalkboard ideas. Since chalkboard is the stuff to crazy about, it would be nice to ooze its whimsical flair immediately.

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