7 Coffee Station Ideas to Perfect Yours at Home

Having a coffee station for most household is essential these days, as this specific beverage is popular and consumed in daily basis. Nothing could beat the pleasure of drinking coffee you make yourself from scratch albeit some alternatives, such as instant coffees, ease the job. In accordance to it, today’s article presents 7 best coffee station ideas you don’t want to miss.

Specifically, there are also three coffee bar ideas included here for you to have more various references. But let’s start from these tips below to create your home best coffee station or coffee bar.

  • Display the menu with a set of chalkboard. Write down what your station has in a fun way to get the look of a professional coffee shop.
  • Organize supplies using utensil holder or organizer.
  • Serve your favorite treats, cookies and cup cakes, for instance, to accompany your coffee drinking ritual.
  • Create a cozy spot. This idea ranges as wide as what makes you feel cozy, such as storing books right beside the coffee machine if you keen on reading. An example is shown on the list.
  • Do the mug holder to your likings.
  • Offer flavorings. Raspberry, caramel, and vanilla are a few from so many options.
  • Arrange several disposal cups or travel mug to go, so that you could slurp some coffee on the way.
  • Lastly, set out a basket of fruit beside the coffee machine to keep your health in shape since too much coffee is not good for you, unfortunately.

Now, let’s finally begin to scan the whole ideas of 7 best coffee stations. The list is as follows.

1. Wooden Kitchen Coffee Station

Wooden Kitchen Coffee Station


From eight tips mentioned above, this wooden kitchen coffee station applies half of them. The chalkboard, mug holder, flavorings, and disposal cups are over the very nice presentation there. One absolute menu is written on the chalkboard and it’s served all night. Mugs hanging on simple holders out of small hooks are enough to sweeten the look of rustic.

There are several disposal cups at the lower case to aid you enjoying coffee even during your busiest days. The attractive part is there’s also one item which not discussed in the tips but works as a great idea: flower centerpiece. Of course it’s not related to coffee, but these whole ideas resulted in your coffee station’s final appearance, isn’t it?

2. Beautiful Coffee Bar to Start Your Day

Beautiful Coffee Bar to Start Your Day


Cupcakes, mug holder, and chalkboard are the only tips applied here. Though so, there are other things worth enough to be some references you could take after. Cupcakes are there to let you taste another level of coffee sipping. They stand nicely above the upside-down wooden crate.

This beautiful coffee bar also has lemon-infused water to offer. Consuming a glass of warm lemon water regularly every morning could benefit you in supplying a lot of vitamin C and helping with digestion.

Several empty jars stand neatly in line at second shelf with cups hanging on the holders in the middle. There is also a freshener in the form of small cute potted plant. Meanwhile, two kinds of cake stands are placed at the topmost. Arrange the cupcakes on the stands after cooled down.

3. Coffee Station at a Cozy Nook

Coffee Station at a Cozy Nook


This point is the visual explanation of cozy nook idea. Favorite books are stored in the same shelf as the coffee machine and two pairs of glasses. Right next to the shelf, a comfortable cushioned sofa is positioned to allow you read during coffee time or to let you sip some coffee while reading. Both ways sound appealing to do on the weekend.

4. Coffee Station in a Wide Cabinet

Coffee Station in a Wide Cabinet


Other than disposal cups, mug holder, and chalkboard, this ‘hidden’ coffee station has everything inside that wide cabinet. Yet again, those three items don’t fit the full-scale concept, so why bother? Among the things you see settle in the cabinet, there are also a toaster, a microwave, and a mixer. Those three are helpful for your morning rituals.

Imagine having coffee with some toasts or a piece of cake in the morning before you start the day. What a dream morning, right? You could enjoy it even more with:

  • No fuss since the supplies are organized neatly,
  • Some favorite books to read on peaceful weekends,
  • Flavorings, sorted nicely above the mixer, and
  • A basket of fruit!

5. Coffee Bar Done Right

Coffee Bar Done Right


If you have a kitchen table where unwanted clutter happens above it, turn it into a nifty coffee bar as exposed above. This coffee bar offers a lot of storage while the countertop itself could store some things as well. There are coffee machine, some supplies, and a jar of cookies.

The red wire rack does nothing but help to the coffee bar. It holds the colorful mugs, keeps some cereals, and whatnot.

6. Simple and Small Coffee Station

Simple and Small Coffee Station


For a kitchen with limited space, opting for small and simple coffee station is only natural. A station of some sort in the picture defines the phrase visually. Though small, it pretty much has everything: a chalkboard, tiers of treats and fruits, one serve of coffee, a jar of infused water, and disposal cups.

7. Rustic Coffee Bar

Rustic Coffee Bar


It’s quite a sight to see the modern coffee machine in this rustic coffee bar. As everything else has the look of aged and weathered, the metal machine is the only one that shimmers. It looks like someone brings it from the far away future. Instead of a chalkboard, this specific bar has the menu written on a steel board to emphasize the concept even more.

Besides coffee machine, cups, and another things mentioned above, consider having these items also.

  • Milk frother to make latte,
  • Coffee grinder, if you enjoy whole bean coffee more,
  • Pour-over to guarantee a rich brew,
  • French press to ensure you have creamy and rich brew with no intensity of espresso, and
  • Espresso machine, if you prefer to involve only a little bit of coffee.

Now, after scanning through the whole coffee station ideas, it’s time for you to have them happen on yours. Follow the tips and you would never regret. Have a nice warm coffee!


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