10 Best Home Theater for an Ultimate Pleasure at Home

What are you doing in your spare time? Perhaps you can sleep or just doing your hobby. But sometimes you really need the ultimate entertainment. In case you have no time to go to the theater, you can have the best home theater at home.

If you are still confused on what best home theater that might give you ultimate happiness in your home, here we give you some best examples. You will be completely amused by having these best home theater ideas in your house:

1. A Private Planetarium

A Private Planetarium


Have you ever visited the planetarium? The stars shine bright above your head, make you feel like you are sleeping under the Aurora Borealis. It is a great sensation to feel in your own house, right?

That is what you will feel when you have this planetarium-look home theater. Even when you are not watching the movie there, you can be amused by the looks of the starry night. And how to make the dream comes true? Here there are:

  • Don’t put too much ornament in the room.
  • Paint the room with a neutral color.
  • Use the starry night wallpaper in the ceiling. Put some phosphor to make the stars can glow in the dark.

2. Cozy Modern Home Theater

Cozy Modern Home Theater


This one is definitely a good choice if you love the modern look. Less light less ornament. It resembles the concept of the karaoke room so that you don’t have to put too much decoration. But how to make this room not too boring? You can use these tutorials:

  • Use the wood flooring. Wood flooring is the great flooring that can make any rooms look lavish.
  • Put only the dim lightings in the wall and the LED ceiling lamps with the dim lights, so that you can enhance the minimalist look.
  • Install a big flat screen.
  • You can use the fluffy sofa it will make you feel so comfortable.

3. Classic Home Theater

Classic Home Theater


If you want to see the sensation of watching a classic opera, you can install this home theater idea. The theater is so luxurious that you won’t feel like you are inside your house. To build the best home theater like this, it may take a lot of time and money but it is worth the costs. It is also a good home theater to be rent for any events.

  • The classic look is usually dominated by red. Use the red velvet fabric to cover the wall.
  • Don’t forget to add the gold accent on the wall and in the ceilings.
  • Use the classic European lamp to enhance the luxurious looks.

4. Minimalist Home Theater

Minimalist Home Theater


The minimalist home theater is a suitable concept for you who don’t want to have a too much-overrated home theater. You want your home theater to blend with other rooms and furniture in your house, and you want it to be a comfortable place not only for enjoying the visual entertainment but also to take a rest.

  • Put two multifunction sofas in the home theater.
  • Use the big screen.
  • You can use the light Oakwood as the flooring to enhance the minimalist and lavish concept.

5. A Movie Addict Home Theater

A Movie Addict Home Theater


A great home theater is necessary for all movie addicts. But, not only the ordinary home theater, you must have a home theater that can accommodate your hobby. You don’t have to add too much decoration or have a thematic home theater. You just need to add these things inside your home theater.

  • A cozy sofa that can be changed into a bed.
  • A wide TV screen with marvelous color.
  • The cabinet to save all your DVD collection.

6. Fantastic Batman Home Theater

Fantastic Batman Home Theater


Do you love Batman? It is difficult to resist the charm of Batman. Remember how Batman’s house look? Do you feel like you want to live there? If you said yes to all of those questions, then you deserve this home theater idea. The fantastic Batman’s sanctuary home theater theme will give you the ultimate pleasure and the experience on how to live the life like Batman.

7. Outdoor Home Theater

Outdoor Home Theater


Watching the movie and surrounded by the natural view is such a mood-booster. And if you already have a gazebo outside your house, making this concept is quite easy for you. You just have to decorate your gazebo and turn it into a good outdoor home theater

  • Put all the sofas and also the big screen TV inside the gazebo.
  • Add the fire pit under the TV table so the gazebo can still be a good place to get together in the night time.
  • You can also add the fan to make the air cooler when the weather is getting hot.

8. The Real Cinema

The Real Cinema


Do you love to spend your weekday at the cinema? Then this is a wonderful concept you are longing for. The home theater resembles a commercial cinema with its black and red theme. It is such a wonderful place to see any movies.

9. Luxurious Home Theater

Luxurious Home Theater


If you love the luxury you should choose this luxurious home theater idea, where everything is minimalist and the lighting is so lavish. To get this looks you can:

  • Install the yellow lighting in the ceiling and on the wall.
  • Use the soft cream wallpaper.
  • Cover the floor with the carpet.
  • Put a cozy sofa in the cream color.

10. Futuristic Home Theater

Futuristic Home Theater


This is how you going to feel if you have a home theater inside the spaceship. No, you don’t really have the spaceship. However, you can make your imagination comes true inside your house. So magnificent isn’t it?

  • Decorate the wall so that it looks like the starship doors.
  • Choose a wide and flat TV screen.
  • Choose the black sofas as the place to sit.

These best home theater inspirations can still being customized according to your likes. Please put in mind that a great home theater really plays the important role in boosting your mood. By having your own home theater, you don’t have to always go outside once you need a quick relaxation.

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