4 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas – Affordable and Astonishing!

Above ground pool deck ideas are many, but people often have problems when choosing the right one for their house. What about you? Before giving examples, you need to learn further information here.

As the name suggests, this ground pool located on the above ground and features a deck.

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

This becomes more popular these days! Why is that, people want to create a lounge space beside their swimming pool.

All modern homeowners would like the concept. Not to mention you can find a wide array of designs out there. Once installed, it would be a great place to spend good times with either family or friends!

1. A Pool with Terraced Deck

A Pool with Terraced Deck

image source: diynetwork.com

Once summer comes, there is no better idea than to spend a relaxing time at an above ground pool deck. To improve the comfort, you can install a terraced deck on it.

Well, the picture above applies a minimalist terraced deck design. You will not find modern patios and deck there. Instead, traditional wood materials and natural views become the prime treats!

The design also gives both privacy and soothing color. Some gravels and chunks of stones decorate the sides of the pool. Still, it is built above the ground! Moreover, only several outdoor patios are available.

Both chairs and desks are located inside and the edge of the fences. The purpose is to give the best scenery. As for the pool, it applies a small and irregular shape.

To make the design more outstanding, you need to include natural elements. These include grasses and stamped concrete! What is next? The pool resides beside the main house and a small bridge connects it.

The pool entry also looks nice, doesn’t it?

2. An Automatic Cover Feature

An Automatic Cover Feature

image source: thepoolcleanerexpert.com

Like regular pools, your above-ground-pool deck needs proper maintenance. Cleaning regularly is a good idea. However, it is also important to prevent debris and other water pollutants.

Here is an idea. Why don’t you install an automatic cover to your ground pool deck? Even though it may cost some money, the result is satisfying. The cover can open and close mechanically!

One of the reasons to get this feature is to cut down on energy and water cost. It also helps to reduce evaporation. What is more? Another best benefit is to save time!

Based on the picture above, the cover of the pool must suit the size of the container. As for the deck, you can use either a small or a big one, based on the pool’s diameter.

Before installing the cover, you must work with a wooden deck first around the pool. After that, you must call an expert to get the right cover material. Usually, it also features aluminum tracks!

3. Above Ground Pool Deck with Step Section

Above Ground Pool Deck with Step Section

image source: thespruce.com

Having an above ground pool deck makes you climb or reach that pool properly. The simplest way to simplify the effort is by installing a step section. It can be either regular ladders or sophisticated ones.

Some people choose an oversized step section while others are fond of a walk-around feature. Well, the options are many, after all. As for the picture above, it comes with a composite deck.

The merged deck is built as a path around the pool. Not to mention it functions as a doorway platform. The next noticeable feature is a jumbo step entrance system.

Not only is the entrance good looking, but also it is sturdy enough to support many people. What is more? As an addition, there is a wicker seating set. It provides a nice spot to relax and hang out!

The seating set is also equipped with an umbrella, which is useful to prevent the heat of the sun at noon. Another great thing is the location.

This pool resides in the middle of a stunning garden, featuring various plants.

4. Enclosed Above Ground Pool Deck

Enclosed Above Ground Pool Deck

image source: threeparkstreet.com

What does an enclosed above ground pool deck mean? A word that represents it is none other than privacy. On the picture above, you may see a pool that is surrounded by shady trees and dense bushes.

It looks like a private haven! There is a symmetrical swimming pool, surrounded by a clean white foundation. Above it, you may find a comfortable small spa featuring a tiny water work.

Several garden ornaments reside there, including lamps, patio seating, and colorful bushes. Fortunately, you can add more features based on your preferences. No one would disturb your comfort in this pool!

As an alternative, when creating an enclosed above ground pool deck, you can apply other barriers. Aside from using dense trees and bushes, other good options are fences, walls, and gates.

The aim is to create a private paradise! A nice swimming pool is one thing. Other important aspects must be included! For instance, you can use outdoor amenities, container gardens, and comfortable seating.

As a great extra, you can include cold beverages and extra towels. Sometimes, it is good to invite your friends to this small piece of heaven, isn’t it?


After picking one of the most recommended designs above, your next move is to find a quality builder. Even though it is possible to build a DIY pool deck above the ground, it may cost much time for you.

Instead of spending your time and efforts, it is better to hire a professional builder. The requirement is only the best design. Above ground pool deck ideas are many, but your preference would be only one.

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